How To Get Your Boss Fired: 13 Ways To Collect Proof & Set Him Up

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Ever feel so frustrated with your boss that you wondered how to get your boss fired from workplace?

It happens to everyone! When a boss’s behavior becomes too much to handle, it can make work unbearable.

Key Takeaways

  • If they do anything they shouldn’t, that could get them fired, but be sneaky about it.
  • Collect proof if your boss yells at people or acts inappropriately, and see if anyone else agrees.
  • Take notes if your boss is racist or steals ideas. These are big problems!
  • Write down if your boss is mean or unfair. Proof is important!
  • Use a notebook, camera, or recorder to collect proof (check the law first!) secretly. This way, you can keep track of your boss’s bad behavior without breaking any rules.
  • Act normal. Don’t let your boss know you’re watching them.
  • Find a coworker who can help. Talk to someone you trust who has had similar problems.
  • Keep doing a good job. Don’t let this affect your work.
  • Be prepared for your boss to get back at you. Have your proof ready and protect yourself.
  • Organize your proof neatly for whoever you tell.
  • Talk to HR calmly and professionally. Follow the company rules about how to make a complaint.
  • Talk to a higher-up if there’s no HR. This might be harder in a family business.
  • If nothing works inside the company, contact a government agency that helps with workplace problems.

How To Get Your Boss Fired – What You Need To Do?

Your boss might be tough to fire, but you’re in luck! We can help you improve your work situation.

Here are some things you can try to get the boss fired.

1. Observe Him At A Close Step – How He Behaves

See what your boss does. Look for something serious he does wrong, not just something odd. Being weird isn’t a reason to fire someone.

Observe What Your Boss Do To Get Him Fired

Watch him carefully but secretly. Don’t let him know you’re looking for things to get him fired.

Look for a new job while you do this. That way, you’ll have a safety net if things go south.

2. Catch Him When He’s Yelling At Employees

Is your boss mean to other coworkers? That’s good news!

It’s difficult to fire someone based on just one complaint, but it’s different if many people have problems.

How To Get Your Boss Fired

Is your boss yelling a lot? Here are some other bad behaviors. If you see these, your boss might be in trouble!

  • Racist Jokes: Being called names or hearing offensive jokes about your race at work is wrong! It’s illegal, and your boss should be fired.
  • Idea Stealer: Your boss is an intellectual thief. That’s stealing! Bosses can steal ideas, not just things you can touch. Be careful!
  • Yelling Boss: It’s not okay for your boss to scold you for every mistake. A good boss would explain things calmly. You deserve respect at work!

Practicing Management In An Unfair Way

We can bet that you are so fed up with the favouritism at your company. There’s nothing to wonder about in this.

It’s common for such bosses to make favorite employees by snatching opportunities from others.

That’s the right time to get your boss fired because he is well-wishing only his pet.

3. It’s A Major Detective Mission

Be careful! No one should know you’re doing this or watch you. Keep it a secret, and don’t talk about it.

Your boss can see work stuff. Write everything down somewhere else, not on your work computer. You can keep a simple notebook.

For Getting Your Boss Fired You Should Stay Organized

You can grab a pen, paper, and a folder at the store. A recorder might be useful, too, but most offices already have security cameras.

4. Place A Mini Camera In His Office – Collect Proofs

Keep a written record of your boss’s mistakes.

In a notebook, write down the date, time, and what happened in the past to get someone fired.

You can also collect other proof, like receipts or work documents, if your coworker is doing something dishonest, like stealing.

Keep Records Of What He Is Doing - How To Get Your Boss Fired

Secretly recording someone with a video camera might be illegal.

But if it is legal, and you catch something bad on video, it can be very helpful evidence.

5. Act As If Everything Is Normal For Getting Your Boss Fired

Forget fancy gear! These days, you can record evidence using your phone or a small camera. There is no need for a big camera setup.

How To Get Your Boss Fired

It’s much easier to gather proof now. Just whip out your phone and hit record.

If that doesn’t work, you can always write things down in a notebook.

6. Team Up With A Credible Person – How To Get Your Boss Fired

You can’t do this by yourself. Find someone you can trust and tell them about your idea.

Working together is better than working alone. It’s like 1 plus 1 equals more than 2!

If something bothers you, like sexist jokes, someone else probably noticed, too. Talk to them and see if they feel the same way.

A Trustable Coworker Is Good To Work With

Don’t yell everything out at once. Let the other person share their experience.

Are you both on the same page? Do they see the problem you see?

If so, great! They might be a good person to join your plan.

7. Be In Your Best Version To Get Your Boss Fired

Spying on your boss is risky. They could get you in trouble if they find out.

Because it is deviating you from your path, so remember to be the best employee you can be.

And save yourself from getting blamed for anything.

Perform The Best At Your Job

Remember why you get a paycheck: to do your job well. Do your best work first, then worry about anything else.

8. Bring Your Shields And Armour With You

Your boss is breaching the rules, but it will take time to deal with it. He’s probably not going anywhere soon.

This might be scary. You might worry your boss will find out you’re trying to do something.

Get Yourself Safe From Any Trouble

But take a breath! The worst he can do is hide the evidence or make you look bad.#

9. Clean Up The Dust From Your CV

We know that leaving a job at the peak of your career isn’t easy anyhow.

But consider finding a new job as change brings happiness sometimes. You can look for the job listings for your position on the internet.

Looking For Other Jobs Is Good At This Point

No one is forcing you to apply for these jobs. It’s suggested to lessen your stress at work.

10. Back Your Plea With A Solid Closure To Get Your Boss Fired

Instead of scrambling, get organized! Make a professional document to back up your point.

Skip the sticky notes for your boss – they don’t look very official.

Put all your notes together in a neat report. Videos and recordings? Make a folder for them.

11. Connect With The HR Team

Let HR know you want to meet and briefly explain why.

Ask HR if discussing something confidential according to company policy is okay.

Present Your Case In Front Of HR

Try to approach the situation calmly and without getting upset. Presenting the issue like you’re telling someone else’s story is better.

12. See Who You’re Working Under – How To Get Your Boss Fired?

Smaller companies don’t have HR, so you’ll need to talk to someone else in charge.

Big companies have different levels of bosses, from top to bottom. Small businesses are more like family-run business, so it’s harder to get a boss fired.

Going To Higher-ups Before You Go To The Manager Is Not Suitable

The best thing to do is talk to a higher-up manager, but in a small company, it’s best to keep things quiet.

13. Get Yourself The Dialer For EEOC

If you’re having trouble talking to your company about a work issue, you can contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC helps with job opportunities and investigates unfair treatment at work, like manager abuse.

Here’s what to do:

  1. File a complaint with the EEOC. You can explain what happened.
  2. The EEOC will then contact you and discuss the next steps, including taking legal action against the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Getting Fired?

Some signs will clue you about your boss getting fired. These are increasing demotivation in employees. Your boss would be hoarding information and doesn't communicate at all. He is not willing to change himself and lacks flexibility.

Is It Better To Quit Or Get Fired?

Resigning is better for your reputation. Because it's your decision and not the management. But resigning has the disadvantage of losing the compensation of getting fired.

Can I Quit My Job Due To Stress?

Suppose the stress of your job is affecting your mental health. Then it would be alright to quit. If quitting is not an option, then you can ask management to give you fewer responsibilities. So you can take a break from work.

Why Do Good Employees Get Fired?

Even if employees are performing their best at the jobs, they get fired sometimes. The reason is that company decides to fire an employee. And companies can have any reason for firing an employee. They may not need your position, or your skills don't align with their needs.


It’s tough to get rid of a bad boss, but it can be hard to stay in the job if they’re mean or unfair.

Stay calm and think clearly about what’s happening. Record any bad behavior your boss shows. The more proof you have, the better.

Try to catch your boss acting badly. Then, find the right person with whom to share your experience. But make sure your case is confidential.

Gossips worsen the situation, so avoid talking to everyone about what is happening.

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