How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – 8 Steps

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Dealing with your period at work can be tough. You’re not alone in feeling unsure about how to tell your male boss you have cramps.

More and more people are talking about periods. But it can still feel weird and uncomfortable for women to bring it up.

Key Takeaways:

  1. It’s okay to talk about it. Even though it might feel awkward, it’s important to remember that period cramps are a real health issue that can affect your work.
  2. Plan what you want to say. Take a deep breath and think about what you want to tell your boss beforehand. Be calm, honest, and specific about your needs.
  3. Talk about how to make things easier: Tell your boss how your cramps affect you at work and ask if there’s anything they can do to help, like taking short breaks or working from home.
  4. Take care of yourself. It’s important to do what you need to feel better during your period, like taking breaks, using pain relief, and asking co-workers for help if needed.
  5. It’s normal. Periods are a natural part of life, and there’s no shame in talking about them. Employers should understand and be willing to help make work easier for you during this time.
  6. You’re not alone. Many women experience period cramps, and research shows they can affect work performance. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.
  7. Speak up for yourself. Don’t feel bad about talking about your period. It’s important to address any discomfort you’re feeling so you can focus on your work.

How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – 8 Easy Steps To Follow

We want to start by saying we care about all the women dealing with this problem. Next, we’ll talk about how to discuss cramps with our male boss.

Follow the points below, and you will have the confidence to talk to your male boss:

1. Take A Deep Breath First:

Okay, take a deep breath and believe in yourself! You can talk about periods. It might feel strange at first, but that’s okay.

how to tell your male boss you have cramps

Even though cramps are uncomfortable, talking about them can help you feel better.

Remember, many women have periods, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

2. How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – Choose The Right Time:

Guys can sometimes feel shy, even around people they know well.

This can make them nervous to talk to their boss about some things, like their feelings.

The boss might not understand why they’re sharing this information.

Therefore, make sure that you choose a time when your boss is not too busy.

3. Write Down The Talking Points:

Before talking to your boss, jot down key points you want to say. This helps you stay on track and avoid forgetting things.

Having notes can be helpful during the conversation. It’s okay to refer to them instead of memorizing everything.

Remember, period health isn’t just a “woman’s issue.” Everyone needs to understand.

If you’re comfortable discussing cramps with your boss, go for it! Be confident and clear.

4. How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – Calmly Tell Your Boss:

Let your boss know you’re having cramps and feeling uncomfortable.

See if there’s anything you can adjust to make things easier while you’re feeling this way.

discouraged women

In this way, they will understand what you are feeling. Moreover, it will be easier to work together rather than working around the pain of cramps.

5. How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – Walk Them Through Your Actions:

I wanted to talk about how I manage my work during my period. Sometimes, I might need to take a bit longer break or sit down more often than usual.

This helps me stay focused and productive while feeling comfortable. I’ll still be able to get my work done, just maybe in a slightly different way these days.

6. How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – Be Honest:

When discussing the matter with your boss, be honest about everything. You can include the frequency of your menstruation.

It’s important to be honest because it’s not a surprise and being open will help avoid any misunderstandings later.

7. How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – Don’t Hold Back:

If you’re not feeling well because of your period or something else, it’s okay to tell your boss.

We know it’s not easy to talk about, but it can help both of you in the long run.

brave companies

Letting your boss know what’s going on can help them understand your situation and be more supportive.

8. How To Tell Your Male Boss You Have Cramps – Show Your Gratitude:

Once you’ve spoken to your boss and expressed your concerns, thank them for hearing you out.

You’ll be glad you included everyone who respects your privacy, not just women.

They might even feel a weight lifted because they won’t be in the dark anymore.

6 Things To Do When You Have Cramps During Working Hours

When you are in your office during your cycle, here are some things you should do. They will help you carry on through the difficult day.

1. Take Care Of Yourself First:

Your health is most important, even at work. If you’re not feeling well, focus on getting better.

Talk to your boss about how they can help with your workload while you’re feeling crummy.

Remember, your health comes first!

2 Talk To Your Female Co-Workers:

Talking to your fellow female co-workers can be helpful. If you’re struggling with pain at work, you can ask them how they manage it.

Some might use heating pads, take longer breaks, or find something else that works for them. Remember, everyone’s body reacts differently to their period.

female employees

Therefore, don’t be afraid to get information from them before talking to your male boss.

3. Bring Your Supplies:

It’s a good idea to bring things you might need, like pads or tampons, when talking to your boss. This shows your boss you planned and take this seriously.

You can also bring

– a heating pad

– menstrual cup

– pain medication

if you think you might need them.

4. Keep Your Perks Simple:

I understand you’re feeling hot at work and want to ask your boss to help.

Here’s a simple way to ask:

  • Instead of asking for many things: Just ask for a fan or short breaks to cool down with cold water.
  • Avoid asking for things that seem like extras: Fancy things like a perfectly organized desk might seem unnecessary to your boss.

Complex bonuses can be like a tidy workstation, etc.

5. Have A Backup Plan:

If your boss isn’t ready to accept women’s problems, be ready for their questions.

tell your male boss you have cramps

You needn’t go into details, but being specific will help you out more than not saying anything.

6. Don’t Feel Guilty:

It’s possible your boss might not grant your request for special arrangements at work. But don’t feel bad if that happens.

They might say no, but there’s also a chance they’ll say yes. If you’re willing to try, talk to your boss before things become a bigger problem.

7. Don’t Feel Ashamed:

Don’t feel ashamed of your menstrual cycle. If you feel embarrassed, take a deep breath and remember that this is an issue many women face.

Furthermore, it’s not something to hide as if it were something terrible. It might be difficult to talk about, but you shouldn’t hide the fact that you menstruate.

Why Is Talking About Periods A Taboo

For a long time, people didn’t talk about women’s periods. It was a taboo. But now, women are starting to talk about it more.

It’s important to remember that men’s and women’s bodies are different, so it’s good to know about periods. (It’s not a problem, though.)

Research By ASRM:

Many girls and women find it difficult to talk about period cramps.

But a study by a medical group called ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) found that lots of women who work have problems during their periods, like:

– Belly cramps

– Backaches

– Feeling puffy or swollen

– Mood changes

tell you have cramps

The study gives attention to employees who lack access to breakrooms to lie down or rest. Moreover, it is difficult for working women to explain why they need that perks.

The problem isn’t that women don’t want to talk about their periods.

It’s that men in charge don’t want to hear about it.

A woman named Heather, who works in an office and has two kids, said periods are a sensitive topic that not everyone feels comfortable discussing.

She added that men often don’t understand the challenges women face every month.

Research By ACOG:

So ladies, if you think this isn’t happening in your work environment, then think again. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG):

“75 percent of women suffer from menstrual symptoms such as abdominal cramps.”

Bosses should be open to giving special consideration to women during their cycles. They should know various ways to accommodate menstruating workers without crippling productivity.

Interview With Dr. Orly Avitzar

Even though “women’s health” has more attention these days, men have excuses not to address them. For example, Dr. Orly Avitzur noted via ABC News:

“When an employee comes with severe menstrual cramps, she asks for disability. Instead of offering modifications at work, so the problem doesn’t recur in the future.”

menstrual problems

“I’ve never gotten any pushback from bosses or HR about it,” Avitzur said. “It’s pretty common knowledge that menstrual issues are real and debilitating.


Everyone gets cramps sometimes, it’s normal. But don’t wait too long to get help if it hurts, because it can cause problems later.

If you have cramps, tell your boss calmly, even if he’s a man. Explain what you’re doing and be honest. It’s important to take care of yourself first.

Don’t try to work through the pain, it’s not good for you. Take breaks and rest when you need to. You shouldn’t be in pain because you don’t know what to do.

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