12 Signs Your Boss Thinks You’re Hot – Should You Date?

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Are you getting mentioned in funny memes by your boss? Does your boss compliment the way you dress up? Well, these are the signs your boss thinks you’re hot.

Wait, there’s nothing to get worried about. Even if you don’t want to date your boss back, you can still cherish the fact that you’re hot. Cheers!

12 Tempting Signs Your Boss Thinks You’re Hot

A boss will always compliment that girl in the office whom he thinks can be a good option for dating. Good looks, a great sense of humor, and a nice way to dress up make you even hotter at work.

And your boss can’t resist your hotness. Though he doesn’t ask you for a coffee together, you can still guess his thoughts through some signs.

So let’s take a look at signs your boss thinks you’re hot and what to do if your boss flirts with you.

1. The Boss Compliments Your Fashion Sense:

Bosses compliment those employees whom they like more than a working relationship. If your boss compliments you more frequently than he does to others, then he finds you hot.

You Get Compliments For The Way You Dress Up
The Boss Compliments Your Fashion Sense

Also, he likes the way you dress up because that’s what makes you even hotter.

So when your boss says, “you look pretty today,” he actually means you look so hot today. Isn’t it a clear sign your boss thinks you’re hot? Of course, it is!

2. He Goes Out Of The Way To Help You:

Consider, for example, your boss is too strict about his rules and never helps anyone if he thinks it’s wrong. But at the same time, he gives you favors and does things for you by going out of his way.

The Boss Helps You By Hook Or By Crook
He Goes Out Of The Way To Help You

Then this is a sign your boss got attracted to your hotness. He can’t say No to you even if you ask for a big favor.

He’ll always be there to help you and stays by your side to make sure everything’s fine for you.

3. Makes You Stay Late At Work – Signs Your Boss Thinks You’re Hot:

The boss not only makes you stay late at work but also schedules private meetings with you. If there are many such meetings and these run until late at night, your boss is trying to be near you.

If you’re uncomfortable with such actions but still attend the meetings for the sake of the job, it’s not good.

The boss is trying to have more than a working relationship with you, and you know it through this sign.

4. He Often Offers You A Lift Back Home:

Your boss finds you attractive if he looks for excuses to be near you. He might ask to drop you on his way back home and have a chit-chat with you all the way.

Signs Your Boss Thinks Youre Hot
He Often Offers You A Lift Back Home

Well, it’s not a bad idea, if your boss isn’t crossing any limits, you should accept such short trips together.

He asks you about your personal life along the way and looks at you multiple times. If such lifts are offered quite often, then it’s a sign your boss thinks you’re hot.

5. You Find Meaningful Presents On Your Desk:

If your boss thinks you’re hot, he’ll send small, cute, yet meaningful gifts your way. It might be his way of asking you out for a date.

The boss might be shy to give you these gifts by himself, so he places them on your desk every morning before you come.

The Boss Loves To Give You Small Presents
You Find Meaningful Presents On Your Desk

He likes the smile on your face after you see these gifts and wants to see you fresh and happy at work.

It’s a strong sign your boss thinks you’re hot if he tries to cheer you up by presenting some gifts.

6. The Boss Passes Double-Meaning Comments:

Your boss’s jokes always have some hidden meaning behind, it’s obvious from his smile.

You Get To Understand The Meaning Behind His Jokes
The Boss Passes Double-Meaning Comments

For instance, your boss appreciates you for your good performance and says you look fresh today. He’s trying to cover up his later comment by the first one.

Yet, there’s always an option to confront your boss and tell him to stop this if you’re uncomfortable.

7. He Stares At You Helplessly – Signs Your Boss Thinks You’re Hot:

Your beauty makes him go crazy! The boss tries to glance over at you from time to time casually. But every time he sees you, he forgets to stop staring at you. That’s an obvious sign of an attracted boss.

Also, the boss admires the way you look and smile at you every time you make eye contact with him.

If you’re staring at your boss and he looks back at you, he becomes too nervous to say Hi back. And there’s an awkward smile between you two.

8. The Boss Tries To Give You Different Clues:

Your boss is a different personality when he’s around you, and it’s quite observable. If he’s giving you different clues like smiling when seeing you, touching your hand, then it’s a sign he likes you.

Signs Your Boss Thinks Youre Hot
The Boss Tries To Give You Different Clues

Also, your boss tries to be near you so he can help you to make sure that he has a crush on you.

He’s so happy to talk to you, and you can tell by seeing his face that he has butterflies in his stomach.

9. Your Coworkers Mock You Without Reason:

Your boss likes you, and everyone at work knows this, so your coworkers meaningfully look at you.

When your coworkers smirk at you as if you got these perks because of favoritism, there’s something wrong.

The Coworkers Often Tease You With His Name
Your Coworkers Mock You Without Reason

They know about the boss’s actions, and even if you’re not into your boss, you’ll face such mocking comments.

10. The Boss Gets Cheered Up By Your Presence:

You suddenly brighten up your boss’s life the moment you enter the office. He’s staring at you with a smile on his face and loves to have you around.

If your boss is more than happy and you can see it on his face, then it’s a sign he thinks you’re hot.

On his gloomy days, you’re a reason to add up colors to his life, and he’s so cheered up by your presence.

11. Sends You Funny Memes – Signs Your Boss Thinks You’re Hot:

If a person likes you, he’ll try to impress you through his humor. So is the case with your boss, who sends you funny memes and loves to make you laugh.

The Boss Tries To Make You Laugh
Sends You Funny Memes – Signs Your Boss Thinks Youre Hot

If you’re the only one from your office who receives such memes from your boss, then it’s a sign. Your boss thinks you’re hot and wants to initiate contact outside of the workplace.

So he purposely sends you these memes to have a small talk with you over messages.

12. The Boss Tries To Touch You Often:

Touching you often and making it look like an accidental one is a strong sign your boss thinks you’re hot.

It’s one of the most used ways to attract someone towards yourself when you physically touch them.

When your boss playfully teases you or picks on you, it also leads to his likeliness for you.

Sometimes, he might pat you on the back as admiration for a good job or for giving you confidence. Well, these reasons are just to cover up the emotions.

What You Should Do When Your Boss Flirts – 4 Easy Tips

If your boss finds you hot and attractive, that’s not your skill; you’re just blessed with good looks.

So don’t cash your attractiveness for personal benefits. It’s easier to fall into such traps, but here’s what you should do instead.

1. Don’t Depend On Your Looks:

Even if you’re hot, you shouldn’t rely only on your looks as they won’t last and bring no value. You should never ever think of flirting back with your boss just because you can get a promotion this way.

Focus On Improving Your Skills As An Employee
Dont Depend On Your Looks

It’s the wrong way of getting success. Also, you’d be unfair to those who deserve the position.

You’ll manipulate not only your boss’s feelings but also the workplace rules.

2. Avoid Accepting Perks Other Than Merit:

Your boss might try to attract you towards himself by offering you different perks and benefits. As mentioned before, you shouldn’t accept anything such as this; it’d be a violation of merit and rules.

If you’re offered any such perks, you can politely refuse to take these and get away with a smile. No doubt, your job would be in danger but being fair is more important.

3. Develop Real-Time Skills:

If you think your boss is going to put you in trouble for your refusal, you should start working on your skills. Be so good at your job that no one can purposely snatch it away from you.

Signs Your Boss Thinks Youre Hot
Develop Real-Time Skills

Through developing true skills, you’ll also be open to more and better opportunities. So even if you lose this job, you’ll be in a position to look for new ones.

4. Don’t Compromise Your Credibility:

An employee who favors the boss and is close to him is considered a product of favoritism. If you start dating your boss for getting benefits at work, your coworkers won’t respect you.

It could cost you your credibility if you choose the wrong ways. Also, your boss might start thinking of you like a hot chic instead of a competent employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Bosses Compliment Your Looks?

If your boss compliments your looks, your fashion sense, and your personality as a whole, he likes you. These compliments can also be a sign that your boss has a serious crush on you and wants to date you.

How Do You Know If Your Boss Respects You?

Your boss surely respects you if he asks for your opinion more than he does to others. Also, your ideas matter to him. He thinks you have a creative spirit and you should insert it to enhance the company's performance.

Is It Okay To Flirt With Your Boss?

Flirting with your boss can be a bit dangerous at times, as it's a working relationship and your job can be in threat. If your boss isn't okay with your flirting behavior, you should stop it immediately. Look for a sign if they're disinterested in you.

How Can I Attract My Boss?

You can attract your boss by turning your compliments into flattering questions. Become a good spy and stalk her on social media to see her interests. Present your personality as the best and be a self-promoter before your boss.


Your instinct will be enough to tell that these signs direct your boss’s feelings for you.

It depends on what you want to do next, but be cautious in whatever you do as it’s a working relationship, after all.

If you’re uncomfortable with your boss’s actions, or if he tries to cross the line, you can report it to HR. But before that, you should directly talk to your boss and ask him to stop this behavior.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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