How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – 25 Fun Ways

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Do you want to avenge your boss by annoying him? Here’s a complete guide on how to annoy your boss without getting fired in workplace.

Annoying your boss isn’t the easiest thing to do if you already displeases them.

How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – 25 Fun Ways

Have some fun frustrating your boss. However, keep safe side about not getting fired. Here’s what you can do to annoy your boss without getting fired:

1. Tell Your Boss That You Are Insolvent:

There’s nothing more annoying than someone asking for money. If your boss is wealthy, he’ll hate the thought of giving out the money even more.

How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired

It will be a great way to annoy your boss, and he might not talk to you again.

2. Drink Coffee In Front Of Him:

Coffee has its smell, and it’ll irritate your boss if he gets a whiff of coffee when talking to you. All you have to do is:

– Buy some instant coffee

– Put it in a cup while covering the contents with water

– Heat the cup in the microwave for 3 minutes

– Wait till it cools down, and voila.

There’s your refreshing drink for work. Remember not to overdo this, or your boss will fire you faster than Starbucks can open new outlets.

3. How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Let Your Mannerisms Show:

It is a perfect way to annoy your boss as it’s often done subconsciously. Here are the things you need to do so to irritate your boss:

– Keep licking your hand and rubbing it on top of your head

– Use a stapler as a guitar whenever he discusses something important

– Make random clicking sounds with your mouth while leaning back in a chair

– Look at your watch even if work isn’t over yet.

He knows you’re lying when you say ‘I’m free.’ but don’t leave. Do these activities for work, not during lunch or break times.

4. Take Long Lunches:

It isn’t enjoyable when someone takes longer than necessary for lunch.

dont invite annoying people

Remember to return at least an hour after the time your boss takes lunch, so he knows you’re not slacking off.

5. How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Act Busy:

It will irritate your boss when he doesn’t see you working, even though all you have on your table is:

– Facebook and Twitter

– Work out the equations in your head

– Count how many meters of papers are covering your desk

– Organize all your pens by color order

– Rearrange everything on your table into neat piles with all objects facing down

6. Flash Your Boss A Smile At The Wrong Moments:

It’s annoying when people smile in inappropriate circumstances–it conveys inconsistency in character. Asking your boss to:

“Get it into his head that [you] won’t be taking shit from anyone.”

It is the opposite of a serious and professional environment.

7. How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Swap Phrases:

This activity is ‘phrase inversion.’ For example, your boss says, “The meeting will not start until everyone is here.”

You reply with, “Everyone will not start coming until the meeting has started.”

8. Be As Bossy As You Can With Your Boss:

Bossiness often occurs when someone is insecure about themselves. If you’re thinking this isn’t working at all, don’t worry–it’s annoying no matter who does it.

clouds and people

Remember not to overdo it, or your boss might get a little rough.

9. Speak To Your Boss In A Singsong Voice:

This is a surefire way to annoy your boss. Remember that this voice must sound very unprofessional. Likewise, most people don’t like this. 

You can even sing along to the radio in the office. Speak to your boss in a high-pitched, childish tone about something work-related.

10. Send Your Boss Memes On Company E-Mail:

There’s nothing more annoying than getting funny memes on company e-mail. Think of what would make you cringe and send it on without fail. 

If your boss doesn’t believe you’re sending such images, add an ‘I’m not lying’ cover letter with it. Otherwise, they might delete the meme before he sees it.

On top of that, your boss will have no choice but to scroll through lots of useless e-mails to find the one you sent. 

Good luck with this activity–twice a week should work wonders.

11. How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Play With Your Boss’ Name:

It is an effective way to irritate your boss. For instance, if his name is Randy, start calling him Randee or Rany. 

He’ll hate it when he hears people giggling in the office after someone call him by another name.

12. Leave Your To-Do List A Mess:

As a worker, you must keep your to-do list in check. If not, it will annoy your boss when he sees tasks left undone or unorganized.

 Sometimes the task on top of your list may even be something silly like ‘unjam printer.’ Instead of more pressing things like ‘finish project.’

13. Sniff Loudly When You Work From Home:

Talking on the phone is one thing. Sniffing loudly when working from home makes an uncertain environment for your boss.

annoying people

He’ll let you know it. Even though you do this subconsciously, it’s still annoying enough.

14. Be Comfortable At Work:

If you’re the type of person to be tucking in your shirt or adjusting your tie, this will drive your boss insane. 

Try catching up on some reading instead and sit comfortably at work. It will indicate that you’re getting less done, but it’s annoying.

15. How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Speak Like A Valley Girl:

This is a surefire way to annoy your boss. Again, it’s effective in conveying inconsistency in character. 

When talking to the boss, speak with slang and often use words like ‘like’ or ‘totally.’ It will drive him crazy.

16. Leave Your Phone On LOUD:

Turn your phone on loud when there are crucial calls. It will drive your boss insane. He will lash out at you for disturbing him. 

But you can tell him that it is a crucial call, and you can’t miss it. He will feel helpless but annoyed too.

17. Use As Many Exclamation Marks As Possible In Emails:

Remember–it isn’t enjoyable when someone uses too many exclamation marks in an email. 

Just imagine how much your boss will hate it when he reads an e-mail from you with ‘!!!’ written all over the place when it should say, “Good morning.”

18. Eliminate The F Words:

Eliminating the f words in a sentence is frustrating and annoying to read. So if you want to annoy your boss in this way, use phrases like:

“I’ll try and try until I succeed,” instead of “I’ll try and fail until I succeed.” It conveys a lack of punctuality too.

19. How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Sleep In The Office:

This one’s easy to do and effective. Sleep in the office every day, even though there are countless deadlines to meet.

employers employees

You can even bring a little pillow and blanket along like you’re at your home. Who knows–maybe your boss will appreciate the effort and time you put into doing nothing?

20. Be A Hoot:

It means laughing and sharing jokes with other co-workers all day long. 

If possible, share inappropriate images on company e-mail. It annoys anyone who sees it. Most importantly, your boss.

21. Park In The Boss’ Spot:

If you want to annoy your boss beyond belief, park in his spot every day. It will get on his nerves after a while. 

Remember not to do it when he’s watching, though, or else he might catch you red-handed and think of ways to fire you.

22. Leave The Door Open When You’re In The Toilet:

This activity is easy to do, and the benefits are rewarding. All you have to do is leave the bathroom door open while you go about your day-to-day business in there. 

It will annoy your boss so much that he’ll say something about it–and voila! You discovered a new way of annoying him.

23 How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Wear Strange Clothes On Mondays:

It might not sound compelling, but it’s an excellent way to make others notice you. Wear completely different clothes every Monday.

How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired (2)

Do not wear anything too unusual but enough to annoy your boss.

24. Talk In A Loud Voice All The Time:

It is excellent because it’s easy to do and your boss will always think about how annoying you are. 

Never show any signs of being quiet in terms of speaking either because that’s not tolerable at all!

25. How To Annoy Your Boss Without Getting Fired – Always Be Negative:

Focus on being negative about it all the time if:

– There isn’t anything going right for you 

– Something terrible has happened

It is a great way to annoy the boss, and it’s also simple!


To annoy your boss but not let him fire you, you have to make little mischiefs like:

– Drink coffee in front of him

– Put extra exclamation marks in emails

– Send memes in emails

– Sleep on work, etc

In conclusion, doing these and many more activities will annoy your boss.

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