How To Ignore Your Boss – 18 Easy Ways To Ignore

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Sometimes it is best to ignore your boss. It saves you time and energy, increases your productivity with less stress. Here’s a complete guide on how to ignore your boss:

Ignoring your boss allows you to focus on getting work done instead of figuring out what they want you to do.

How To Ignore Your Boss – 18 Easy Ways

To ignore your boss, you will need to become a master of thinking ahead.

It means you should think about all possible outcomes before doing anything. This guide has 20 ways of ignoring your boss:

1. Don’t Panic And Relax:

Your first instinct is to panic or get angry when your boss gives you work. It is not the correct approach.

how to ignore your boss


First, take a deep breath and think ahead about what you’re going to do before acting on it.

2. Ignore Your Boss By Making Excuses:

It is the most basic way to ignore your boss, but it is still effective. You need to be creative in your excuses. They can’t sound like you made them up.. For example:

Boss: Hey (your name)! I need these documents done by the end of today!

Brian (ignoring his boss): Ummmmm, okay, I’ll do them after lunch.

(After lunch) Brian: Hmmmmm….have many things to do, can’t concentrate right now, what should I do?

-Instead of saying you don’t know how to start on these new documents, say that you’re busy with other work right now.

3. How To Ignore Your Boss- Say You Aren’t Available:

If your boss asks you to do something during non-working hours, say that you’re not available. For example:

Boss: Hey (your name)! Can you help out with this project? It’ll take about two days (maybe more), and I need it by Friday for the presentation.

Brian (ignoring his boss): Sorry, but I’m not available during those days. I have other commitments then. Let’s talk about this on Monday to figure out a plan of action.

4. Ignore Your Boss By Showing Indifference:

Sometimes being indifferent will make your boss disinterested in what you are doing. It is the best way to get your boss not to bother you so much about the job.

For example:

Boss: Heyyyy! I have this thing that I need you to do right now, please!! (with an annoying face).

don't reply


Brian (ignoring his boss): Hmmmmm (Shows his cell phone and looks at it in a disinterested way).

5. Block Your Boss On All Communication Channels You Use For Work:

If possible, block your boss on all communication channels you use for work. It includes:

– Facebook Messenger

– WhatsApp

– Email, etc.

If they still insist on trying to contact you even when they know you blocked them, make up excuses like:

“I don’t check my emails that often” or “my phone is dead.”

6. How To Ignore Your Boss – Do Your Work At The Last Minute:

It will make your boss think you’re busy at the last minute. Don’t stay up all night to complete it if you do this, though.

It doesn’t work if your boss knows you always take forever to finish your work.

7. Pretend You Are Busy With Other Things:

Your boss might want to know what you are doing when they see you are busy with other things. For example: (while typing on computer)

Boss: Awwww….what are you doing? Brian (ignoring his boss): Ohh, I’m having dinner now.

Boss: Why??

Brian: Because I’m hungry and tired and want to eat dinner now.

Boss: Oh, okay.

8. Make Up An Excuse If You Are Behind On Your Work:

Your boss might get angry when you haven’t completed your work on time. Make up an excuse before they ask what’s going on. For example:

Boss: Hey (your name)! Where are these documents? They were due yesterday!!

Brian (ignoring his boss): Oh….that’s because I got sick last night (he acts like he is coughing) I was throwing up all day. So yeah, I couldn’t do any of my work even though I wanted to. Sorry about that!

Boss: Oh, okay then….you should go home and rest if you are not feeling well.

Brian: Yes, sir, I will. (goes back to work)

9. How To Ignore Your Boss – Don’t Reply To Emails Or DMs Immediately:

Your boss might get annoyed when they message you on social media, and you don’t reply immediately.



So, avoid answering instantly by waiting a few hours before responding. It will annoy your boss too but who cares.

10. Vacation When You Are Behind On Your Work And Can’t Catch Up Before The Deadline:

If your boss will get mad at you for not submitting your work on time and there is no way to finish it in time, take a vacation!

It works best if the deadline is close enough that they won’t find someone else to do your job.

11. Talk To Other People Instead Of Your Boss:

 If your boss constantly asks you to complete tasks and you don’t have time for that, talk to other people instead! For example:

Boss: Hey (your name)! Can you go to this meeting with me? It’ll take about 2 hours.

Brian (ignoring his boss): Oh, I can’t do that because I have an appointment with XYZ company at the same time so.. Sorryyyy…

Boss: Oh, okay then, let’s choose another date.

12. Respond With A Gif When You Get An Email From Your Boss:

It works best if you use emails as part of your work routine. Whenever your boss emails you, reply with a gif. For example:

(boss emails Brian about finishing up some work)

Brian (responding with a gif): (bouncing cat)

13. How To Ignore Your Boss – Keep Working Even When Your Boss Walks Into The Office:

Keep working even when your boss comes into the office. He will think you are working on something important. For example:

Boss: I’m going to check on you in 15 minutes. I just wanted to let you know!

Brian (ignoring his boss): Okay!! (keeps working) (5 minutes later, the boss walks into the office and sees Brian typing away at his desk).

ignore boss


Boss: Why are you still here? It’s 5 pm now!! You should go home!!

Brian: Oh, I finished this report for you; it’s almost done. I’ll send it to you in 5 minutes!

Boss: Oh, okay then, thank you. (leaves office)

14. Keep An “I Don’t Care” Look On Your Face When You Talk To Your Boss:

Your boss might find you very unapproachable if they feel like you don’t care about what they are saying. For example:

Brian (ignoring his boss): Hey, what’s up?

Boss: I need this report by 2 pm. Can you finish it today, right?

Brian (acting frustrated): (sigh)….yeah, yeah. I’ll do it.

Boss: Okay, good! Thanks!

Brian (looking annoyed): Yeah, okay.

15. Make Sure You Don’t Run Into Your Boss On The Way Out After Work:

Your boss might feel intimidated if you say hello to them and walk right by. So, make sure you avoid walking into your boss on the way out of work.

For example:

(Brian’s boss walks into his office and sees him packing up to go home) Brian (ignoring his boss): Oh hey, how are you today?

Boss: Good, I was walking by your office and noticed that you were leaving, so I wanted to come to see how it’s going. I’ll talk to you later! (leaves office).

Brian (still ignoring his boss): Yeah, bye. (gets in the car and goes home)

16. How To Ignore Your Boss – No Eye Contact And No Smiling:

Your boss might lose respect for you if they catch you smiling or looking them in your eyes when talking.

best way to ignore your boss


The same goes for shaking their hand, only offer a handshake if they offer first.

17. Don’t Try To Say “Thank You” After Getting An Assignment From Your Boss

They might think that you’re not acknowledging their authority when you thank them. For example:

(Brian’s boss gives him an assignment, and he thanks the boss once he leaves.)

Brian (ignoring his boss): problem! (leaves office).

18. Do The Opposite Of What Your Boss Asks You To Do:

Your boss will think that you only do what they say if you ignore them and do the opposite of what they ask. For example:

Boss: Hey (your name)! Can you email this report to me by tonight? It’s due tomorrow at 8 am.

Brian (ignoring his boss): (picks up the phone and calls co-worker).

Co-worker: Hey, what’s up?

Brian (acting like he’s talking to his friend, not his boss): What are you doing tonight??

Co-worker: Not too much….you wanna hang out later on?

Brian (ignoring his boss): Yeah, I’d love to! Shoot, I have to go now. I’ll call you back later!! (hangs up phone)


To ignore your boss, it’s essential to know they might feel like you don’t care about what they are saying or doing.

Also, remember not to do anything that would make them think you’re trying too hard. Don’t smile and thank them for every minor assignment.

It’s also important to stay extra busy during work hours. Make sure you avoid walking into your boss on the way out of work as well. 

And remember to not run into them on the way out of work and never make eye contact, show too much interest or smile at them. It may be challenging to deal with ignorance at workplace. Be patient and humble to play your part. Good luck

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