How To Ask Out A Coworker In 6 Steps – 25 Tips & Tricks

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So, you’re interested in that cute new girl or guy who started at your office? Let’s help you learn how to ask out a coworker. We care for your romantic life.

Asking out a coworker can be intimidating, but remember that you’re two humans on the same team. You don’t hate each other. 

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How To Ask Out A Coworker – 6 Steps

Let’s look at 6 step to follow to ask out a coworker. Just remember that it never hurts to be straightforward:

1. Start With Talking To Them Casually: 

It never hurts to start by talking with your coworker and getting to know them better. If you feel like they open up and trust you, they might be up for something more.


Once you think they trust you, ask them to take a break with you and grab a cup of coffee.

2. How To Ask Out A Coworker – Ask Them To Grab A Coffee With You: 

This generally means going for a coffee or tea together. It doesn’t mean hiring someone to make drinks for you in your office kitchenette. 

While grabbing a drink sounds casual enough, it can be pretty nerve-wracking to ask out a coworker. If you do it right, though, the date will go well, and you’ll get to know them even better.

3. Be Direct: 

If your coworker is everything you’ve been looking for, it might be time for you to make yours. It’s essential to be very direct about your intentions. 

There’s no point in playing games with them. You need to get the message across that you’re interested and see where they stand.

4. How To Ask Out A Coworker – Ask For A Date:

You may decide that it’s time to ask your coworker out on a date. If you like them, then this is the easiest step. 

Say you’re interested in going out for dinner or drinks and see if they’re up for it. Remember to go somewhere public.


 It is helpful if you’re nervous about clarifying that you want to be more than friends.

5. If They Say No:

If they turn you down, don’t let it get to you. It’s a common reaction and one that you have to be ready for – so take it in your stride. 

There is plenty of fish in the sea – of people at your office!

6. How To Ask Out A Coworker – If They Say Yes: 

Now, this is what we’ve been working so hard towards! 

Now you’ve just got to make sure everything goes well on the date. Have fun out there!

How To Plan The Date – 15 Things To Remember

Now that you’ve got your coworker in a good mood and they said yes to going out, it’s time to plan the date. Try designing for somewhere public in this case.

If they’re your soulmate, now is the time to be brave and find somewhere you can get romantic.

1. To Make Sure You Don’t Crash And Burn, Go Somewhere Public:

It would help if you took your coworker somewhere public to make sure neither of you goes further than you want. 

Remember that you’ve got a professional relationship. It’s always lovely to re-enforce the boundaries and remind yourself and them. 

2. How To Ask Out A Coworker – Ask Them What They Like To Do: 

Once you’ve picked somewhere public, find out what they like doing for fun. If they love going to concerts or movies, then plan! 


It may seem like a lot of effort but trust us – it’ll be worth it in the end when everything goes off without a hitch.

3. A Great Date Activity Is Anything That Gets The Two Of You Close Together: 

This will be fun if your coworker is shy, even if it’s on the tame side. If they’re outgoing and not nervous, try something like skydiving or bungee jumping. 

Talk to them about their interests before you plan out your date. Please make sure you get them somewhere that suits them well.

4. Try To Have Some Fun: 

Finally, remember that while it’s great to talk with your coworker and get to know them better – it’s still a date!

 There are plenty of ways for both of you to have some lighthearted fun. So chat all night long – but don’t forget to laugh together too!

5. How To Ask Out A Coworker – Try Something New Together:

Go out and do something new together. If you’re both sports-lovers, try playing some basketball or go to a hockey game together on your date. 

If neither of you is a fan of athletics, find something else that interests you. It can be shopping or clubbing. 

Remember that this is about having fun with them so take turns choosing events.

6. Make Reservations:

Once you’ve decided on a date and an activity, it’s time to book something. If you’re taking your coworker out for dinner, try to find a restaurant accessible to get a table in.

 Remember – you want this date over with before either of you gets bored! Make sure the reservations are six or fewer hours long.

7. If You’re Staying In, Try Movie Night: 

If this is your first time hanging out with them one-on-one, then make sure the genre is something familiar – like:

– Action

– Comedy. 

If they reach over to share popcorn, it’s probably safe to lean in and kiss them. But wait until the end of the movie! Chivalry isn’t dead yet.

8. Check The Weather: 

Now you know what you’re doing, check the weather forecast for the day of your date. 

Ensure that there’s no rain or snow expected that could ruin your plans unless it doesn’t bother either of you. 

If the weather is terrible and neither of you wants to brave it, try and find a way to make your date fun inside!

9. Pick Out An Amazing Outfit: 

It’s time to dress for your date! Try picking out an outfit that shows off your best physical features without going too far.

How To Ask Out A Coworker (3)

 It might be cold outside, so put on something that will keep you warm but still looks flattering.

 A nice sweater or blazer can do wonders if you’re self-conscious about your body. Check with them first about the dress code.

10. How To Ask Out A Coworker – Make A Backup Plan:

If it turns out everything seems like it’s falling apart around you, make sure you have a backup plan. 

If it’s meant to be, then you’ll find a fantastic time to go out together – so don’t stress too much!

11. Be Confident And Have A Great Time: 

Finally, remember that if they say yes once, you two can have a fantastic time together. 

So relax and focus on what’s important – spending all of your time together in the best way possible! Good luck, champ.

12. Bring Flowers Or Another Gift: 

If you’re not the kind of person to hit things off immediately, then bring a small gift – like flowers or chocolates.

 This will help your coworker remember your first date fondly. Hopefully, it will create an atmosphere where both of you can have fun together!

13. Keep The Conversation Going:

Remember – this date is about both of you! So make sure that you’re asking them questions and making them feel comfortable. 

If they bring something up, then change the subject right away. There’s no need to force it unless they seem interested.

14. How To Ask Out A Coworker – End The Night On A High Note: 

When the time comes, pick a restaurant that will satisfy both of you. However, avoid Anything too fancy or cheap. 

How To Ask Out A Coworker (2)

Make sure by the end of dinner. They’ll still be hungry for more time with you! Afterward, take them somewhere nearby where you can have fun together one-on-one – like:

– An ice cream shop if it’s summertime.

15. If You Want To Ask Your Coworker Out Again:

If you have a good time on your date, don’t be afraid to ask your coworker out again! They might turn you down – or they might say yes. 

If they said yes, then spend some time thinking about where to go next. Grab another cup of coffee? 

Or hang out during lunch again – if things are going well, then there’s no need for Anything significant until you feel ready!

10 Coworker Dating Tips To Remember:

Here are ten tips from someone who isn’t a professional dating coach but should be:

1. Make Sure You Don’t Ruin Anything: 

It’s one thing to ask someone out for a drink or two after work. It’s another if you make everyone in the office think you’re together when you aren’t. 

So please don’t get any funny ideas about grabbing your coworker’s hand or stepping on their feet. Keep that date professional!

2. How To Ask Out A Coworker – Send Them A Thank You Note: 

This isn’t something people do anymore, but it makes a huge impression. Writing down your thoughts after the date can convince your crush to go with you out again.

funny ideas

 And this time, maybe they’ll come round to thinking of you as more than just friends. Good luck!

3. Handle Rejection With Class: 

If your coworker flat out rejects you and says they’re not interested, don’t let it get to you. There are plenty of people out there who would be lucky to date you.

 Feel confident about yourself. That’s all that matters. If your coworker was a dud or not what you expected at all – then you need to look no further!

4. Don’t Get Cozy In The Workplace:

No PDA’s! That’s a general rule for many relationships. It should especially be true if you want to keep your coworkers’ options open. 

Push those boundaries too far, and everyone in the office will feel uncomfortable.

5. Keep Things Casual For Now: 

If your coworker has agreed to go out with you, that’s great. But don’t give them the impression that it’s Anything more than casual.

know them better

 It means no hand-holding or cuddling in the hallways (business only). Your relationship is still new, and it may not be worth getting too invested yet.

6. Keep Checking In: 

There’s nothing wrong with checking in now and again to see how they feel. Check if they’re enjoying themselves or if their feelings have changed about you. 

It shows that you care and show interest, though remember not to seem clingy.

7. Remember That There Are Boundaries: 

Even if you’ve been on a few dates, there are still boundaries at work. For instance, don’t meet up at lunchtime. 

Don’t go on a road trip together (unless you’re already in a relationship). Keep your work and personal lives separate!

8. Don’t Give Up Too Easy: 

If they aren’t enthusiastic or quick to commit, try not to let it put you off. Your coworker is trying to keep things casual. 

However, they might have an interest under the surface. Be patient and wait for them to make their move!

9. Tell Them What You Want: 

Don’t be afraid of taking charge and telling them precisely what you want – as long as it isn’t harassing them via text message after they’ve gone home for the day.

How To Ask Out A Coworker

Being direct means there’s less room for confusion and misinterpretation.

10. Stay In Contact With Work Friends:

It’s essential to contact your other friends from work. It is necessary to work on projects or have been out for drinks a few times before. 

If something happens at the office that makes them unhappy, they’ll tell their friends.


Here’s how to ask out a coworker. Directly ask them out! Be your usual self, don’t make things awkward or weird. 

Have fun with it and let the chips fall where they may. Plan the perfect date by picking things you know they like.

On the date, keep it romantic and professional at the same time. If they say no, don’t let that stop you from asking again in the future. 

Wait for them to make their move. If they aren’t very enthusiastic, don’t give up too quickly.

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