15 Best Jobs For People With OCD In 2024 – 8 Jobs To Avoid

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Not all jobs are a good fit for everyone with OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder).

People with OCD like things just right and enjoy working by themselves, but not in a way that makes them sad.

Key Takeaways

  • Good Jobs for OCD: Some careers are well-suited to OCD. These jobs involve close attention to detail and often allow you to work alone.
  • What Makes a Good Job for OCD: OCD-friendly jobs usually have clear rules, need carefulness, and let you manage your work.
  • Why they are good: These jobs use the strengths of people with OCD, like attention to detail, routine, and less talking with others.
  • Jobs to avoid: Some jobs, like customer service, sales, childcare, and nursing, require much talking with others and can be stressful for OCD.
  • Tips for work: To manage OCD, listen to calming music and keep your workspace organized and clean.

15 Jobs For People With OCD

People with OCD often like jobs with clear rules and where they can check their work carefully. This can help them feel good about what they’ve done.

People with OCD might find jobs with less mess or germs easier. These jobs can be a good fit because they don’t trigger OCD worries.

For some great career options for OCD sufferers, read on!

1. Web Designer Or Web Developer

If writing is not your thing, but you love to work for yourself, then be a web designer.

Websites are becoming more important all the time!

New businesses need a web developer to build their websites. They use special tools to create websites based on the business’s needs.

Do you like the design? If so, you could be a web designer. Web designers choose the colors, pictures, and layout of the website.

Web Designing Allows To Have Flexible Schedules

Many web developers work for themselves, choosing their hours. This can be less stressful and give you more free time.

2. Online Instructor – Jobs For People With OCD

If you have OCD and you’re good at teaching something, then being an online instructor might be the best career fit for you!

You can choose how many classes you want to teach as an online teacher, depending on what you know best.

The best part is you can work from home, which can be helpful if you have OCD. This makes online teaching a great career choice for many people with OCD.

3. Proofreader Is A Good Job For People With OCD

Many people with OCD like jobs like writing and checking writing (proofreading).

These jobs are good because you can often:

  • Choose your own work hours
  • Work from home

This means the job can fit your needs.

Jobs For People With OCD

Proofreading means checking writing carefully for mistakes and fixing them yourself.

It’s a good thing that people with OCD are often good at this.

4. The Job Of A Medical Coder

As a medical coder, you would manage health information data and ensure that medical records are complete and accurate.

It’s used to maintain the histories and records of patients in hospitals.

It’s a good fit for people with OCD because they can work from home. The detail-oriented and repetitive nature of this job adds to its appeal.

5. Artists – Jobs For People With OCD

Making art can be a great way for people with OCD to express themselves. If you’re good at it, you could even sell your work!

There are many art forms to try, such as taking photos, painting, or sculpting. Pick the one you enjoy most.

OCD Personalities Can Demonstrate Their Thoughts Through Art

This way, you can do something you love and make some money. Plus, art is good for your mental health! Maybe your artwork will even inspire others who struggle with OCD.

It’s like a double win: you express yourself and help others.

6. The Job Of Housekeeping

People with OCD have a crazy obsession with cleanliness and tidiness, so housekeeping is a perfect fit for them.

The job involves cleaning the house to keep it germ-free. You might also water plants, change bed sheets, and perform other tasks.

Housekeepers should be very thorough in their cleaning. Keeping things clean and tidy is a great job for people who like things just right!

7. Photography Is A Good Job For People Having OCD

More people are taking pictures these days, thanks to social media!

You might enjoy photography if you have OCD. You can take cool pictures with your camera.

Jobs For People With OCD

Being a photographer can also be good for shyness. You can work outside in peace, away from crowds.

8. Jobs For OCD People – Accounting And Bookkeeping

Accountants like working with numbers and following rules. This is their main job.

If you like things organized and pay close attention to detail, you might enjoy accounting.

It can be a good fit for some people with OCD. However, not everyone with OCD likes accounting.

It’s important to consider what you enjoy before choosing a career.

9. Travel Agent

Being a travel agent sounds easy, but it’s tricky with many details.

Learning about places, flights, food, hotels, photos, and more can be overwhelming, but an OCD personality can do it.

Travelling Involves Minute Details And Attention

Planning trips involves many small things that need to be just right. Mistakes can mess things up, so paying close attention is key.

On top of that, you need to know all the travel rules to ensure everything goes smoothly.

10. The Job Of A Social Media Consultant

As a media consultant, offer your services to businesses to develop their online presence.

You’ll have to create campaigns to sell a product or service online. You can do this through blogs, forums, videos, and other social media marketing methods.

The work involves dealing with different projects at the same time. It’s a good thing for someone with OCD.

They can better check that things are on track while managing the side of the campaign by the side.

11. Transcriber – Jobs For People With OCD

A transcriber listens to recordings and types out what’s said.

Some transcribers listen to medical recordings or legal hearings, so they need to know those terms.

Transcription Is A Good Job For People Having OCD

But you can also transcribe videos for subtitles or work as a freelancer.

This job is great for people who like things organized and interesting, and it can even help you focus and feel better if you have OCD.

12. Work As A Quality Control Inspector

Being a quality control expert, you’ll examine the products after manufacturing them.

You need to check if there are any errors or manufacturing mistakes in a product or not.

The highly repetitive nature of this job makes it a good fit for people with OCD. You’ll also have to be detail-oriented.

13. Loader Or Packer

You pack boxes to ship products. Make sure the boxes are neat and nothing’s broken.

Weigh the boxes and put labels on them. Check everything one last time before they go out.

Jobs For People With OCD

Packers also keep track of stuff they pack, like materials, products, and shipments.

This job is great for people with OCD because it’s the same routine every day.

14. A Career In Military

Going to the military is a good career option for perfectionists with OCD.

Adherence to rules and following regulations are requirements of a military job.

A person with OCD has all these along with good work ethics. Cleanliness, tidiness, and job perfection perfectly match military and OCD.

15. Be A Life Coach – Jobs For People With OCD

A person can easily become a life coach after conquering a serious disorder like OCD.

So you can positively use your controlling nature for the betterment of people.

Be A Life Coach And Help Other People With OCD

People also look up to those who have had challenging lives, so you should consider being a life coach.

8 Jobs For People With OCD To Avoid

Since people with OCD are sensitive, they should avoid going into certain industries.

– Customer service representative

– Flight Attendant

– Sales representative

– Taxi Driver

People Having OCD Should Clearly Avoid These Jobs

– Food server

– Cashier

– Childcare provider

– Nurse or care provider

These jobs demand the person be highly active and socially visible. The requirement of interacting with people makes it a bad option for OCD sufferers.

It’s best to look for more relaxed jobs that allow you to work at your own pace.

5 Tips To Make It Through The Day

Work can be tough, especially with OCD.

Here’s the deal: try your best to block out bad thoughts while you’re working.

Some Tips Can Help You To Survive The Day When You Have OCD

See the following tips to get through the day, whether you’re at home or work.

  1. Music for Focus: Play calming music to block out distracting thoughts and help you concentrate on work.
  2. Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind: Keep your workspace clear of clutter to constantly avoid the urge to clean.
  3. Germ Buster: Keep hand sanitizer at your desk to feel clean and prevent germs.
  4. Lunchtime Recharge: Take a break at lunch to relax and meditate for a calmer mind.
  5. Talk it Out: Share how you feel with a trusted coworker for support when things get tough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work with OCD?

It's your right as a citizen to choose whether you want to disclose your condition to your employer or not. OCD is a disability, and if a person chooses to work, the employer should make adjustments for it.

Can OCD get considered a disability?

If symptoms of OCD disturb social behavior and cognitive abilities, it's a disability. It qualifies for disability benefits when you're unable to do your job.

Can OCD stop you from getting a job?

Laws protect your right to get a job despite your medical conditions. And an employer can not discriminate based on medical conditions. You'll get the job if you otherwise qualify for the job. OCD can't stop you from getting a job.

What should you not say to someone with OCD?

Avoid saying something that can offend a person with OCD. Like you shouldn't mention to that person that you suffered from OCD too. You are irrational or it is all in your head are other things you should avoid saying.


It’s draining to suffer from OCD as it disturbs the quality of life. If you have OCD and are not sure what to do, there are several jobs for people with OCD.

Only a few of these jobs require certain skills and education. At the same time, the rest are based on passion and are more flexible.

Carefully read these jobs and pick the one that goes with your interests and skills. So don’t get worried that your illness won’t let you get a job.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

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