How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Remember 14 Things

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Are your working hours not suitable for you? Below you will learn how to tell your boss to change your hours.

Working hours are essential for a work-life balance. Moreover, they are critical for your productivity.

How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Remember 14 Things

When asking your boss to change your hours, you have to consider many things. Here are some of them:

1. Have A Solid Reason:

Make sure you have a good case for why your hours don’t work.

It’s essential to make a strong case before bringing it up with your boss. They may not be receptive to the idea if you haven’t made a good argument.

how to ask your boss to change your hours

You can ask yourself some questions such as:

– Is there another opportunity that only comes out at certain times?

– Do I need days off from work?

– Could my family benefit from me getting home earlier/sleeping later?

– Are there financial issues involved in working specific hours, e.g.: child care costs or extra travel?

– If you find that your reason is important enough, move on to step 2.

2. Consider Everyone Else’s Schedule:

If you have issues with your working hours, the company also needs to adjust.

It’s also essential that they can accommodate everyone. Otherwise, your boss can reject your request.

You’ll know if your new schedule is reasonable when you take into account all of their needs as well as yours.

3. How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Pick The Right Time:

If you’ve got a good reason, there are only three more things left to worry about:

– Picking the right time

– Preparing what you want to say

– Making sure there aren’t any surprises.

First of all, find a good time to raise the issue with your boss. Do not come across as pushy or anything like that.

ask for help

It could be a few days before or after your shift starts, or even during a meeting. Secondly, think about what you want to say and prepare some notes.

It shouldn’t be hard to rehearse if you’ve been keeping track of things in a planner.

Lastly, make sure that no one has their guard up against you when you bring this up. Otherwise, it may backfire on you.

It means not approaching your boss when they’re busy with something else. Don’t take the risk.

4. How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Bring A Backup:

If all goes well, then congratulations. Your new hours can begin from next week.

However, if there are any problems, bring someone else into the conversation. Someone who can help resolve them for you. Please don’t argue with them.

For example, you could bring your union rep along with you. You all can calmly explain why this is a problem and what you want to do about it.

This person can help smooth things over if tensions rise. Moreover, make sure that everyone goes home happy in the end.

5. How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Ask About Flexibility:

Remember bosses like when employees take responsibility for themselves.

If they’re doing something wrong, ask yourself how to fix it. It’s much better than letting someone handle things for you when there’s an issue.

need and help

Ensure that you go above and beyond by asking for more flexibility when needed. It will make you an indispensable member of the team.

For example, if there’s a big project coming up, come back next week and ask them again.

Keep going until they understand why flexible working hours would benefit the company.

6. Ask To Work From Home:

Did you know that many employees can now work from home? It is trendy among ‘digital nomads’. They want to see the world while still having a stable income.

When asking your boss to change your hours, request for work-from-home. Even if you don’t have any special requests from your boss, it can happen.

You may think that this sounds a bit much, but it could save your life if you have a stressful commute.

Most companies see the benefits of being flexible with their employees. Take advantage of the situation.

7. How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Set A Good Example:

You should set an example as an excellent employee to show that you’re serious.

Make sure that everything is clear from the start – because otherwise, it’s going to annoy your boss. They hate wasting time on things that don’t need attention.

excellent employee

It shows how well you work under pressure and makes them trust you more over time.

8. Keep Track Of Your Hours:

Did you know that flexible working hours could boost your productivity? It can be a great way to finish things before going home.

When you have more time over the weekend, it’s easier to keep track of everything you do during the week.

Keep track of how many hours you work to give an accurate account at the end of each month.

9. How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Keep Calm And Relax:

The most important thing is to keep calm during the conversation with your boss.

They will want to know that this isn’t another one of your tricks to get out of work early.

There must be a valid reason for wanting these changes. Make sure that you mention all of the positive things possible. If you stay calm under pressure, they’ll trust you more.

10. Keep The Conversations Short:

You may want to talk about every little thing but try not to. When asking your boss to change your hours, don’t take hours.

Your boss doesn’t want to hear about your daily life or problems at home because it takes up their time. They need to know what’s going on before they can help you.

They’re also busy people, so keep the conversation short and sweet. Get straight down to business instead of wasting time with small talk.

For example, asking them if anything else needs discussing would be a good option. It shows that you respect your boss and value their opinions too!

11. How To Ask Your Boss To Change Your Hours – Check And Double-Check:

Always double-check your hours when working from home. Make sure you meet all timelines.


It’s an excellent way to get more trust from your boss if you can be independent.

It will also help the team when they need more help on a project, benefiting everyone.

12. Look At The Company Structure:

The most important thing is to look at the company structure.

It can make it easier for you to decide what kind of flexibility they’re able to give you.

For example, if two people have similar jobs, then work on your negotiation skills. It will be a good way of showing that you’re responsible and caring about the business.

13. Make A Plan:

Once you know what flexibility your bosses are willing to give, make a schedule and stick to it. It’s exactly like going to school or University. It would help if you had a clear-cut deadline for everything, no matter how small.

On top of this, set reminders on your phone. Please don’t end up forgetting about your tasks later on in the day. Trust us; most people do this!

Why Flexible Working Hours Are Beneficial For Employees

Flexible working hours are the new trend. Many companies are implementing them to increase employee motivation.

Moreover, many bosses don’t care about your happiness beyond being punctual for work.

ask boss to change hours

They also won’t think twice before letting you go due to ‘performance issues‘. It could come out of nowhere if you’ve been a loyal employee for years.

So it’s essential to know what your rights are in the workplace. It will help you stay safe and prevent any surprises in the future.

6 Benefits Of Flexible Working Hours:

Here are some reasons why flexible working hours are beneficial for employees:

1. They show that you care about your job enough to go above and beyond expectations.

2. Your bosses, colleagues will respect you more if they realize how hardworking you are

3. It gives proactivity which is crucial in today’s modern economy

4. It helps you save money by cutting down on transport costs

5. You will be more motivated at work when you get to leave earlier or take a break if needed

6. You can better organize your schedule when you work from home or outside of regular office hours

Flexible Hours; Part-Time:

Flexible working hours should be a choice and not something that happens automatically. It is because it could lead to errors in the future.

It’s important to emphasize that these changes should benefit both parties. In most cases, flexible hours fall under part-time jobs.

ask your boss to change your hours to flexible hours

Some people can’t leave the office early if they still have a lot of work.

But it is also not acceptable for them to stay until 8 pm every day because that is the everyday culture.

Contact your HR if you need help finding out the policy for working hours in your workplace.


So if you have any problems with your work hours, ask your boss to change your hours.

It’s easy to prepare for the conversation so long as you do it carefully. You’ll be able to ask your boss about flexible working or even working from home.

It would help if you remembered that bosses are busy people. So don’t approach them when they’re already overwhelmed with things on their plate.

Remember that the benefit of speaking up is that you get more time for yourself, family, and friends.

And it can also open up a new world of jobs or lifestyles for those who never thought it possible before.

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