My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – 7 Steps

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Harassment at the workplace is the worst trauma. Are you in a dilemma thinking my boss is harassing me what do I do? We will present a complete guide.

Employees have many rights. If someone violates them, they should get the punishment.

My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – Step By Step Guide

Firstly, you should be aware of what harassment is. According to the legal definition:

“Any behavior, insults, threatens, or scares you at the workplace.”

It can be in the form of words, gestures, and statements.

Secondly, if your boss harasses you, you have to take action. Follow the guide below:

1. Keep A Record:

One of the most important things you have to do is keep a record. It means you should keep written documents as well as audio recordings.

my boss harasses me, what do i do

If your boss rejects any statement or statement, you can use these as proof. Evidence is also necessary to take your case to a lawyer.

A record also helps in avoiding any discrepancies in your claims. A written form is essential because it helps take your case to court.

2. My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – Speak Up About It

It would help if you were brave enough to speak up for yourself. Inform your boss that his behavior affects your performance or degrades your self-esteem.

You can also offer him help or suggest he take counseling.

However, keep in mind that you should not shift the blame on your boss. Only talk about yourself and how his behavior affects you.

It is his responsibility to stop harassing you. Remember, do not make it sound like an accusation.

You should also mention who is willing to support you if needed. It will force your boss to think twice before doing anything in the future.

However, if his behavior doesn’t change, go back to filing a case.

3. My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – Make A Case:

Harassment at the workplace is a criminal offense. You have the right to take it before the police or legal service commission.

However, many employees are unaware of this fact. If you don’t know where to go, contact a labor organization for help. They will guide you to the correct legal service.

bystanders are worse

However, the more important thing is that you should be ready to talk to your boss before making a case. If you do so, there are chances of solving the matter.

4. Mention All The Details

It is the time to mention everything that harassment contains, like:

– Rude gestures

– Threatening words

– Physical assault (if any)

It would help if you also mentioned witnesses at the scene. If there was no witness, make sure you don’t leave any proof behind.

Remember, you should mention all the accurate details. If you miss even one word, then it will affect your case.

5. Report To HR:

After you write and record everything, the next step is to report to HR.

It would help if you were very careful when making a complaint. There are many cases where people get termination even if they had no wrong intention.

HR will act as a third party and investigate the issue. Moreover, get the facts right. If you lie, it will be difficult for them to work on your case.

After you make a report to HR, they will investigate. It would be better for you if your boss knew about the complaint beforehand.

6. My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – Issue A Complain:

After HR completes their investigation, they will give you a complaint about your boss. The severity of the case will determine the type of complaint.

You must file this complaint to proper authorities for workplace harassment.

standard conditions

Only employees don’t need to face harassment. Sometimes, the people who work as subcontractors or freelancers face this issue.

7. Legal Action:

If your company doesn’t do much, you can file a legal case against them at your district court.

The district attorney will prosecute your legal battles on your behalf. Moreover, the other party might have to offer you a settlement or lose the case at court.

You can also file a claim for compensation if you lost your job after filing the case.

There are many lawsuits on harassment; you can check the list of some of them on Google.

8. Work On Your Defence:

Whenever you face harassment at the workplace, do not go defensive mode.

After you take legal help, work hard on your defense and save yourself from being the victim.

It means you should be ready to face your company or boss and make them believe that you are not lying.

Moreover, it is crucial to prepare for mental and physical torture at work. Often people get emotionally or physically hurt while trying to defend themselves.

You don’t want it to happen, and that’s why you should stay calm and composed while talking about the issue.

A Brief Guide Of How To Cope-Up With Harassment

Every country has its law for dealing with the situation. It can be different in your country.

Therefore, find more about harassment laws at your company before doing anything. Meanwhile, to cope up with harassment at the individual level:

1. My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – Stay Calm:

It would help if you stayed calm. Please do not make it a public issue because that can lead to the humiliation of your boss.

sexual harassment

You can remain calm by talking about the issue with your friends or siblings. Meditate and take a break from the office.

2. Seek Help:

After discussing the matter with your family, talk to a close friend at work. You can also ask for help from a colleague.

These people can help you cope with the situation because they know what went wrong. They also have the solution.

3. My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – Know your rights:

You can know more about the harassment act and its punishments. Visit the official website of the State Department for workplace harassment.

Shift your focus on the case instead of stress because you have a solution now.

4. Gain strength:

Keep yourself busy at work. Keep yourself motivated, don’t let your harasser win the battle.

Read about more cases of harassment and get ready to gain strength every day. It can be challenging, but in the end, you will win.

Moreover, it will give you a lesson for life. It is essential always to stay strong.

5. My Boss Is Harassing Me What Do I Do – Leave The Job:

When you cannot tolerate any more instances, leave your job and find a new one to feel safe and secure at work.

It might take time but will help you live a peaceful life again. Update your resume and appear for interviews.

my boss harasses me, here's what to do

Workplace harassment has become quite common because employees don’t know their rights.

Bosses also ignore this issue because they are often unaware of the laws. They assume there shouldn’t be any problem because of the boss-employee relationship.

There are many harassment acts against which bosses can’t defend themselves.

5 Types Of Workplace Harassment:

There are different forms of harassment; they can be emotional or physical.

Workplace harassment usually occurs at the worksite by bosses, colleagues, subordinates, etc.

It is essential to identify if you are facing harassment at your workplace.

If yes, then taking quick steps is the only solution you have. It will save your mental and physical health in the long run. Here are some types of workplace harassment:

1. Sexual Harassment:

This type of harassment is common when women employees feel inferior to men.

They do not find a safe environment at the office. Their male colleagues exploit them sexually, even by touching them inappropriately.

2. Abuse Of Authority:

Managers or bosses often try to harass their employees by using their authority.

what do i do, boss harasses me

They do not allow employees to speak in front of everyone. They also threaten them with job termination if they talk back. It is a sign of abuse of power.

3 Physical Harassment:

Physical harassment comes when bosses physically touch female employees in the wrong places.

It is the most common type of harassment because women can’t work in specific departments.

These people have no right to humiliate them and threaten them.

4. Mental Harassment:

Mental harassment is where you have to face a lot of stress at work and feel threatened every day.

You do not have any solution as well as you think there is no law against this type of harassment. When your colleagues humiliate, mock, or ignore you, it is a sign of mental harassment.

5. Racial Harassment:

Racial harassment is where people at work make fun of you because of your ethnicity. Such behavior threatens you every day.


You have no idea where to go and whom to complain against all this. It is a severe type of harassment at the workplace.


If you feel that boss is harassing you verbally or physically, file a complaint to the HR department. Take legal action against the company.

Many lawyers are out there ready to help their clients for free. However, it is as long as they can prove them as victims of harassment.

So, don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand and fight your battle legally if necessary. Sometimes, media coverage also helps, but not all cases have a good ending.

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