How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – 25 Evident Signs

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If you find yourself suddenly out of work tomorrow, it could be your boss’s fault. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to prove your boss is targeting you.

Bosses who target employees are bullies. They often use their power in the workplace to intimidate others into doing what they want.

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How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – 25 Evident Signs

Proof that “manager targeting me” can be challenging to find. Often, targets don’t even know their bosses are targeting them until it’s too late.

That’s why it’s essential to look for signs early on. Here are 25 easy ways to tell if your boss is targeting you:

1. Your Boss Takes Credit For Your Work:

If you work hard on an assignment and your boss takes credit for it, that is a terrible sign.

You may even want to check if they’ve started signing their name to your work. Taking credit for the creation of others is a common tactic of workplace bullies.

Moreover, if your boss takes credit for all of the work, that is an even worse sign. This could show that they are trying to run the department with an iron fist.

This could be a sign that your boss has sociopathic tendencies.

2. Your Boss Appears Threatening In Public:

Do you have a colleague who seems to be following you around the office? Are they standing by your desk for extended periods?

If so, that could be another sign that your boss is targeting you. Being threatening in public is another common tactic of workplace bullies.

When someone threatens you, it’s easier to target them if they can’t fight back. Therefore, it is possible that your boss feels threatened by you.

3. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – Your Boss Has A Fear They Will Get Caught:

This fear could lead them to send all their work through channels. It may also lead them to try and hide evidence of wrongdoing.

This is why targets of workplace bullying need to keep any proof they can find, including emails or memos. Likewise, employers should keep a log of any bullying by their boss.

4. Your Boss Is Paranoid:

Paranoid bosses might be more likely to target employees. They fear that someone else will take credit for their work.

how to prove your boss is targeting you

Therefore, paranoid bosses often try to create a culture of fear to intimidate others. They try to keep their mouths shut.

5. Your Boss Has A Short Temper:

Do you know anyone who can’t seem to control their emotions? According to Dr. Volker:

Workplace bullies often have short tempers because they lack self-control. If your boss has a hard time controlling their emotions, they target you.

It’s important to note that people with bad tempers are not pathological bullies.

6. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – You Receive Negative Evaluations From Coworkers:

Not all negative evaluations should be proof of bullying. For example, an incompetent boss can get negative feedback from their employees even if they aren’t trying to target them based on their protected characteristics (race, gender, etc.).

However, if the feedback only comes from your bosses and not from coworkers, that is different.

It could be proof if you notice that your bosses tend to give negative feedback when targeting you. They are bullies.

7. Your Boss Criticizes Everything You Do:

A boss who criticizes everything their employee does is a sign of workplace bullying. A good boss understands the importance of “constructive criticism.”

It is often not the case for a pathological bully. Pathological bullies criticize others to make themselves feel better about their shortcomings.

8. You Are The Only One To Get Scolded:

A pathological boss might target their employees by being critical of one person. This could be a sign that your boss is targeting you.

However, this tactic could also mean that your boss is incompetent. They can’t keep employees happy for very long.

9. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – You Get Very Little Feedback:

If you find out you have made a mistake but don’t get any feedback from your superiors, they may be trying to punish you.

If management never gives the targets of workplace bullying constructive criticism. They feel like something is wrong with them as people.

If bosses provide negative feedback, employees feel nothing they do makes a difference.

10. You Feel Unappreciated For Your Work:

If your boss never compliments you on your work, this might be a sign of workplace bullying. If they do not praise you for your efforts, they are more likely incompetent at their job.

However, according to Dr. Volker:

It’s also possible for pathological bullies to try and take credit for other people’s work. They make themselves look better at their jobs.

11. You Aren’t Involved In The Company’s Decisions:

Incompetent bosses often exclude employees from essential company decisions. They may assume that their employees will accept any orders without question.

Alternatively, a good boss knows how important it is to keep their employees happy. They include them in company decisions.

12. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – They Question Your Personal Life:

If you ever feel like “my boss is targeting me”.

Dr. Volker also notes that:

Pathological bullies often want to undermine their targets’ self-confidence. They interrogate them about their personal life.

This tactic is a form of emotional abuse. The victims are responsible for their bosses’ stress and problems outside of work.

To protect themselves from this type of bullying, Dr. Volker recommends a suggestion. Targets of workplace bullying should develop a support network both at home and at work.

13. You Don’t Have The Opportunity To Advance:

If your career has stalled while others around you continue to move forward, then this is a sign. You might be a victim of workplace bullying.

This happens because bosses like to reward employees who they feel are loyal to them. They punish others for their mistakes.

14. You’re Treated Differently Than Your Peers:

If your boss decides to treat you differently than your coworkers, this could also be a sign.

Often, pathological bullies will isolate their targets from everyone else. They do so to have more control over them. According to Dr. Volker:

This type of isolation often leads the victims of workplace bullying to feel “unreal.” The idea is if they can make their victims think unreal.

How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You

They can get away with whatever abuse they want towards them. They won’t get caught by anyone else within the organization.

15. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – You Wonder What You Did Wrong:

Victims of workplace bullying often feel they have done something wrong. That is why their bosses mistreat them. However, Dr. Volker notes that:

These individuals became a target for their boss by doing something right at work. It is essential for targets of workplace bullying not to internalize the blame.

Instead, focus on getting support from others within or outside the organization. Take a stand if they want to end this type of abuse.

16. Your Boss Requests Meetings With You:

Dr. Volker notes that:

Pathological bullies are always trying to figure out ways to control their victims. They often do this by arranging one-on-one meetings with them.

These meetings let bosses check up on how their target employees are doing. They put them at a disadvantage because of their constant need for supervision.

17. You Don’t Have A Voice At Work:

Bullies try and silence their victims to control them. If your boss is always trying to cover up things you say, this could be a sign of workplace bullying.

Bullies often use this tactic to make their targets feel like they have no voice within the company. They leave them feeling powerless and unimportant over time.

18. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – You Have To Answer Questions On The Spot:

If they ask you to answer questions on the spot, this could also be a sign of workplace bullying. According to Dr. Volker:

Bosses who are pathological bullies demand immediate responses from their employees. They make them feel powerless and unable to respond.


Their employees can’t defend themselves against any accusations made by their boss.

If you feel like your boss is using these tactics, then it may be time to take action. They are trying to control you in an abusive way.

19. You’re Asked To Make Your Boss’s Job Easier:

Dr. Volker notes that:

Workplace bullies will try to use their targets as scapegoats. They shift blame for their own mistakes towards them.

They do this by requiring their victims to make their jobs easier for them. This leads the targets of workplace bullying to feel incompetent at what they do.

20. You Lose Your Passion For Work:

If you notice that your passion for work has started to dwindle, this could be a sign. You’re suffering from abusive treatment at work. Dr. Volker notes that:

If you feel drained or exhausted after work, you might not only feel workplace stress. Instead, you might be suffering from abusive behavior within the organization towards yourself.

It may be essential to get support from other people outside your workplace. They can help you cope with what you’re experiencing.

21. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You –  You Have A Bad Memory:

Are you having a difficult time remembering things? According to Dr. Volker:

Targets of workplace bullying often find themselves forgetting things. It is due to the anxiety associated with dealing with their abusive bosses daily.

It can make it hard for them to focus at work. These individuals need to get support from others to end this type of mistreatment.

It could lead to serious health problems later on down the road if not dealt with immediately.

22. Your Boss Belittles Your Opinions:

If your boss belittles your opinions, you may be dealing with a bully. Dr. Volker notes that:

All types of bullies try to keep their victims feeling confused and insecure. They want to gain complete control over them.

endangered species

Suppose this type of behavior continues for an extended period. In that case, it could lead targets of workplace bullying to wonder if they know what’s best for them.

They don’t know when is best for their work and personal lives. It can lead them to become more and more isolated from others around them.

They feel like they aren’t good enough in the eyes of others any longer.

23. You Have No Privacy At Work:

Do you feel as though they invade your office or workspace? According to Dr. Volker:

A boss trying to control their target may try to invade the privacy of their targets. They do this to make them feel like they have no control over what’s going on within their lives.

Suppose your boss is invading your personal space. He is asking you about things such as where you’ve been and who you’re talking to.

In that case, this could be a sign that you need support from others around you. It might be time for you to take action against the controlling behavior of your boss.

Please do so before it becomes too much for you to handle any longer.

24. How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You – You Experience Physical Symptoms:

According to Dr. Volker:

Targets of workplace bullying may start to experience physical symptoms. Their bodies are under a lot of stress from controlling behavior.

Their bosses bully them daily. Suppose you feel your body and mind aren’t coping well with this type of mistreatment.

In that case, it may be time for you to take action. Stand up against those who have been abusing you to get support from others around you.

You don’t have to suffer from any long-term health problems as a result.

25. You Have Mood Swings:

Being subjected to workplace bullying can affect your emotions. You might notice you have mood swings than normal. Dr. Volker notes that:

If you feel like you’re turning into a different version of yourself, this might be due to the stress. This stress is due to workplace bullying.

How To Prove Your Boss Is Targeting You (2)

Targets of workplace bullying may start to have mood swings. They may have trouble sleeping at night because of what has been going on during the day.

It could lead to serious health problems if it’s not dealt with immediately. That is why you need to take action against this type of mistreatment right away, dear reader.


There are several ways to prove your boss is targeting you:

– They are trying to invade your privacy

– They belittle your opinions and ideas

– Your boss take away your passion for work

– They have a terrible memory and keep forgetting things you tell them or things you do at work

– They try to make you look stupid in front of others, and many more.

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