How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer – 10 Things To Remember

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Is your family moving to another city? And you want a transfer too? Then we can help you learn how to ask your boss for a transfer.

Reasons for transfer can be many. Hence, we got you covered. Asking your boss for a transfer is challenging because it is your need.

What if the boss disagrees? We will share some remedies to avoid such a situation too.

How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer – 10 Things To Remember

Remember the following ten things to ask your boss for a transfer:

1. Be Firm But Not Demanding:

When asking your boss for a transfer, remember that you can be firm when dealing with them. But, it does not sound demanding.

how to ask your boss for a transfer

It would help if you took the initiative when communicating with your boss. In other words, they should know that it is something significant for them.

If you act otherwise, they might feel that the request is too much trouble for them.

2. Be Polite Yet Professional:

Firstly, when talking to your boss, be polite in the conversation. Remember that you have a request, and you have to have him accept it.

Otherwise, things will be challenging for you. Secondly, make sure to use professional language and not sound too emotional.

3. Have A Good Reason To Ask For A Transfer:

Your reason for wanting a transfer must be and reasonable. If you cannot provide a valid explanation, the boss will likely deny your request.

Some acceptable reasons can be:

– Moving to another city with family

– Changing personal circumstances

Better job opportunities in another city, etc.

4. Convince Boss About The Benefits Of A Transfer:

When asking for a transfer, you must remember that the boss will not say yes. He will always consider any benefits for the company.

It would help if you convinced them about how the transfer will benefit both.

Some points that can help are:

– The employee will be more productive if working closer to home

– It will lower the attrition rate in the company

– There might be some skill shortages in the current city, etc.

5. How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer- Have A Backup Plan:

What if your boss does not agree to your request? It is a question that many employees do not prepare. However, some do, and they enjoy it.

backup plan

It is always better to have a backup plan. Some good options include:

– Looking for transfers with other companies

– Taking up part-time jobs to support yourself

Shifting temporarily to another city

– Then apply for a transfer later if they turn your request down

6. Have All The Documents Ready:

You will need all the necessary documents when asking your boss for a transfer, such as:

– An updated resume

– Address proof, etc.

Also, be well prepared to give any justifications your boss might ask.

7. How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer- Have Patience And Dedication:

Many employees think they shouldn’t stay patient and dedicated after making such requests. It is because it makes them feel helpless and hopeless.

Keep in mind that things won’t change overnight, and you need to stay positive.

Not only does it help in achieving your goals, but it affects the morale of the company as a whole.

8. Give Your Boss Enough Time To Decide:

A grave mistake that employees make is rushing their boss into making a final decision.

It is essential to give them enough time to consider all pros and cons before giving you their answer.

9. Consider All Alternatives:

Firstly, always remember that there are alternative ways of solving your problems. So it would help if you worked on them to meet your goals.

For example:

– Working on improving yourself after getting rejected due to lack of skill set.

– Accepting an offer from another position etc.

10. How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer- Stay Positive:

Last but not least, stay positive throughout the process. Remember that it is a challenging task, and you might face a few setbacks.

be positive when to learn how to ask your boss for a transfer

But if you keep your head high, there is no stopping you from achieving your goals.

What To Do If Your Boss Declines Your Request? – 6 Remedies

If your boss declines your request, you have to remember these things:

1. Find The Reason Behind It:

There is a possibility that the boss might say no to your request for a transfer. In such a situation, try to find out why the denial.

The reasons can be several such as:

– No relevant position in the other city

– Your poor performance in the current company

– Lack of skills, or a skill set required by the organization, etc.

2. Look For The Alternative:

If you feel that your reason for asking for a transfer is reasonable, then it’s time to look for an alternative.

A few benefits of doing so include:

– Maintaining work ethic and morale in the company even after getting rejected.

– Your resume will remain active on various job portals. Consequently, it might attract potential employers.

– Gaining new skills during the time spent looking for new opportunities. It can also help you attain higher positions once you re-request.

3. Fix The Problems:

If it is something within your control, try to fix it so that the next time you ask for a transfer, the answer will be yes.

dont brag

You can fix problems by upgrading your skills. Also, you can ask other people for possible solutions.

4. Ask For Help:

If you think your skills are not up to the mark, ask for help. Several ways can assist you in learning new things, including:

– Online courses

– Workshops

– Consulting an expert.

5. Get Your Resume Rewritten:

Rewriting your resume creates a positive impression on potential employers. It also helps in showing your dedication and patience throughout the process.

You can ask experts how to update your resume. Or you can find online guides on it.

6. Apply ASAP:

If there is a specific position you want to apply for, then don’t wait around!

It will increase your chances of getting selected. Also, it will save you from missing out on other opportunities.

However, do so only if there is some uncertainty about the company accepting your request or not.

How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer – 3 Methods

There can be many situations when an employee wants to change cities or offices. Hence, there are different ways of asking your boss.

In this article, we will share some of those options with you. You will learn more about your rights and duties towards the company.

1. Take An Appointment From Boss:

The best way to ask your boss for a transfer is face-to-face. Request an appointment and go with all the relevant documents and reasons.

Be assertive but do not sound demanding. Also, always remember that you must convince the boss about your request.

2. How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer- Via Email:

If an in-person meeting is not possible, send an email along with all the necessary documents.

Remember to be professional and courteous in your email. Your email should be precise and concise. Please do not add any irrelevant element to it.

3. How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer- Via Social Media:

It should be your last resort if you have tried all other methods and have not received a positive response.

social media

However, keep in mind that this method is not that likable to a boss unaware of your situation!

How To Ask Your Boss For A Transfer- Sample Email/Script

Here is a sample script you can use in any method you want to go with:

“Subject: Request For Transfer

Dear Sir/Ms.

I am writing about my request for a transfer to another city/office.

I have been with the company for (x) years, and I feel it is time to move on to other challenges.

My family is shifting in a month to another city. And I have no other option than to change with them. However, if I get a similar position in the branch of our company in the other city, it will take off a lot of burden from me.

I would be grateful if you could consider my request. Please let me know about your decision at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Name Here

(Attach documents or letters that you think might support your case.).”

Documents Required For A Transfer Request

For a transfer request, usually, these documents are necessary:

– Updated Resume

– Copy of Employment Contract

– Salary Slip for Past 3 Months

– Proof of Address (Utility Bill/Bank Statement)

– Proof of Relationship if the family is moving with you. It can be a Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate.

– 4 passport size photographs

But it depends on your country and state regulations. Therefore, confirm the documents according to rules in your state.

Final Notes:

When asking for a transfer from your boss, remember to be polite yet professional. You have to arrange a formal meeting with your boss to discuss the matter.

Make sure to have a good reason for wanting the transfer. Also, get ready to explain how the transfer will be beneficial for both parties involved.

Have all the necessary documents ready in case your boss asks for them. Remain patient and dedicated throughout the process, and always stay positive! Good luck!

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