How To Request Meeting With Boss – 9 Actions To Do

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Do you have that particular matter to discuss with your boss? The best way is to talk to them personally. But how to request a meeting with the boss?

There is nothing wrong with wanting a one-to-one conversation with your boss. However, your boss might be extremely busy. Thus take precautions to make the most out of it.

How To Request Meeting With Boss- 9 Actions To Do

While your discussion may take more or less time, it is essential to follow the proper protocol. Here are ten actions to do when requesting a meeting with the boss.

1. Schedule The Meeting:

You should always schedule a meeting with your boss in advance, i.e., email.

But you can also ask to make an appointment with them directly. Else, you can ask PA or Secretary to tell you when he will be available.

How To Request Meeting With Boss

Scheduling a meeting will give them time to prepare. It also helps your boss avoid any conflicts in their schedule.

2. How To Request Meeting With Boss- Be Specific:

When you email your boss, be very specific about what you would like to discuss during the meeting.

This way, they can come prepared and know what to expect. If you are unsure what to discuss with them, they might not agree to a meeting.

Please don’t ask for a meeting because you want to talk to them. It will only waste your boss’s time and yours too.

3. Use a Calendar or Appointment Request:

For both of you to have an accurate record of the meeting, use a calendar or appointment request system.

It will ensure that both of you have a copy of the meeting and its details.

4. How To Request Meeting With Boss- Time It Right:

Try to schedule your meeting at a time when your boss is free. If they are busy, they might not attend to your request correctly.

PA or secretaries usually have information about your boss’s availability. Therefore, ask them if needed.

5. How To Request Meeting With Boss- Offer an Agenda:

Most bosses appreciate it when employees offer an agenda for the meeting.

It ensures that they are ready for it. Your boss can allocate some time to hear you out and plan how to solve the issue at hand.

time to hear you out

If needed, they can call other bosses or employees involved in the matter.

6. Send The Meeting Request at Least Two Days in Advance:

Bosses are busy people, so it is best to give them plenty of notice before requesting a meeting with them.

Sending the request at least two days in advance will ensure enough time to reply. If needed, they can ask to reschedule it.

7. How To Request Meeting With Boss- Follow Up If Necessary:

Sometimes, you might need to follow up with your boss after sending the request for a meeting.

If they haven’t replied or denied your request, don’t be afraid to reach out to them again.

8. How To Request Meeting With Boss- Use email:

Email is the best way to communicate with your boss. It is easy to track and keep a record.

You can attach files, calendar invites, etc., related to the meeting. It will make it easier for both of you to keep track of the discussion during the session.

9. How To Request Meeting With Boss- Be Polite About It:

Don’t ask your boss if you can have a confidential chat with them.

polite work

Use polite language while asking them about this so that they will be more open to the idea of meeting with you.

How To Request Meeting With Boss- During The Meeting

Now we will discuss what to say and avoid while having a meeting with the boss:

1. Thank Your Boss After The Meeting:

You can always thank your boss after the entire discussion. And even when he agrees to meet you, thank them before talking to them. Say something like:

“Thank you for taking time out to meet me. I know you are busy. Therefore, I will 10-15 minutes of your time.”

It will help build good relations between both of you, no matter what the outcome of the discussion was.

2. Ask If You Can Email Them:

Ask if emailing them with any follow-up questions after the meeting is okay.

This way, you can save time and ensure that you have covered everything to discuss.

You can also ask whether they are free for another one-to-one meeting in the future. It will keep your relations intact and help you stay on their good side at all times.

3. Ask If They Have Questions For You:

Please don’t ask them direct questions about themselves or their family members.

work related matter

It might come across as rude so try not to be personal. Only discuss the matter work-related and leave.

4. Avoid Talking About Personal Matters:

Never talk about your family, friends, or significant other during the meeting. It will only make things uncomfortable for both of you.

Bosses usually don’t approve of personal conversations. Consequently, it can reflect poorly on your work ethic.

5. Don’t Complain About Your Job:

Don’t whine about your job or the company you work for during the meeting with your boss.

It will only make them think that you are unhappy with what you have and might want to leave the company soon.

How To Request Meeting With Boss- After The Meeting

Now we will discuss what to do after having a meeting with the boss:

1. Follow Up With an Email:

Send a follow-up email after the meeting to ensure that your boss has all the information they need.

You can also attach any files or documents related to the discussion.

2. Thank Them Again:

Thank them again for taking the time out to meet you and for their cooperation during the meeting.

how to request meeting with boss - email

You can thank your boss via email or a handwritten note.

3. Mention If There Are Any Further Questions:

Let them know if you have any further questions and whether you need their help with anything else.

While writing an email or note, you should add this part.

4. Keep Them Informed of Any Progress:

Make sure to keep your boss updated on any progress made related to the discussion that took place.

It will show that you are working on the matter and take off some of their worries.

5. Mention If Things Didn’t Go as Planned:

Let them know if there were any disappointments from your side or if anything didn’t go as planned.

It will help you build a better and stronger relationship. Also, your boss will be more comfortable talking to you in the future.

10 Reasons To Request Meeting With Boss

You should know when to request a meeting with the boss. We will share some reasons you can have an appointment with your boss.

These are necessary topics that require the attention of your boss.

1. If you are not satisfied with your salary.

2. You want a promotion or a change position in the company.

3. If you have an idea for a new product or project.

4. If you have financial problems at work and need some advice.

5. If there is a lack of communication within your team.

6. If you need clarification on specific policy matters in the company.

7. To request funds for a specific project that needs to get done soon.

8. You want to meet with your manager face-to-face rather than communicate via email.

9. Asking for permission for leave when you plan to take time off from work.

10. Trying to fix poor relations between yourself and another coworker.

10 Reasons Not To Request Meeting With Boss

There are specific topics you should not discuss with your boss. Such issues will make you look bad in front of your boss.

never argue with boss

We will share some reasons to avoid when meeting with the boss:

1. If you are not happy with your job or the company.

2. Complaining about anything related to your jobs such as:


-Office politics

-Difficult customers

-Poor management of bosses or HR

3. Discuss any negative personal experiences you have had recently.

4. Bringing up any emotional problems you are currently experiencing.

5. Arguing with your boss about something they have said or done.

6. Requesting time off from work when you have not yet spoken to them about it face-to-face.

7. Trying to negotiate a raise or promotion during the meeting.

8. Having a forum for the sake of having a meeting – there should be a specific purpose for requesting one.

9. Talking about things unrelated to work, such as the weather.

10. Telling them about your problems such as:

-Your marital status

-Financial problems

-Medical issues


It is best to request a meeting to discuss something important or learn a new policy. Knowing when to ask for a meeting with the boss and what to discuss is important.

By following the tips mentioned in this article, you will communicate with your boss. Also, you will be able to solve the issues at hand.

You can schedule it beforehand. It would help if you researched what to discuss in the meeting.

However, if you are unhappy with your job or the company, it is better to avoid discussing these things in person. Also, do not ask any questions about your boss’s personal life.

Hence, we hope next time you have a meeting with your boss, it will be successful.

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