How To Get Over A Coworker – 15 Brilliant Tips

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Perhaps the most common workplace issue is dealing with a work crush. We will help you learn how to get over a coworker.

If you have never experienced a work crush before, consider yourself lucky because it gets very hard to get over such a crush.

How To Get Over A Coworker – 15 Brilliant Tips

Maybe you realized that you have a work crush on someone at your job. Or maybe you’ve been putting off the fact that you do.

Whichever it is now, we’re going to tell you how to get over a coworker:

1. Start By Understanding:

It will help if you understand that you likely won’t get them to like you back. The reality is that most people will not share the same feelings you do.

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So let’s get that out of the way first thing. Acknowledge your feelings and move on. You should know that the only person you can control in this situation is yourself.

You can’t go around trying to make them fall for you if they aren’t going to. So instead of wasting your time on that, why not work on moving on?

2. How To Get Over A Coworker – Don’t Be Creepy:

You might not want to admit it, but you’ve already crossed some boundaries at your place of work with this person. You may have even done it on more than one occasion.

But if you want to get over them, you need to stop harassing them and keep things professional between you two.

If they can’t handle being around you anymore, then so be it. They don’t deserve the stress or the grief you’re trying to put them through.

It’s also possible that their friend-zoned you because they like someone else. Or even because they’re homophobic (more on that in a second).

3. Take Some Time Away:

Take a few days away from the person you have a work crush on, if possible. Visit a friend or take a weekend trip somewhere.

The more you avoid them, the less you feel attached to them. Also, the more likely it is that feelings will fade.

You can’t spend all your time obsessing over them if you want to get over them. So, try taking some time away from the situation instead of letting it hang around in your head.

4. Don’t Be Homophobic:

If this person is not into guys or girls, there’s a good chance they didn’t feel the same way about you either. And while that may hurt because you liked them.

It shouldn’t be an excuse for how you treat them when they’re around now. They’re not interested in guys and don’t like girls much either (if at all).

How To Get Over A Coworker

Regardless of their preferences, though, you should never use that as an excuse to act out or become jealous or resentful towards them.

You can’t blame everything on them not liking what you like. If you do, it turns into an unhealthy way of looking at things.

It will likely push this person away from you even more. Don’t let yourself stoop down to their level or lower because they don’t feel the same way about you as you do them.

5. How To Get Over A Coworker – Accept That It Was Never Going To Work Out:

If you still can’t stop thinking about them after taking a few days away, then ask yourself why that is? Why are they consuming so much of your time?

You should know that nothing was going to happen between the two of you. They were not someone you could go on a date with.

They weren’t interested in dating right now. Also, they didn’t want a relationship with somebody who wasn’t even one of their friends.

6. Be Honest:

If you’re still having a hard time letting go of this person and the feelings, then you should be honest with them.

Tell them how you feel instead of keeping it inside to torture yourself. It’s not fair to either of you if you don’t tell them what they mean to you.

One day they might realize how much their inability to like you caused you pain. It isn’t their responsibility to make sure your feelings are happy or sad when they can’t return them.

So, take some time and figure out what it is that’s holding back your ability to let go and move on.

7. Put Yourself Out There:

Maybe you keep going back to this person because you think they want a relationship with you. And while that’s not always a bad thing, it can be if the only place they want to go is nowhere at all.

If that’s what is going on in your head, why not look for other people? Put yourself out there and start talking to new people.

Don’t spend time with someone interested in being with you. It would help if you focused on yourself and getting over them.

Stop wasting any energy hoping for something better. Besides, one day they’ll realize what a great person you are and come around once again, but not.

8. How To Get Over A Coworker – Cut Them Out Of Your Life:

If nothing works and you can’t get over this person, it might be best to cut them out of your life completely.

If they only want to spend time with you when it’s convenient for them, then why keep wasting your own time?

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You deserve better than that! This person isn’t interested in becoming friends or more than you. Give yourself a chance at happiness by freeing up some space on your calendar.

Maybe somebody new will come along who would like to date you and even connect on a deeper level.

9. Don’t Try To Break Them Up:

This person might not feel the same way about you as you do. That doesn’t mean this other person won’t date you either.

Everyone has a type and a list of qualities they’re looking for in a partner. If this person isn’t on their radar, then don’t try to break them up so things will change around your crush.

That’s not fair to anyone involved. It can backfire because if they were meant to date, they would have at some point already!

It’s time to let go and accept that this wasn’t ever going to happen, no matter how much you wanted it to.

10. How To Get Over A Coworker – Stay Positive:

Remember that there is plenty of other fish in the sea. There are plenty of people who will appreciate everything about you.

If this person wasn’t willing to do that, it’s time to let them go. Move onto somebody who is looking for your same love language.

Don’t keep focusing on what could have been. Don’t think of somebody who would rather cut out something so important from their life than give it a try.

It doesn’t matter if they never come back around. All you can do is sit there waiting while holding on to hope when hope no longer has any place in your grasp! You deserve better than that.

11. Move On:

Please don’t allow anyone else to have power over how you feel unless you are dating them too. Otherwise, you need to look at the coworker as a regular person and not somebody special.

If they don’t see what makes you such an amazing catch, then that’s their loss. It is not something that reflects on your character.

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Slowly but surely, the pain is going to fade away. Please don’t dwell on it or try to hold onto somebody who has no interest in being with you.

Take some time for yourself and do things outside of this toxic relationship. In this way, you can figure out how to move forward again.

12. How To Get Over A Coworker – Keep Your Distance:

If you’re friends, then it’s best to keep your distance. You’ve done all that you can do, and now it’s time to allow this personal space.

One day they might come back around. Their feelings for you might not go away. However, if they don’t want to be with you, why should you put yourself through the agony of seeing them?

It’s not fair or healthy, so take some time off from this friendship and allow yourself to move on instead. If the connection is still there, then it’ll mean something positive has happened.

13. Get Out Of Their Life:

There are many signs which show that somebody isn’t interested in being with us:

– Staying in their life

– Trying to break them up

– Holding onto hope as they do whatever makes you think that they ever will be interested. If someone doesn’t want to try this with you, it’s best if they disappear from your life completely.

In this way, you can begin focusing on somebody new. Stop wasting your time if they show all the signs that they are not looking for anything serious.

Find somebody who wants the same thing as you do instead of trying to force your dreams into their reality!

14. Stop Dreaming:

It is okay to dream about getting back together one day, but there needs to come to a point where those dreams fade away.

When an ex-lover has moved on, they show no interest in getting back together. If they don’t care about your life, there is nothing left to dream about.

It would help if you stopped dreaming. If they did come around one day, you can guarantee it would be at the worst possible time for them, so don’t bank on it!

If you can get yourself into that place where you’re no longer dreaming, it will help bring your spirits back up.

15. It Wasn’t For You:

Because this person wasn’t ready for a relationship with you didn’t mean that nobody would be. Sometimes we get stuck trying to make things work with somebody who doesn’t want to.


Meanwhile, we miss out on somebody who was meant for us. You can never be sure if the right person wasn’t ready.

If this wrong one knew they didn’t want you, so there’s nothing negative about it either way. It means that you need to give yourself some time off from relationships.

You don’t jump into anything and end up with someone new who is not ready whatsoever!


So how do you get over a coworker who is not into you? You accept that it was never going to work out and move on with your life.

Forgetting them should be easier than remembering every single detail about them. Try making it work like that instead.

Nothing stops you from asking somebody else out or trying to date online.

Stop wasting your time getting hung up on someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. Focus all of your attention on moving forward.

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