How To Manipulate A Narcissistic Boss- 5 Ways And 10 Moves

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Almost everyone has worked for a narcissistic boss in some capacity. So what is the best way to manipulate your narcissistic boss?

A narcissistic boss never believes that they are the source of the problem. It is the biggest issue.

If you are working for a narcissistic boss, you have two options: quit and look for another job or stay and deal with it.

And if you are staying, then our segment would help you know how to manipulate a narcissistic boss. 

5 Easiest Ways On How To Manipulate A Narcissistic Boss 

Manipulating a narcissistic boss is never easy. But we can help you if you are stuck with such a boss.

Below are some best ways you can follow to manipulate a narcissistic boss. 

1۔ Manipulative Tricks For Narcissistic Bosses: 

– You can’t completely control a narcissist, but you can use them to get things done.

– Narcissists enjoy positive comments about themselves. If you make positive comments about them, they will begin to like you.

– They also appreciate it when you always agree with them. As a result, you must agree with those bosses.

– Narcissists are the most irritating people on the planet, so don’t let them annoy you. It will backfire if you do.

a narcissitic boss

– When it comes to your boss, you must be extremely cautious because they have the power to control you.

– If you disagree or become irritated, they will punish you until you feel guilty about yourself. It won’t matter if you deserved it or not. Such bosses will do this to force you to accept that they are correct.

– But manipulating them can sometimes work, but you must present yourself as a devotee to them.

2۔ What Experts Have To Say On How To Manipulate A Narcissistic Boss:

According to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. He is a professor of business psychology at University College London.

Narcissists can easily dupe you—at least at first.

“A narcissist appears charming, charismatic, and self-assured,” he says. “At first sight, he may appear to be the type of person you want to work for—only it’s later that you notice the dark side.” 

According to Michael Maccoby. He is the author of Strategic Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Leading Change.

“The dark side of the narcissistic personality isn’t pretty.”

3۔ Understand What You’re Up Against:

Don’t just call your narcissistic boss a “narcissist.” 

“There’s a difference between an egomaniac and someone who has extreme self-importance. Also, there is a difference between someone who has a narcissistic personality.

When dealing with the latter, it’s helpful to understand what makes him tick. Learn more about this personality type.

a man with a puppet on strings

Narcissists have an overinflated sense of self-worth and want everyone to admire them. They are quick to take credit for others’ accomplishments. Also, they are short in blaming others for their own.

They are only concerned with their success, and they can take advantage of others to get what they want. In a nutshell, they’re a nightmare.

4. Consider The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Staying:

Even if you follow all the ways above, working for a narcissist will reduce your job satisfaction.

Do you want to continue working for this person? Of course, quitting your job or finding a new boss isn’t always an option—or the solution.

“It’s a personal choice, and some people are more tolerant than others.”

If you’re interested in your job and have chances of growth in a few years, it might be worth “the sacrifice” to stay.

Narcissists have an overinflated sense of self-worth and want everyone to admire them. They are quick to take credit for others’ accomplishments. Also, they are quick in blaming others for their own.

They are only concerned with their success, and they can take advantage of others to get what they want. In a nutshell, they’re a nightmare.

5۔ Remembered Principles To Deal With A Narcissistic Boss:

If you’re dealing with a narcissistic boss, consider the following do’s and don’ts.

5.1 What To Do:

Learn about narcissistic personality disorder and try to learn why your boss has it.

At the very least, observe and learn. Examine how your boss makes an impression on others and strive to emulate his inspiring ability.

manipulating a narcissistic boss

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of staying. If your job is otherwise engaging and challenging, it may be worthwhile to visit.

5.2 What Not To Do:

Neglect your emotional health. Find a hobby or activity outside of your job that gives you a sense of self-worth.

Vent your feelings. Find someone you can trust and share your emotions. Also, you might get a good solution from them. 

Take on your boss. If you make a business case, focus on what is best for your boss’s career rather than the organization.

Don’t Gossip—whatever you say will almost reach your boss, so try never to discuss him with your coworkers.

10 Powerful Moves To Deal With A Narcissistic Boss 

Let’s now discuss ten powerful moves to deal with a narcissistic boss. These moves may help you about how to manipulate a narcissistic boss;

1۔ Recognize The Source: 

Understand your narcissistic boss before dealing with them. The chances are that they will never change and never be easy.

2۔ Respond Rather Than React:

The dangerous thing to do to a narcissistic boss is drawing attention to their bad behavior. Narcissists gain power through engagement.

But, learning to respond correctly helps you manage your options and decisions. Take a step back to regain control if you find yourself reacting.

3۔ Establish Your Parameters:

Set a limit and a boundary and stick to the limit wherever required. Limitations do not control but let others know what they shouldn’t do and shouldn’t do.

a manipulative narcissistic boss

Boundaries are healthy and mandatory in the workplace. They cause less problems and help you deal with them.

4۔ Don’t Let Them Get Over Your Nerves:

Some people enjoy influencing their juniors because they are powerful.

They will do bad things like shaming, embarrassing, name-calling, and provoking you. But do not let them bother you.

Using emotional intelligence, you can control your thoughts. Remember, whatever the narcissist does, it is upon him and not you.

5۔ Do Not Delegate Authority To Those Who Do Not Deserve It:

Because of their role, narcissistic bosses wield power. But we all know that there are no leaders without those who follow them.

Do not follow those who you do not admire, trust, or who lie.

Perform your duties in the best way while maintaining self-respect and honor. You will be the responsible person who takes ownership of your work. 

6۔ Check Everything Twice:

Narcissists behave like victims who are blameless in every way.

When the truth is not acceptable, they replace it with white lies.

If you work for a narcissistic boss, you should be able to do everything.

7۔ Do Not Engage In A Brawl When To Manipulate A Narcissistic Boss:

You should avoid arguing with a narcissist as they will use everything against you.

No narcissist wants that you make him invisible rather than arguing with them.

It’s tough to argue with the person who will twist the realities to fit their agendas. Thus, make them unimportant to reduce the power they have.

8۔ Do Not Allow Anyone To Provoke You In Any Way: 

Narcissists encourage others to get power. But then they put the entire blame on them if things don’t turn out well.

How To Manipulate A Narcissistic Boss

Remain calm and detached, and refuse to mess yourself up in the chaos. The narcissist you are dealing with will find a way to blame you for everything.

9۔ Never Give The Beast Anything When To Manipulate A Narcissistic Boss:

A narcissistic boss wants others to admire him. So don’t give the beast anything to eat.

It’s critical to understand that insecurity causes bad behavior. Thus, if your narcissistic boss acts out, it is because of his insecurities.

Do not encourage his bad behavior, or it will become worse. Narcissists associate only with two types of people: those who help them and those who don’t.

10. Keep Your Attention On What Is Most Important:

Working for a narcissistic boss entails feeling obligated to follow their rules. And they do not take responsibility for what they did to you.

It is simple to become enraged and frustrated. That’s when you need a break and remind yourself why you’re there in the first place.

It would help if you focused on your goals and objectives and those of the company. Also, do not let anything distract you from your track.

Find ways to boost your performance and get better. It will help you in your career.

Final Notes:

“It’s never easy to collaborate with a narcissist.”

A self-absorbed, self-admiring, self-centered, and self-obsessed person is an unforgettable experience.

Someone who works hard only when watching, quick to claim credit and assign blame.

A narcissistic boss spends a lot of time thinking about getting:

– Power

– Influence, and

– Success.

As a result, people tend to lie and exaggerate the truth to feel important.

It would, therefore, help if you tried to walk away from a narcissistic boss. But you should be proud of yourself for dealing with the most hated personality. Yes, this is one significant achievement.

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