How To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip

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A boss on a power trip can give you a tough time and make your easy job a difficult one. Such people suck the good vibes out of you and push you into a negative environment.

9 Tips To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip

Power tripper bosses create a toxic environment by spreading rumors and enforce their atrocity.

According to the boss, employees who praise and accept their boss’s authority are good. But people who go against them and try to show them the mirror will be their ultimate enemies.

In that case, bosses can do whatever it takes to make the lives of such employees a burning hell. But this article can help you with how to deal with a boss on a power trip.

1. Keep Little But Necessary Interaction With Them:

People who are on a power trip can turn a good environment into toxic. If you often interact with your boss and she gossips about you, she might mess up with your mind.

Avoid Your Power Lover Boss As Much As You Can
Keep Little But Necessary Interaction With Them

Such bosses give unnecessary tips to their employees and tell them how to do their job. Yet they don’t know how to do their own jobs.

You should talk to your boss only when it’s too urgent, otherwise do your work and focus on your job. Avoid wasting time on your power tripper boss.

2. Leave Your Boss Alone In His Wonderland:

If your boss thinks he’s the best, let him enjoy his fantasies and leave him in his wonderland. The boss is already emotionally broken, he can do nothing except making things miserable for everyone.

How To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip
Leave Your Boss Alone In His Wonderland

It would be better to leave such people on their own and let them do whatever they want.

Avoid clarifying anything to your boss because he’s already on a power trip and won’t believe whatever you say.

3. How To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip – Don’t Let Their Actions Affect You:

It’d be good to keep a safe distance, but you also have to make sure that their actions don’t leave a negative impact on you.

While working under such bosses, it’s easier to lose your temper sometimes and ruin things. But that’s what you have to take control of.

Don’t fell victim to their traps and avoid losing hope in your job. Keep your confidence level high and deal with this workplace issue like a boss.

4. Avoid Getting Into An Argument With Them:

As mentioned before, it won’t be of any use to argue with such people who believe power is everything. They won’t ever accept a valid point and argue as much as they can to prove themselves right.

Avoid Arguing With Your Power Seeker Boss
Avoid Getting Into An Argument With Them

So it would be just a wastage of your time and energy to argue with your boss who’s on a power trip.

Let them believe in their self-made truths and rely on their falsified beliefs.

5. Don’t Brag About Your Achievements To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip:

When you talk about your success, your power tripper boss will start talking about his own.

He can’t see anyone else taking the limelight and loves to make people praise him for his achievements.

If you want to work in this job and have no other option, praising your boss’s success will be good.

Although you’ve been successful and got so many achievements, you’ve to keep it to yourself.

6. Document Their Behavior – When It Goes Unbearable:

If your boss’s annoyance is going beyond your patience, you can prepare to report this behavior.

Get his actions documented in writing, collect evidence that highlights his power trip.

How To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip
Document Their Behavior – When It Goes Unbearable

Gather all your collected evidence in a file and prepare to meet the management in this regard.

However, if you don’t want to report it and continue doing it because you don’t have another job, go to HR.

7. How To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip – Seek Guidance From HR:

In case if you’re stuck at what you should do next to get rid of your power tripper boss, seek help from HR.

They can guide you better about how to save your career while doing this job. Or they might suggest you find a new job as this one’s causing damage to your mental health.

Whatever you want to do next, be cautious as your boss, who’s on a power trip, can create trouble for you.

8. If It Doesn’t Go Well – Get Ready For Job Hunt:

Regardless of what condition your job is in, you must always be ready to face anything coming your way.

Begin Your Hunt For A Better Job
If It Doesn’t Go Well – Get Ready For Job Hunt

If you’ve made up your mind about leaving this job, you should rehearse your interview speech. Also, prepare a nice and impressive resume to increase the opportunity to find a good job.

When you begin your job hunt, keep in mind that your new boss can be difficult to deal with as well. But that shouldn’t keep you from chasing your goals.

9. Get Yourself A Better Boss – Time To Quit:

There’s always an option of getting yourself a better boss, don’t force yourself to work in a toxic environment.

Go For A New Job
Get Yourself A Better Boss – Time To Quit

A boss on a power trip will demand double-energy from you, one to do your job and the other to get along with his nonsense.

It can be really exhausting to do both at the same time. So you should quit working with him if the water goes over your head.

How To Know If Someone Is On A Power Trip – 6 Visible Signs

Identifying power trippers is important, they can be making your job difficult without you knowing. You’d be able to deal with your boss who’s on a power trip only when you know his traits.

So here are some signs to know if someone is on a power trip.

1. They’re Shallow Inside:

Such people always pretend to be the best ones, while in reality, they’re not. They always make noise of “I’m the best,” yet they lack so many basic skills.

How To Deal With A Boss On A Power Trip
They’re Shallow Inside

For instance, power trippers don’t know how to control their anger and manage things at the workplace.

You’ll constantly be filling their self-esteem and ego, but still, your boss wouldn’t be happy with you.

2. Power Hunger Makes Them Toxic:

Your boss is surely on a power trip if he loves the overly competitive environment. He encourages toxic behavior in employees and spread rumors to create toxicity in the workplace.

A toxic environment at work itself indicates that there’s a power tripper who’s making things worse.

3. These People Want Status:

A boss who is on a power trip craves status and authority to control people around him. He wants to take everything in control.

A Boss On A Power Trip Wants Status
These People Want Status

You’ll see your boss reminding everyone that he’s the boss and he holds superiority over them.

He always talks about how he came along the way and what achievements he made in the past.

4. Loves To Force People To Bow Down:

These people want to command respect from everyone working with them. They’d be happy to see people bowing down to them.

It creates a sense of power and authority in their mind, and they think that this is a success. Doing whatever it takes to be powerful and superior is what they do at work all day.

5. There’s Infinite Jealousy:

Power trippers can’t see other people doing better than themselves; they want to look the best. There’s visible jealousy you can see on their faces.

Power Lovers Are Always Jealous Of Other People
Theres Infinite Jealousy

They want to be the only “good” person in the workplace with all the limelight. They won’t bear anyone else being successful.

6. They’ve Dark Insecurities:

Power seekers always have some dark insecurities which they hide behind layers.

Such people, when put into groups to work, are the ones that feel most powerless. So when they get this power, they try their best to hide their insecurities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Handle Someone On Power Trips?

Dealing with someone on power trips can be a bit difficult, but it’s not impossible at all. You shouldn’t engage with such people and focus on work. You must speak to the topic and not to the person. Ask for clarification to see if they really meant what they said.

What Do You Do When Your Boss Overlooks You?

First of all, don’t assume your boss’s intentions as bad ones; he might be just doing his work. Flip the lens and see the perspective of his side. You should prepare yourself to talk to your boss and have a dedicated yet positive conversation. Don’t lose any chance of making yourself visible.

Why Is My Boss On A Power Trip?

People who are insecure in their own authority are more likely to be in on power trips. If they train someone lower than them and that person happens to be more superior, the proud trainer will be on a power trip.

How Do You Deal With A Power-Hungry Person?

You can handle a power-hungry person by talking to them, telling them that you’re concerned, but not insult them. Also, offer them feedback more as a friend and not as a competitor so they can assess themselves.


Dealing with a boss who’s on a power trip can be exhausting, and it might leave you with no energy at the end of the day.

But if it’s necessary for your job and you haven’t a new job lined up for yourself, then you’ll have to do it anyways.

However, a strategic way of dealing with your power tripper can save your time and energy.

We hope you found these tips to deal with a boss on a power trip useful.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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