How Does Culture Effect Communication? – The Key Answer

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Culture plays an important role in everything going in our lives. And these cultures vary. Do you know how does culture affect communication?

We are already aware of what is culture and what is communication separately.

But how do they relate and what are the effects on the latter one.

Culture involves the features of a specific group while communication is the act of moving information. 

Different cultures have their own languages and ways of discipline. So culture does affect the communication between two people from different cultures.

8 Factors On How Does Culture Affect Communication:

Communication is an important part of every person’s daily life. Usually, when we have to send a message to someone else, the process of communication begins.

Defining communication means replacing ideas and truths with a person.

Let’s take a look at 8 factors how does culture affects communication.

1. Cultural Identity Affects Communication:

Cultural identity is very important while talking about how does culture affects communication.

Whatever culture a person brings with him from that particular place. It includes power tolerance and different ways.

He got it developed in his personality since his childhood. The power and tolerance he developed as a child could have an impact on communication.

Cultural Identity Affect Communication
Cultural Identity Affect Communication

Furthermore, this is because everyone’s principles and practices are different.

That’s why there’s a growing risk of it colliding with different types of workers around the world.

2. Ethnic Identity Affect Communication:

Ethnic identity plays an important role in highlighting the role of any nationality.

How the two people interact with each other using personalized ways of communication.

Moreover, for example, when talking to white European Americans they are less likely to pose a threat to race.

They are less likely to bring in for the sake of ethnic identity. Because of those who highlight the hope of addressing different races at work only in the light of that.

Coworkers should be aware of the relationship between individuals in the group.

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3. Racial Identity In Culture Affect Communication:

Any ethnic identity refers to how membership in a particular race gets affected.

It includes the process of sharing with co-workers of different races. Within the Asian Session to held in 2013.

It stated that cultural training exercises are being shown to clarify. Also, form an unclear image to the participants.

If one is going to pursue the unpleasant goal of exposing basic racism to learn. We need to know how to better communicate with other cultures.

It is important to take part in exercises that battle discrimination.

The process in which participants asked to define what they see and what they see called EAD. By receding through action, we can battle important discrimination.

We hope to pave the way for self-awareness. Also cultural respect and real intercultural communication.

4. Gender Character:

Another system of culture that proves to affect communication is gender character.

What influences communication during this time is how men and women view their roles. As it turns out, gender segregation adopted by western cultures is abhorrent.

An example of this is that within Saudi Arabia. The adoption of Islamic law has benefited. Within Islamic law, a woman is seen as a good character.

But, there is a role when a woman humiliated along with the man of the family. It is looking at the world through a western lens.

A Saudi woman usually sees herself as safe and honorable.

So when we look at Saudi culture, we should look at their culture through Saudi glasses. Saudi women accept their cultural roles.

Gender Character
Gender Character

In the United States, women struggle with their traditional stereotypes. Thus, the culture of any gender plays an important role in the communication system.

5. Individual Identity:

The fifth element of culture to influence the communication system is individual identity.

This means that whenever a person talks to a person, it depends on his personality. How they honor themselves to gain respect from someone.

Do they act according to leadership rules or be a follower.

The kind of culture that can describe in open or traditional broader reforms.

In the same way, a person belonging to this culture can observe to be open-minded or conservative.

Due to differences, this culture has put a strain on the communication system.

6. Social Class:

It is the sixth in the culture that influences the communication system.

Social identity is prose in which a person is born. Then he refers to what he will do according to it and what he will become.

It has proven that class often plays an important role in shaping our prophetic practice.

This element of culture affects the communication system. It is the answer to how does culture affects communication?

It is said that working-class people like to watch football. Middle class and good class people watch tennis and so on.

Upper-class people prefer art like photography. Such people prefer less represented art.

Social Class Affect Communication
Social Class Affect Communication

These results show that class distinctions are real. They can link to real behavioral preferences.

7. Character Recognition:

One of the factors influencing the communication system called the character identification factor.

Character identification is the different role that a person plays in their life.

A person has different roles in his life as a husband, father, brother, and friend.

When people from different cultures see these characters according to their own lives. So it is inspiring for the system of affairs.

These characters come into action when they communicate with their partners.

8. Age Factor Affect Communication:

Age is very important while talking about how does culture leaves an impact on communication.

It clarifies how people of different age groups communicate with each other. The issue of racial differences can consider.

Recognition of this age includes showing respect for one’s elders and younger ones. China, Thailand, and Cambodia show great respect for their elders.

These cultures take the opinion of their elders about the decision-making they had in their lives. Such attitudes about age.

Age Factor Affect Communication
Age Factor Affect Communication

The factor of age identification influences communication in culture.

Key Points Of Cultural Communication:

– If one culture is different from others, we can talk in a cultural setting. This is usually called cultural change. The cultural context has a great influence on the way people convey messages.

– Countries like Taiwan or South Korea rely on non-verbal messages. They do not trust oral communication. The United States and Germany rely on verbal communication in cultures.

– In any culture, social behavior is an unfair factor.

– It is important to know these differences in non-verbal cultures.

Key Points Of Cultural Communication
Key Points Of Cultural Communication

– The simplest sign of culture can explain the meaning of culture.


Culture and communication go hand in hand. The way culture affects communication tells us how important is prioritizing the culture in everything.

Every person has his own way to communicate and express his feelings.

But culture remains an inevitable factor in how he reacts while communicating to someone across the borders.

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