How To Survive A Sociopath Boss – 14 Survival Tips

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Is your boss a sociopath? We feel sorry for you. We will help you learn how to survive a sociopath boss.

It is not a light topic. Know that a sociopath boss is not only difficult to work with but potentially dangerous.

How To Survive A Sociopath Boss – 14 Survival Tips

Sociopaths are everywhere, from the streets to the workplace. And if you meet one in your place of work, it can be especially detrimental.

The common image of a sociopath is a serial killer or a violent criminal. However, that isn’t always the case. Many people exhibit sociopathic traits in their day-to-day lives.

Though they are not criminals or murderers, they still do untold damage to those around them.

Sociopaths can be in your workplace too! Below are the ways to survive a sociopath boss:

1. Know The Signs Of A Sociopath

Yes, your boss is a sociopath. How do you know? Because so many people are suffering from someone who exhibits certain traits.

how to survive a sociopath boss

Some specific actions and behaviors represent sociopathy in the workplace. Following are warning signs:

Lack of empathy or remorse

– Insincerity

– Cruelty

– Inability to feel guilty

– Rage when things do not go their way

– Their manipulation and deceit

– Lack of impulse control

– Lying behavior

Stealing behavior

– Glibnessness

– Superficial charm

– Grandiosity

You may wonder if a sociopath hired you. If it is your boss, then yes, you are in trouble. It is important to realize the signs and know when to take action.

Therefore, a sociopath boss is dangerous; do not take these symptoms lightly. Immediately take remedies against such a boss.

2. How To Survive A Sociopath Boss – Set Boundaries:

Whenever dealing with a difficult person, set boundaries. Let them know what type of behavior you will tolerate and what not.

Likewise, tell your boss what makes you comfortable and what you won’t take at all costs. For example, if your boss yells at you.

Speak up and tell him that he should be respectful. Likewise, if your boss harasses you, speak up.

Let every difficult personality at the workplace know that they can’t cross limits. It is time to speak up for yourself and stand up for yourself.

3. Stay Calm And Collected When Dealing With Such A Boss:

A sociopath boss will try to provoke you into the emotional response to manipulate you. Don’t take the bait. Stay calm and collected when dealing with a sociopath boss.

Do not let your emotions take over you. No matter how much they try to intimidate you, keep calm. Stay calm if your boss tries to irritate you or raise your anger levels.

strong individuals

Such bosses get power from your reaction and can use it against you. Therefore, the best way to deal with them is not to give them any response.

Your calm attitude will be a demotivating factor for him. However, we are not asking you to stay quiet.

But as they say: “Do not stoop to the level of someone who is behaving cheaply.”

4. Do Not Engage In Gossip Or Call Them Out On Their Behavior:

Don’t be that employee. Do not gossip about a sociopath boss. Your words will come back to haunt you if they get back to your boss.

Moreover, do not try to call your boss on their behavior. Because losing control and impulse behavior will cause you more damage than good.

Take proper ways to control this situation. But gossiping or calling them out is not the appropriate way. It would help if you had the support of your colleagues.

For that, you should have credibility. Otherwise, they won’t believe you. For credibility, you have to stay away from cheap tactics.

5. How To Survive A Sociopath Boss – Don’t Take Everything Personally:

A sociopath is a sick person. He needs therapy. Whatever he says or does is due to his mental illness. Thus do not take anything that your sociopath boss says personally.

It will damage your self-respect and confidence. If you lose your faith, you won’t win the situation.

Stay away from the drama and focus on your work. Please do not get too involved in his tactics and ways.

6. How To Survive A Sociopath Boss – Avoid Contact With Him:

Do your best to avoid contact with your sociopath boss. Keep your distance from them at all times. No one likes a sociopath boss.

suffering difficult people (1)

They can be so toxic and detrimental to the workplace that they can pose a danger to employees. Such bosses are manipulative, dishonest, and insincere.

They have no moral or ethical compass and will go to great lengths to get what they want.

The best way to avoid contact with a sociopath’s boss is to be aware of their common traits. Moreover, know how they operate and what you can do to stay safe.

7. How To Survive A Sociopath Boss – Be Ready For The Worst:

You know what your sociopath boss has in store for you. Therefore, prepare yourself to face the worst. Do not let him catch you off-guard. They have already crossed the line.

Please do not do anything to raise their suspicion that you are planning to get out of the situation. They are very dangerous individuals who put their grave motives before others’ lives.

Please do not do anything to trigger their reaction or provoke them. It could be something as trivial as not smiling at them or refusing their demands.

You can’t predict what type of behavior you will face when dealing with a sociopath boss. But prepare yourself for every worst-case scenario.

Do not let your guard down. It can cost you time, energy, and even illness.

8. Make Good Relations With Your Coworkers:

If you have a good relationship with someone in the company, stay close to them. Maintain a good bond with your coworkers. They can help protect you from this sociopath boss.

They can be your witnesses as well when the situation is intense. Moreover, they can emotionally support you in times of stress and tension.

9. How To Survive A Sociopath Boss – Document Everything:

Document everything, including instances of verbal abuse or sexual harassment. Talk to the witnesses and ask them to testify.


Moreover, gather proof of your boss’s outrageous behavior. It will help you a lot when you take the matter to HR.

10. Know Your Rights As An Employee:

You should know your rights as an employee. You can ask HR to show you rules and regulations and handle misconduct.

Moreover, contact a lawyer to understand your legal rights. Research the internet and find what actions you can take against dangerous bosses. Asking your seniors can also help.

11. File A Complaint And Talk To HR:

If your boss’s behavior is out of the line, it is time to go to HR. Prepare your case and bring pieces of evidence and witnesses.

File a complaint against your boss and let HR know that he is dangerous for all employees. It would help if you had a solid case against your boss to get HR to listen to you. Confirm it with documents.

12 Quit The Job If The Situation Doesn’t Change:

If the situation doesn’t change even after contacting HR, it is time to quit. Because no matter how handsome the salary is, your life and mental health are more important.

Update your resume, search for new jobs and give resignation. Meanwhile, please DO NOT contact your sociopath boss. They can try to harm you since you went to HR against them.

Protect yourself; you can ask your HR to either suspend the boss or give you some days off to be safe.

We believe HRs should immediately fire such bosses who threaten the workplace. And while hiring, HRs should do a personality test to determine what sort of persons are applying.

13. Get Therapy After Surviving A Sociopath Boss:

Your boss’s behavior is a manifestation of their personality disorder. You may try to convince them to get help, but they won’t listen. It will help if you protect yourself first.

After dealing with him and surviving, it is time to get professional help. You should go to a therapist and do exercises to motivate yourself and bring to normal life.

therapy after surviving a sociopath boss

Start a new life with a new job and work hard to succeed. Firstly, when you start fresh, remember to set boundaries in the new workplace.

Secondly, try to understand their system as soon as possible. Make sure you don’t have any more sociopaths there.

Final Words:

Sociopath bosses are dangerous for employees. They have no moral boundaries, and they will stop at nothing to get their way.

If you work with a sociopath boss, protect yourself from this dangerous individual. Know the symptoms of sociopathy and get ready to deal with it.

You should first know your rights as an employee. Then it would help if you prepared for the worst-case scenario. Gather enough proof to go to HR.

Moreover, get help from your colleagues and coworkers. However, if the situation doesn’t change, quit the job. After surviving a sociopath boss, seek therapy to get to normal life.

In conclusion, we hope you never get to deal with a sociopath boss, but if you do, we hope you survive it.

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