How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – A 15-Steps Guide

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Are you getting fired soon? You can still save the day. Here’s how to convince your boss not to fire you.

Getting fired is a very uncomfortable and humiliating feeling. It is especially true if you’re not ready for it. Even worse is the fact that most of your colleagues are in the loop while you’re not.

How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – A 15-Steps Guide

Yes, there is still hope. You can still save the day. You can come up with an idea to help your boss understand that firing you would be a wrong decision. Here’s how:

1. Ask The Right Questions:

An excellent place to begin is by asking yourself WHY are you getting fired? There might be something in your work behavior or attitude that needs improvement.

how to convince your boss not to fire you

Figure out what it is and start working on it right away. If it means taking some time off for self-reflection, so be it. The sooner you do this, the better your chances of convincing your boss not to fire you will become.

2. How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – Prepare A Strategic Plan Of Action:

If you’re confident that your work performance won’t take a hit, then you can move on to your next step. Prepare a strategic plan of action.

Once done, present it to the management committee for their review and consideration. Is there any unfinished business or project that needs immediate attention?

If so, focus on getting it done first before anything else. Is there something positive that you need to highlight about yourself or your work? Make sure you bring it up!

3. Think Of A Reasonable Explanation Or Justification:

Like any other argument, it’s always best to start with something good. Initiate by establishing common ground.

If there isn’t any, your boss may even misinterpret what you say. It will be difficult for them to consider your line of reasoning.

4. How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – Use A Third-Party Example:

If worse comes to worst, it helps to use a third-party example. You know someone who has gone through something similar before.

Or there’s an article you’ve read about the same issue that left an impression on you. If not, then try searching online or Google it!

future bosses

You may even discover something new out of this experience, so make sure to be observant. Just don’t give up yet.

5. Show Respect And Remain Calm:

The situation is tense, with both parties involved feeling hurt and betrayed. However, it’s still important to remain calm and respectful towards your boss.

Remember that they are your superior so avoid getting into a shouting match. Please don’t give them the impression that you’re too aggressive.

6. Let Them Know About Your Positive Contributions:

If you haven’t done this yet, now is an excellent time to bring it up! Please show them your positive contributions.

Moreover, get them to understand how you have helped the company grow over the years. You don’t want to hog all the credit.

Make sure to share some love with your team members and other co-workers who have been there for you.

7. How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – Embarrass Them With Proof:

This last part may be a bit risky because you might tick them off instead of convincing them. So when in doubt, it’s best to err on the side of caution when documenting your work.

You can also use charts and stats to convince them that you deserve another chance.

If you’ve managed to build an audience, show them proof of your social media influence. Publish press releases to know that people care about what you have to say.

8. Be Ready For Questions And Objections:

Your boss is an intelligent person, and they know what they’re doing. Hence, don’t expect them to agree with everything you say at face value.

How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You - Realize Him He's an Intelligent Boss

Be prepared for questions and objections from your boss. Your colleagues can question you if they are in the decision-making process.

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Clarifications:

It can sometimes be a sensitive topic. More information about the boss’s decision to fire you may only worsen the situation.

At this point, it’s okay to ask questions. Don’t expect clear answers from your boss about the real reason behind the firing.

If you feel like you need more clarification or details, make sure to ask for that too. Just do it in a kind and respectful way.

10. How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – Think Of Alternative Solutions:

If they turn down your idea, then take some time off. Think of alternative solutions that will convince your boss not to fire you.

It may mean taking on more work and responsibility. Likewise, it might mean increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in the office.

If you’re an integral part of the business, it’s doubtful that they will decide to get rid of you. If you have a good relationship with your boss,

There’s room for improvement and negotiation when the boss-employee relationship is good.

11. Make The Decision-Maker Empathize With Your Situation:

Your boss may have to consider firing you because it’s part of their job description. If that happens, then try making them empathize with your situation.

can't convince boss not to fire you

Perhaps you can share a personal story about yourself. You can also share the story of someone who went through something similar before.

12. How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – Think Of Your Next Career Move Now:

If worse comes to worst and they fire you, then it’s time for you to look out for an opportunity elsewhere. It is good news in disguise.

It will allow you ample time to take care of certain loose ends at home and the office. Plan your next career move, and reevaluate what went wrong in this particular company.

13. End The Conversation Gracefully:

Before you leave, make sure to end the conversation on a positive note. Please don’t go into dynamic mode and start blaming your boss for whatever reason.

It would help if you remained calm and respectful. If they say no, let it slide and walk out of the room politely with your head held high.

There may be another opportunity in the future, so don’t give up hope yet!

14. Always Be Professional:

Remember that even if you might not convince them, there is always a lesson to learn. Keep yourself motivated by looking forward to your next big breakthrough!

When you have this mindset, you will always be professional.

15. How To Convince Your Boss Not To Fire You – Evolve To Get Ahead:

As long as you’re still breathing, then there’s hope for a better tomorrow.


Keep yourself motivated and try not to be pessimistic about your current situation. Evolve as a person so that you can get ahead in life!

How Not To Get Fired By Your Boss:

Being an employee, you have some duties and rules to follow. Do not commit these ten mistakes not to get fired:

1. Do Not Perform Poor And Have Patience:

Deliver efficient and consistent work. If you fail to do so, there is no reason why bosses should not fire you or punish you.

Spitting out anger on everyone around you will not help anyone, nor can it win the hearts of your employer. Make sure to follow the rules with patience.

2. Dress Appropriately And Have No Bad Habits:

Be it an institution, dress appropriately. If you are not dressed according to the dress code, your boss won’t tolerate it.

If there’s a bad habit that creates constant chaos in the office or school, then avoid it at any cost. Make sure to only surround yourself with people who can help you grow in life.

3. Do Not Steal Or Have A Negative Approach:

Do not steal or engage in illegal activities; you can also lose your job and dignity. Do not take the risk.


Negativity can help you get fired. You cannot expect your bosses to tolerate any negative behavior at the office or school.

4. Be On Time And Punctual And Avoid Distractions:

Arrive at work on time and perform your duties as you need to do them. Your employers may give opportunities to those who try to be punctual in their work.

Do not engage in unnecessary talks or activities that distract you from your work. Concentrate on the task at hand and complete it to perfection.

5. Have to Discipline And Do Not Be Rude:

Have discipline in thought and action for a better life ahead. Discipline yourself to take steps when required and complete tasks in time.

As far as possible, avoid being rude to your employers or people who can help you grow in life.

No matter how frustrating they might seem, maintain the dignity of the job and yourself too.


In conclusion, have a plan to convince your boss not to fire you. Have a positive mindset and keep yourself motivated.

Don’t let adversities bring you down. You can give proof about your situation to show why they shouldn’t fire you.

Keep in touch with your boss to understand your performance at work. Always remember that there is hope for the future!

Use these tips and tricks as a guide. It’s all about who you know and how you present yourself at the end of the day. Stay positive and try not to give up yet!

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