How To Deal With Backstabbing Boss At Work In 12 Ways

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Did you trust your boss, but he betrayed you? If yes, it is time to learn how to deal with a backstabbing boss at work.

In the disguise of a friend, a backstabbing boss damages your image in front of others. He is the worst kind of personality.

How To Deal With Backstabbing Boss At Work In 12 Ways

There can be many reasons why your boss betrays you but calls you a friend. We will narrow down twelve ways to deal with a backstabbing boss at work below:

1. Identify the behavior:

The first step in dealing with the backstabbing boss is identifying his behavior. We need to determine if the so-called “friend” is a backstabbing boss.

How To Deal With Backstabbing Boss At Work

Sometimes there can be differences in perceptions due to which he behaves like that. It is also difficult to point out that your boss is backstabbing you.

So the first thing to do is identify the behavior of your boss. If he has a habit of stabbing everyone in the back, you need to be careful about his moves.

These are some of the behaviors of a backstabbing boss:

– They take credit for your work

– They create conflicts out of nowhere for you

– Your boss talks about you behind your back

– They make you trust them behind betrays you

As we said, sometimes it is hard to identify the behavior of a backstabber. It is because your boss will always find an alibi or say that it was his duty.

However, you will never know the truth unless you start suspecting him.

2. Be Frank About Your Feelings:

Though it may not change anything, being honest about how you feel will help you. Being open to your emotions will guide you to take a stand for yourself.

Everyone has a set of boundaries and a level of tolerance. If someone does something to you, your feelings will tell you to take a stand.

Therefore, believe your instinct and do not doubt your emotions. We sometimes feel we are overthinking; our boss didn’t do that bad.

If you felt betrayed or hurt, acknowledge your feelings and do something about it.

3. Google Your Boss:

Figure out more information about your boss from others in the company or on the internet.

It would help if you asked them how long he has been working in the company. Ask your team where he came from before joining you.

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You can also search for him on Google and see what others post about him. If they are speaking against him, then there might be something fishy going on in your office too.

Check out how other people are tagging their posts when discussing their bosses. There are many online forums where employees give reviews on their bosses.

Identify whether others voted your boss as the best or the worst boss.

4. Document Everything/Collect Evidence:

You cannot act in the spur moment when you are angry or emotional. It would help if you documented everything that is happening at work.

If your boss talks wrong about you in front of others, take down names and record them. Keep a diary where you note his behavior towards you in detail.

However, please do not write anything against him with foul language. It will look like an argument if someone else reads it.

Moreover, keep track of his email and phone calls too. You can also record when he is talking to you. You will have all the information in writing and voice records when it comes to proof. 

5. Figure Out His Motives Against You:

Figure out what your boss is trying to achieve after backstabbing you. Uncovering the reason for your boss’s behavior is essential. There can be many reasons behind his actions, such as:

– Jealousy

– Insecurity

– Complex

– Hurting you

– Revenge

If you have been working in the company for a long time, there must be something that triggered your boss to act out.

It is possible that you did something terrible to him in the past, and he wants to avenge you. You have to figure out what you did wrong to make him take action against you.

The reason can be that he wants to fire you right away because you questioned him about his behavior. However, this can not be the case every time.

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It can be that your boss wants your promotion because of your excellent work. He couldn’t give it to someone younger than him or more qualified.

6. Prepare Yourself For The Battle:

Be ready for the battle and stick to your goals. There are many things to do to prepare yourself for the fight against your boss.

Firstly, you need to decide what you want from the situation. Do you want your boss to apologize to you or fire him?

You need to make a plan and work towards it. Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario such as:

– Losing your job

– Facing a temporary suspension

– Transfer to another department in the same company or another branch

Nothing can stop you from protecting yourself if you prepare yourself. Moreover, think about what job you are looking for next if it comes down to that. You have to get ready in case things go wrong.

8. Talk To Your Boss Right Away:

It is time to confront your boss and ask him what is going on in his mind. Once you have collected evidence against him, confront him directly with proof.

He should be straightforward with you. Knowing that he betrayed you will help you stand yourself next time around.

You can also ask whether he was acting to get something out of you, or did he have another agenda?

Now the key is to not burst into his office and start asking: “What the hell was that?” He might fire you right away if you yell at him like that.

However, if you go to him and with politeness ask him why he did what he did, he might give you an answer.

Moreover, please do not lose your confidence while talking to him. He did something terrible, so he is guilty; you are right to ask him why he treated you like that.

9. Talk To Human Resources:

If he does not give you a satisfactory answer or change his behavior towards you, talk to HR. Go to human resources and tell them what is going on.

Let them know everything from the start. Show them the proof and evidence that you collected. You can ask your coworkers who witnessed it all to testify against him.

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Let your boss know that you have had enough. However, prepare yourself for the worst case.

10. Stay Away From Him:

Do not contact your boss because he might hurt you. Once you identify his behavior, it is time to stay away from him. You need to avoid meeting with him or talking to him.

It will reduce the damage he does to you because you will be focusing on your work and not him.

11. Quit If Nothing Changes:

If nothing is changing even after talking to Human Resources, the last resort is to quit. Update your resume and start looking for another job.

Ask your friends to refer you or search for jobs on job portals. It is time to take care of yourself and come out of the toxic environment. 

12. Take Time Out For Yourself:

Take a break from that toxic environment and treat yourself to a good dinner with friends or family. Moreover, if necessary, go to a therapist.

You cannot work in an environment where your boss backstabs you or mistreats you. You deserve respect, and no one should humiliate you like that.

do not stay to deal with a backstabbing boss at work

Moreover, the person responsible for it has to pay for his actions. If you take the necessary precautions and act accordingly, you can get rid of someone like your boss.

Do not let him break your willpower. You fought for what you got in life, and it is time to fight against people like him.


It isn’t easy to deal with a backstabbing boss at work. You have to sacrifice your time and stand up for yourself.

You might face some obstacles, but it is worth fighting against evil like this. Once you prove that he was wrong, the satisfaction of winning will be immense.

No one should go through what you went through. However, it might be a good idea to stay and fight for your rights and dignity.

Start with identifying your boss’s behavior, then collect evidence against him. Likewise, talk to your coworkers and get information about them.

Also, document everything that your boss does so that you have proof when confronting him. After having all the necessary evidence, confront your boss.

Ask your boss why he backstabbed you and what his motive is. If nothing changes, even after talking to Human Resources, it is time to quit then. Find new jobs that are worth your talent.

We hope you don’t have to deal with such a boss, but if you do, here is a good guide on how to deal with him.

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