5 Levels Of Communication – A Proceeding Guide

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Communication, the process of information exchange has different levels.

And as we know information exists in the form of ideas, emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

We exchange information when we speak, give signals, and our behavior is a major channel in this.

Do you wanna have a little recap on communication?

We know that the process of communication is quite simple. There is a sender(encoder) who encodes the message.

Being this encoder, if we are sending a message we have to choose a medium right?

This medium helps to get the message to the receiver.

So the receiver can decode it. Being a receiver we then have to send proper feedback.

Feedback also flows through channels or mediums.

5 Different Levels Of Communication – A Guide To Communicate

Everyone in the world has a different way of expressing their feelings.

There are two kinds of people. The first ones are those who show their feelings at once.

Later ones can’t do so because they are too shy to express how they feel.

Which category do you belong to?

Different ways exist in which people make their feelings known.

Before you discover your way of doing so. Let’s have an outlook of 5 levels of communication to make it more clear.

1. Verbal Level Of Communication:

Though verbal communication is the most prominent one. It takes time for people to learn and gain mastery at this level.

The verbal level involves how we select the words. The words get selected based on understanding among the orator and the commentator.

Different words have many definitions. And only a few people hold a similar definition for a specific word. The rest of the people have their meaning of words.

Verbal Level Of Communication
Verbal Level Of Communication

Words have a world inside them. We all have imaginations and emotions related to different words.

Statements or arguments have their logic. If you want to see how effective your message is upon receiving.

Then you should revise the way you reasoned your statement.

2. The Physical Level Of Communication:

Once you reach the physical level of communication. You’ll get aware of how to use visual cues.

There are many visual signals.  These are motion, eye contact, and movements. These complete the communication.

Facial expressions, attitudes, and positions also come into the category of visual signals.

It’s because we can feel, touch, or see these visual signs. We get to know the meaning of the message a person is trying to convey.

Physical communication depends on visual signs. And visual signs make it possible for us to feel and communicate.

The Physical Level Of Communication
The Physical Level Of Communication

Visual signs play a major role in our day-to-day communication with people.

Some techniques increase the receptivity of your message.

These techniques involve “matching and mirroring” of positions of people. If used with honesty these techniques can be very useful.

Communicating with someone at this level is a bit harder than the verbal level.

For effective physical level communication, you must align yourself with others.

What does it mean to align with someone? It means you need to connect with people in structure and motions.

Not only it makes communication effective, but it proves helpful for your personality.

As it assists to make your position, expressions, and movements more attentive. So it enhances your personality too.

3. Auditory Level Of Communication:

The auditory level includes the frequency and pitch of voice we own and its related characteristics. It shows how our message gets interpreted depending on our voice.

The characteristics of our voice affect the receiving and interpretation of our message.

The frequency of voice and the quality, magnitude, and rate. These are the characteristics that tell us how others interpret our message.

For instance, people who talk fast will try to slow down their speech while talking to an introvert. Because they think the other person to be mindful. Also, they might feel the risk of being unheard of.

Emphasizing particular words also affects how our message gets interpreted. How we pronounce and reflect on our message lets other people expound on what we are saying.

If you are trying to make your communication effective at this particular level. Then you should be familiar with diverse auditory signs.

These auditory cues involve talking to people in such a way that is familiar to them. 

Auditory Level Of Communication
Auditory Level Of Communication

That is one more appearance of a previously discussed technique.

4. The Emotional Levels Of Communication:

Our emotional condition has a strong influence on our communication. Only fewer people understand this.

Our emotional state affects the messages we convey. It also affects how the recipient interprets our message.

Aristotle’s sadness when delivered shows an interest in the emotions of the audience.

Positive emotions affect someone in a positive way in comparison to negative emotions.

The Emotional Communications
The Emotional Level Of Communication

What are your thoughts on this? Would you give a response to people who are positive and joyful? Or people having complex natures?

Are you attracted to enthusiastic communication or a boring one?

So the answer tells everything. Emotions play an integral role in communication.

The emotions of the speaker make a specific scenario for the recipient. These emotions have a great influence on the interpretation of the message.

If the speaker is cheerful and loud. The recipient will interpret the message as a positive message.

For effective emotional communication, a person should be aware of his emotional state.

The emotional condition of the speaker matters a lot. He should learn how to control the pessimistic feelings while communicating.

Negative emotions leave a bad impact on the recipient. So one should try to avoid these emotions while trying to communicate.

Expressions delivered with fear, anger, or pride are not well-received.

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5. Energetic Levels Of Communication:

This level has another name that is a psychic level of communication. The energetic or psychic level involves a wide variety of hidden elements. 

These elements are the person’s amount of awareness and persistence of the message. It also involves many of the precise vitalities.

Energetic Communications
Energetic Level Of Communication

How much a person is aware of his surroundings? How much consistency does a message contain which he is trying to convey?

There is a specific element in some of the people. This element represents that they have a distinctive existence. 

This helps to impart their message to people with higher openness and compassion.

If you want this level to be very effective. Then you should try to have positive intentions for the well-being of others.

A special degree of attentiveness is needed here. The level cultivated through compassionate practices.

People having a grip on communication are more prone to approach this cognitive feature.

It assists to make a positive perception about people. It helps us to convey in a more relieved manner.


The verbal level of communication contains the content. It’s all about the words we utter.

While all other levels show the way of our communication. The rest of the levels help us in practical communication.

You must have seen an interconnectedness among all these levels. These depend on each other and all levels have a connection of influencing one another. The synchronization among these levels is necessary.

For instance, our emotions influence our actions. While discipline affects our emotions.

In simple words, communication levels are necessary to live a decent life.

After seeing the complex nature of human communication. It is easier for us to embed tolerance in our communication.

So in the end, it increases the compassion in people for one another.

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