Here’s A 13 Step Guide On How To Get Your Boss Fired

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Ever got so annoyed by your boss’s actions that you thought about how to get your boss fired in workplace? We all have been there.

That’s when the annoying behavior of the bosses crosses the line of toxicity. And things turn out to be unbearable.

How To Get Your Boss Fired – What You Need To Do?

Working under him, you’ll have to be cautious while trying to get him fired.

But you are lucky to come to the right place to find a solution. You don’t have to live in that miserable workplace anymore.

Here are some steps to try first hand so you can get your boss fired.

1. Observe Him At A Close Step – How He Behaves

First, you’ll have to see what he is doing. Observe something that will act as a guarantor to get him fired.

A person having a weird personality won’t get him out of a job. Because that’s not a problem as long as he isn’t affecting other people.

Observe What Your Boss Do To Get Him Fired
Observe Him At A Close Step – How He Behaves

But remember to observe him from a distance. Don’t ever let him know about your thoughts.

While taking steps against your boss, keep looking for a new job. This way, you can be out of any danger.

2. Catch Him When He’s Yelling At Employees

Have you seen your boss scorning other employees? Well, that’s something for you to be happy about.

There must be more than one person to testify to your boss’s bad behavior. Higher management isn’t going to trust one person and hire the manager.

So collect proof from different employees to prepare yourself.

How To Get Your Boss Fired
Catch Him When He’s Yelling At Employees

Do you see any of the following behavior shown by your boss? If yes, then be at ease because your boss will get a goodbye from the company.

1. Cracks A Joke To Point Out Racism

Do you and your colleagues get called inappropriate names? Are you guys getting to listen to bad jokes on your race?

Well, that’s something offending, and no one can bear this. Moreover, such behavior is against the law, and your boss must get fired for this.

2. Stealing Employees’ Ideas

You must have seen your boss being an intellectual thief around the company. Either he’d be stealing your ideas or doing the same with someone else.

Toxic bosses do this because they want to present these ideas as theirs.

Be cautious because theft is not only in the form of material items. Your boss can be behind the ideas in your mind. Don’t let him roam around you.

3. Aggressive And Abusive

Isn’t it unfair that your boss is scolding you for every little mistake you made? Well, it’s not necessary to scream at you in front of everyone.

If he wanted to make you understand at first, he wouldn’t have been abusive.

Yes, you are thinking in the right direction. There’s no need for your boss to show such behavior at the workplace.

It’s included in fundamental rights to show respect to everyone at work.

4. Practicing Management In An Unfair Way

We can bet that you are so fed up with the favouritism at your company. There’s nothing to wonder about in this.

It’s common for such bosses to make favorite employees. And they do this by snatching opportunities from the rest ones.

That’s the right time to get your boss fired because he is well-wishing only his pet.

3. It’s A Major Detective Mission – How To Get An Incompetent Boss Fired?

Doing all this process, you’ll have to make sure that no one is watching you. Take the necessary cautions and don’t tell anyone about this.

Organizations have such shared networks that your boss can access. So keep all this work somewhere else other than your computer at work.

How to keep records then?

Investigation requires evidence. You don’t need to worry about keeping records because you can use manual ways of keeping a journal.

For Getting Your Boss Fired You Should Stay Organized
It’s A Major Detective Mission – How To Get Your Boss Fired?

Go to a store and buy a pen, paper, video camera, audio recorder, and a file.

Though you might not need a video camera as most of the offices have security cameras.

4. Place A Mini Camera In His Office – Collect Proofs

Document every little incident so you have solid proof of whatever happened in the past to get someone fired.

For writing down his behavior, you need a journal and a pen. Add date and time and then go with the incident that happened.

You can also collect some other pieces of evidence, such as receipts or records. Such permits will show your boss’s fraudulent activities if he is doing any.

Keep Records Of What He Is Doing - How To Get Your Boss Fired
Place A Mini Camera In His Office – Collect Proofs

For having picture evidence, place your video camera in his office. Please sit back and wait for him to do something illegal.

Yet, some countries’ law doesn’t approve a video that tapped against someone’s knowledge.

Yet, in some cases, such videos can support other evidence proving to be useful.

5. Act As If Everything Is Normal For Getting Your Boss Fired

For collecting shreds of evidence, you don’t need to bring a tripod stand and equipment with you.

Instead, go with an easier way to record, like using a smartphone or mini camera.

How To Get Your Boss Fired
Act As If Everything Is Normal For Getting Your Boss Fired

This era has made it easier to spy. Pull out your phone from your pocket and start recording.

But, if needed, you can write down the actions of your boss in a journal.

6. Team Up With A Credible Person – How To Get Your Boss Fired

You can’t walk on this path alone. So you have to find someone worthy of your trust.

Please include them in your plan and divide the tasks into two. Because one plus one equals eleven instead of two.

Think synergistically on this matter as it helps. For instance, if you have been the victim of some sexist jokes. Then someone else must have seen the same issue.

Confide them in your scheme to check if they experienced the same.

A Trustable Coworker Is Good To Work With
Team Up With A Credible Person – How To Get Your Boss Fired

How To Take Them In Your Trust? Well, you don’t need to yell it out all at once. Let others start and say what they got to face over time?

Ask yourself if you both are on the same boat? Does he feel the same way you do?

If the answers to these questions are positive, then proceed. Consider adding them to your plan.

7. Be In Your Best Version To Get Your Boss Fired

Looking for how to get your manager fired. While getting your boss fired, try not to forget your real mission. If you are letting all your time be invested in this spying operation.

Then stop right there!

Because it is deviating you from your path, so remember to be the best employee you can be.

And save yourself from getting blamed for anything. Because spying on such a boss is a dangerous game.

Perform The Best At Your Job
Be In Your Best Version To Get Your Boss Fired

He can throw dirt on you if he finds out what you are doing.

Don’t forget why you are getting paid. Always fulfill your commitments first.

8. Bring Your Shields And Armour With You

It’s a time-taking process while your boss is breaching the law. He isn’t going to leave the company any soon.

What do you need to do? You have to prepare yourself for the worst.

Because your boss may doubt you and you don’t know that. What if he finds out your plans?

Well, relax and don’t panic at all. The worst your boss can do is to cover the evidence or remove them at all.

Get Yourself Safe From Any Trouble
Bring Your Shields And Armour With You

Even a more worst scenario can be your boss trying to get you in trouble. He’ll try to come up with a story that shows you as the assailant.

So if your boss doesn’t get fired, consider saving your position first.

9. Clean Up The Dust From Your CV

We know that leaving a job at the peak of your career isn’t going to be easy anyhow.

But consider finding a new job as change brings happiness sometimes. You can look for the job listings for your position on the internet.

Looking For Other Jobs Is Good At This Point
Clean Up The Dust From Your CV

No one is forcing you to apply for these jobs. It’s suggested to lessen your stress at work.

Or if your luck is good enough, you might find a better option there.

10. Back Your Plea With A Solid Closure To Get Your Boss Fired

End the hustle by preparing professional documentation to support your claim.

Don’t be clumsy while handling your proofs to higher management. It’s doesn’t seem professional to give those small sticky notes to higher-ups.

So gather all those notes on a professional report and join it.

Present your pieces of evidence of video and audio in a folder.

A professional presentation leaves a positive impact on management. And management tends to take your matter thoughtfully.

11. Connect With The HR Team

Of course, you will have to meet HR to keep the matter in their account. Remember to mention the reason for meeting while you request HR.

Also, ask officials whether you can present the findings or not. Your matter must be confidential as per your company’s policy.

Present Your Case In Front Of HR
Connect With The HR Team

Detach yourself emotionally from this matter, as emotions can make the issue worse. So presenting this case as if it belongs to someone else would be more apt.

Stay professional during the meeting. Don’t call anyone by name, or don’t add nasty comments.

Instead of being calm and professional would help you more. Make sure that HR knows you have regard for them. Add a small thank you speech at the end.

12. See Who You’re Working Under – How To Get Your Boss Fired?

Small firms don’t contain an HR department. Working in one such firm, you’ll have to talk to the next best thing.

Most of the companies have top-level, middle-level, and first-level managers. And then they have staff working under them.

So in such a family-run business, the chances of getting a boss fired are less.

Going To Higher-ups Before You Go To The Manager Is Not Suitable
See Who You’re Working Under – How To Get Your Boss Fired?

But in such cases talking to a boss higher than your manager would be helpful.

You will have to stay cautious and make sure everything is confidential in smaller firms.

13. Get Yourself The Dialer For EEOC

If there is a hurdle in talking to your company about this problem, then you can contact EEOC. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions are federal organizations.

These are accountable for providing employment chances. They also deal with incidents of managerial abuse.

What do you need to do after contacting EEOC? First of all, file an assertion with the EEOC and present the reports you prepared.

Then EEOC will contact you themselves and inform you about further steps. Like filing a proper case against the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Getting Fired?

Some signs will clue you about your boss getting fired. These are increasing demotivation in employees. Your boss would be hoarding information and doesn't communicate at all. He is not willing to change himself and lacks flexibility.

Is It Better To Quit Or Get Fired?

Resigning is better for your reputation. Because it's your decision and not the management. But resigning has the disadvantage of losing the compensation of getting fired.

Can I Quit My Job Due To Stress?

Suppose the stress of your job is affecting your mental health. Then it would be alright to quit. If quitting is not an option, then you can ask management to give you fewer responsibilities. So you can take a break from work.

Why Do Good Employees Get Fired?

Even if employees are performing their best at the jobs, they get fired sometimes. The reason is that company decides to fire an employee. And companies can have any reason for firing an employee. They may not need your position, or your skills don't align with their needs.


Getting an ineffectual boss fired is hard to do the task. But if he is crossing lines, then it’s unbearable to survive the situation.

Yet, you’d have to stay calm in the whole scenario. Sit back and think with a clear mind.

Making records would be helpful. Abuses don’t happen overnight, so you’d have much time to record whatever is happening.

Setting your boss in the trap of his behavior would help you a lot. So lookout for the particular time when he is showing such action.

Finding the right person to share your experience with is necessary. But make sure your case is confidential.

Gossips make the situation worse, so avoid talking to everyone about what is going on.

Leave a comment and tell us, do you ever come across such a boss?

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