How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out – A 6-Steps Guide

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There’s a coworker that you’ve been getting to know pretty well at work, such that you consider them a friend. If you don’t know how to plan with them, here’s how to ask a coworker to hang out.

You want to hang out with the person without including the rest of your coworkers. Also, you’re hoping they’ll say yes. How do you approach the situation?

How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out – Step By Step Guide

Asking a coworker to hang out is pretty much the same as asking someone you met, except that you do it after work hours.

It’s more casual than inviting them out during work hours. They’re your colleague. The rules of politeness are lax. Here’s what you should do:

1. Plan Ahead:

If you want to ask your coworker out:

– Plan it at least a week in advance.

How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out

– Confer with them about the date and time so that they can prepare. You can ask if they’re free on Saturday night at seven.

– Check if they’re okay with whatever you plan to go for.

If they are okay with the plan, you can proceed. However, if your coworker is not, tell them to let you know when they are free so that you can come up with another plan.

2. Keep It Casual To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out:

If you want to ask your coworker out, keep it casual. You can go for coffee or try a new restaurant nearby.

Asking them out doesn’t have to be something big like attending an event at the convention center. You can go for coffee together and talk about stuff relevant to work.

Remember that asking someone out is not the same as inviting them somewhere during working hours. T

here are rules of politeness that don’t apply when doing after-work activities.

3. Politely Ask A Coworker To Hang Out:

When asking your coworker if they’re free on Saturday night at seven, say this:

“Hey (coworker’s name), I hope work has been good so far. Are you available tomorrow night at seven?

I want to catch up with you and grab some coffee. Let me know if that’s okay?”

If they say yes, then great! If they’re not free, don’t take it personally; tell them that it’s okay and make a plan for another day.

4. Meet Beforehand: 

If possible, schedule the hangout earlier than their usual work start time. Your coworker will have enough time to prepare and go home early later on.

You could meet up during lunchtime if that works best for both of you. Then there won’t be any awkwardness if your coworker doesn’t show up.

5. Follow Up – To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out:

After the hangout, send them a thank-you text message for hanging out with you and tell them that you had fun. We all like to hear that we’re appreciated!

shy coworker

So if your coworker said yes to coffee during lunchtime on Wednesday at noon, be sure to say something like this: 

“Hi (coworker’s name), I hope the afternoon is treating you well. Thank you for meeting with me today. I had fun! Thanks again!”

6. They Refuse Or Accept Your Offer:

If your coworker likes you back, then congratulations! If they don’t, move on and say nothing about it.

They’re not obligated to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. Thus, respect their boundaries.

Besides, other people might want to hang out with you if they didn’t feel comfortable enough saying yes at first.

Remember to keep your request casual when asking a coworker to hang out. The chances are low that they’d want to meet up during work hours or attend an event outside working hours.

What’s important is that you treat them with respect and courtesy. It should be like you have all these months or years working together.

8 Sample Dialogues To Try

You can ask your coworker using the sample dialogues such as:

– Hi, I wanted to ask if you’re free tomorrow night at seven? I want to catch up with you.

– Hi, would it be okay if we met up for coffee later on during lunchtime next Wednesday?

– I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’re busy tomorrow night at seven. I want to grab a coffee with you and catch up. Is that alright?

– Since we’re already past the halfway mark of this week, I’d like to invite you out for a quick cup of coffee. Does that work for you?

– Would you like to grab a quick coffee with me next Wednesday? I want to catch up and talk about stuff we’ve been busy with.

– Hi, I hope you’re doing well. I want to meet up with you next Wednesday afternoon at noon. Are you free?


– Can we schedule a time for when we can catch up this week? Let me know what works best for you.

– Is there any time during the day when we could grab some coffee and talk about stuff? I haven’t had a chance to catch up with you.

– Would you like to go grab a coffee together at six? We have been really busy lately. Let’s take a break and grab something warm.

How To Hang Out With Your Coworker

There are many ways to hang out with your coworker, depending on what they like. You can ask them if they want to join you at your regular spot.

Ask them about their preferences so that you can plan around them. Here are 15 ways to hang out with them:

1. Go Somewhere Low-Key:

If your coworker prefers low-key places with minimal noise and activity, you can try a pub or lounge nearby.

If they like quiet cafes, there are so many in the city you can choose from. People who love low-key places are not the kind who want people around 24/7.

Please don’t force them into something they’re not comfortable with.

2. Get Froyo:

Your coworker might be a healthy eater and prefers places that serve organic food. You might want to consider getting froyo or ice cream together during lunchtime.

You can even ask if there are good low-key cafes nearby that serve only organic food. Also, froyos don’t have loud music playing from speakers.

Their sizes range from small to large depending on how many toppings you’d like for it!

3. How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out –  Try A New Place:

There’s this new restaurant that opened up not far from work, and we should check it out!

How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out (2)

So if your coworker likes trying out new restaurants, ask them to come along with you on your next food trip.

Make sure that it’s okay for them to be around loud conversations; bring earplugs if necessary. Also, don’t forget to pay because chances are they will offer to split the bill with you.

4. Get Your Coffee:

Coffee shops are a popular choice among coworkers. It’s best to share the same taste in coffee and tea drinks.

You can also try getting your usual fix from a different place to see new and exciting! It’ll be fun because you get to spend time together while drinking something warm.

5. Play Board Games:

Want to hang out with them at night? How about playing board games or video games at home? If you both like competitive stuff, feel free to challenge each other on games.

They can be anything from cards to chess! They might even let you win sometimes.

But don’t count on it, though. The chances are that they’re a sore loser even if it’s a friendly competition!

6. How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out – Go On A Hike:

Going on a hike with your coworker could be one of the best ways to bond with them outside work.

You can talk about anything from your favorite sports teams to plans. You won’t feel any pressure from the clock ticking!

And you’ll get those much-needed steps up as well. It’s perfect for those slacking off from the gym lately.

7. Watch Your Favorite TV Series/Movies Together:

It doesn’t matter if they like watching dramas or animation. There are so many TV shows and movies out there that have something for everyone!

You can start by sharing your recent favorite, and they might share one with you too! It’s okay if they prefer to binge-watch their shows than wait each week.

How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out (3)

But it’s all good because there are so many episodes they could catch up on the next time they visit your place!

8. Play Any Video Games They Like:

Let us try playing video games together one of these days. You can find something that both of you would enjoy playing.

Who knows? You might end up being best friends after only a few matches.

I hope this will happen to you guys, too, because it would be fun to have someone to play with.

9. Catch A Flight To Their Next Travel Destination:

They might be planning a trip somewhere around the world, so why not go with them? It’s super fun because you get to see something new.

Also, you have someone else talk about what you can do there or where you should eat.

You’ll both have an adventure of your own without getting too bored. It’s something that interests both of you!

10. Go To Their Favorite Place In Town: 

Last but not least, you can go to their favorite place in town! They might even treat you for a change if they’re the type of person who likes sharing stuff.

It’s nice to talk about anything from work to interests with them without pressure.

It makes hanging out with them a lot more fun and less stressful. And a little bit more romantic? 

11. Go To Museum:

Do they like museums? It’s a great idea to check out the museum in town and learn more about what you’re both interested in.

There are also a lot of art pieces there that you’ll enjoy looking at. It would be best if your coworker knew a thing or two about them!

You can ask them for some basic information while letting them know what you like about each piece.

But make sure to keep it simple; we don’t want them to know that you’re not interested in art at all!

12. Watch Sports Match Together:

Even if their favorite sport is something so different from their usual hobbies, I’m sure they’d love to have someone watch the game with them.

funny ideas

It’s a great way to know your coworker better. Well, it’s an excellent excuse to invite them over if they’re not a sports fan.

Just don’t be surprised when they get super competitive! You can always have a rematch, though, if you win the first time since they tend to let people win sometimes.

13. How To Ask A Coworker To Hang Out- Attend The Next Art Show In Town:

You should go with them together next time if you want. It’s one of the best places to meet new artists and talk about their work.

You can show them who some of the best local painters are, so they won’t have any trouble picking which ones we’d love to see.

And there’ll be food nearby too if they’re hungry after and you can eat and talk simultaneously.

14. Watch The Sunset Together:

It doesn’t matter where you’re going as long as you get to watch the sunset together. It’s always lovely and relaxing.

Well, it makes everything else seem perfect too when you’re with someone who enjoys watching sunsets as much as I do.

It’s not anything romantic since it can be with friends too! But you can still ask them out again if you’d like.

15. Take A Walk On The Park:

Would you want to take a walk with me in the park? We won’t talk about any deep stuff unless they bring up something related.


But it’s fun because we get to explore the place more if the weather is nice enough for us to stay outside for a while.

If some kids are playing around or exercising, they might even teach us how to play with them. That way, we have lots of fun even though it’s the two of us spending some time together!


The person may or may not accept your invitation. That depends on their personal life and the kind of relationship at work.

Regardless of how your invite goes, thank them and meet them as planned.

Then after the date is over, thank them again for coming out with you before giving each other a friendly hug.

That way, everything stays casual but cordial between the two of you. Remember that they’re your coworker, and you can always ask them to hang out again if they refuse.

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