How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss With 12 Quickest Tips

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Sally was nervous and shaky too. She had not read our guide to approach HR about a bad boss. Find out what happened next.

Sally’s boss was not only wrong but a monster. He was a bad boss that no one wanted, even in their wildest dreams. After hours of thinking, she decided to go to HR.

But she didn’t do any brainstorming before going to HR. Therefore, when the HR Manager was all ears, she didn’t know what to say and how.

How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss With 12 Quickest Tips

Only if Sally had read our quick tips would she have come out of the HR office calmed down. She was too nervous about speaking, and at last, she couldn’t explain the problem she had with her boss.

The HR tried to calm her down, but she left the room saying, “I am sorry, I have to go.” We will give you the quickest twelve tips to not be like Sally.

Before Approaching HR About A Bad Boss

How to approach HR about a bad boss? First, let’s discover what you have to work at before going to HR.

1. Set An Appointment With HR:

You must set an appointment with HR before visiting them if you want to complain. Without any prior arrangement, they might not hear you.

2. Practice In Front Of Your Friends And Family:

practice how to approach hr about a bad boss

You’ll have to talk about what happened in front of everyone. So practice what you are going to say at least five times. Don’t recite from your mind – speak loud and clear from your heart too.

That’s the only way people can understand your problem thoroughly and help you out better.

3. Make Up Your Mind To Approach HR About A Bad Boss:

You are about to complain about your boss, and the consequences can be ugly. So make up your mind and relax. It will help you in talking to HR with confidence.

4. Prepare Specific And Clear Examples:

Never go empty-handed while complaining about a bad boss at the HR office. Bring clear examples of their misbehaviour, violations, misconduct, etc.

5. Find Out Who You Are Going To Talk With:

A complaint against a boss might land up to the HR’s table, but sometimes it goes higher than that too.

Don’t just enter the room without finding out who you will meet. And once you approach HR, don’t allow them to intimidate you. Have confidence because you are the victim here.

How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss – The Conversation

There are some things to consider when having the concerned conversation with HR.

6. Take A Deep Breath Before Talking:

Don’t start speaking on one breath. You will lose confidence in the second or third sentence itself if you do that.

So take a deep breath before sending the first word out of your mouth.

7. How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss With A Simpler Note:

Do not go in and start crying, “My boss is bad. I need your help.” You will not come off as confident.

conversation with hr

We are not asking you to hide your emotions. But be professional too. Introduce yourself, greet the person and then start talking.

8. Do Not Panic If They Don’t Hear You:

Don’t panic if they don’t hear you out completely or try to end the conversation after listening to a few bits.

Take some time off and try again later. I am giving precise information is essential if someone’s job depends on it like yours.

9. Explain Things Exactly As They Are:

Do not exaggerate but also do not leave any necessary details. Give them evidence so they can understand exactly how things are.

10. If You Need To, Bring Someone Along:

If the situation is too tense or you feel unsafe about it, bring someone along. A friend will help you relax and negotiate better for yourself if needed.

11. Have to Balance Between The Facts And Emotions:

Don’t let your conversation go into anything unrelated to the main subject. It should be brief yet include all relevant main points.

Do not allow anyone to shift focus from the topic at any cost. You can tell how much emotions are involved in everything about which you are talking.

12. Do Not Just Listen To What The Other Says.

You are not there only to listen. If you think that HR is against your rights, do not sit silent and listen to them. You have the right too.

Ask them to repeat what they said or clarify things if necessary. Confirm a few things before going back from the HR office.

Remember, you are the victim here, and you have rights too. Do not let anyone harass you about your position at the workplace.

You are not here to fight anyone but to get justice against a wrong boss who wronged you.

How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss- An Example

We will example of approaching HR about a bad boss step-by-step:

How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss- Step 1:

Ariana was prepared. She is going to face her boss’s wrath anyway. Either way, she knew she would be quitting the job herself or taking up a fight.

She went to HR and tried to explain things clearly and precisely. Her boss had made her life miserable by his way of work, demotion, and poor treatment.

dont give up

She didn’t give up her fight, and finally, the HR officer listened to what she had to say with care.

How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss- Step 2:

After listening to everything, Ariana HR asked about proof or evidence. She already knew evidence would be coming, so she brought them with herself.

She also knew it wasn’t necessary because she had witnesses too who could testify against him.

She described three incidents in detail. Then she gave more examples that needed explanation or justification.

She replied that she wanted him fired or removed from his position for good. She also had proof to back up her claim of harassment, discrimination.

How To Approach HR About A Bad Boss- Step 3:

The HR looked convinced by her answers. And after a long proper investigation, the bad boss had to resign from his job.

Now, this is how the ideal situation is. But it could go worse too. Either Ariana could not convince HR, and HR put her at termination.

Anything can happen, so be wise to choose whether to go to HR about a bad boss or not.

When To Approach HR About A Bad Boss

Knowing your boss is terrible, and when to approach HR about it? Below are the red signs:

1. Your Boss Harasses You:

Sexual harassment is one thing you cannot take lightly; if it happens, take it seriously.

If your boss harasses you, then there are chances that other employees experience it.

It would help if you never kept quiet because others could suffer too by your silence. It won’t matter how robust your boss is or what your boss’s position is.

No one has the right to behave like this at the workplace so take action soon. Later everyone will know about the sexual harassment incident you faced.

So approach HR as soon as possible but prepare yourself for serious discussions.

2. Your Boss Is A Cheater:

If your boss cheats on customers or his teammates, you should no longer put up with it.

It spreads negativity in the office and is a danger to everyone’s job security. Thus, do something before this gets out of hand.

Do not let others suffer because of a bad boss at the workplace.

3. Your Boss Is A Liar:

Lying inside work is typical, but if your boss is a liar outside the workplace, he has gone too far.

If your boss lies based on everything, then your department or company itself might be wrong.

lying boss

If he had lied about some important thing, then the whole company’s reputation might be on line.

It would help if you never let things fall into this lousy control. It is better to go to HR and take care of the situation before it gets out of hand.

4. Your Boss Is A Slacker:

A slacker boss will get you slacking too. And it will only slow things down for everyone in your department or team.

You’ll lose interest in work because they have lost interest in doing a good job again.

5. Your Boss Discriminates:

Employees have a right to work in a good working environment. If your boss doesn’t support you in this matter, your department has something wrong.

These are the most probable reasons you should approach HR about a bad boss.

Final Word:

A bad boss is the worst nightmare, and many red signs show that it is time to go to HR.

Talk to HR as soon as possible about a bad boss. Gather proofs, prepare your mind, and relax. Practice talking with your friends and finally, be confident.

The results can be many, so get ready for the best and the worst.

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