10 Doable Tips To Deal With Narcissistic Coworker At Work

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A narcissistic coworker can be a unique challenge for you. The difficulty of dealing with narcissistic coworkers depends on their power and influence.

Also, how much interaction exists between you and your narcissistic coworker.

How To Deal With Narcissistic Coworker – 10 Latest Tips To See

When you feel displeasure to deal with narcissism at the workplace, you want to seek revenge. And that’s because we all are humans!

But seeking revenge is not the right way. The more you try to seek revenge, the more power another person will have over you.

This article will tell you the right way of dealing with a narcissistic coworker. So read until you find your way.

1. He Doesn’t Give A Hoot – Admit It

When confronted with a narcissistic coworker, remember not to expect anything from him. Specifically, anything that is rational.

What you need to do is start expecting more from yourself. We get hurt when we mismanage our expectations.

So expecting anything good from a narcissist is useless. Because they won’t ever prioritize your goals over theirs.

Narcissists Have Nothing To Do With Your Success
He Doesn’t Give A Hoot – Admit It

You need to smarten up yourself and don’t be a needy or entitled person. Avoid relating your needs or expectations to such people.

Distant yourself and try to see who they really are instead of what you imagined them to be.

2. How To Deal With A Narcissistic Coworker – You Should Sidestep Him

If you get tired of dealing with one-way relations at work, you need to avoid them. If you see a narcissist in the payroll, avoid payroll at the moment.

But remember that it won’t be easy because where there is a narcissist, there is drama.

It Would Be Good To Avoid Narcissists

Narcissistic coworkers love to portray themselves as movers and shakers. Being around a narcissist makes you feel vital and full of energy.

Such people will draw you in no matter how much you try to avoid them. So be careful and try to stay away if possible.

3. Rehearse Everything Before You Go To The War

Have you ever seen a politician? They rehearse their speeches and discussions to bring perfection to them.

You need to do the same. To deal with such a coworker, rehearse the discussions as much as you can.

Develop a proper plan and stick to your strategies. It will make a clear picture of what you want in life.

Plan Your Own Strategies When You Deal With Narcissistic Coworker
Rehearse Everything Before You Go To The War

Don’t ever let a narcissistic coworker drag you into his traps and distract you from your goals.

But you don’t need to be harsh either. Politely listen to what he says and then stay stick to your points.

Keep your list of points short; it would be best to have two or three talking points.

4. How To Deal A Narcissistic Coworker – He Isn’t Painstaking

Spotted a narcissist? Stop believing right away that they are going to take your success into account.

Because their needs are the priority for them, you should learn to depend on yourself.

It will surely disappoint you if you rely on someone else for your success at work.

It Will Make You A Victim In Your Career

You don’t want to be a person who blames everyone else for not fulfilling his needs. But unfortunately, this is what depending on a narcissist does to you.

It’s a trap that leads to chronic dependency and grows insecurity in you.

Avoid Depending On A Narcissist And Never Expect Anything From Them

No One Else Can Make You Happy But You

If you expect someone else to be responsible for your happiness, you’re doing it wrong.

No one can enter your brain and make you feel a sense of joy.

You’re the only person who can decide your happiness and success.

5. Avoid Calling Them A Narcissist

A significant rule to deal with a narcissistic coworker at work is never to call them one.

That’s is because they have built their entire life around the belief that they know who they are.

But the reality is different. They haven’t adequately formed themselves.

How To Deal With Narcissistic Coworker

When a narcissist thinks that his reputation is at stake, he prepares for a counterattack. And that can be dangerous!

Before you call them a narcissist, they will call you a narcissist; what an irony it is!

They love to call other people narcissists, and they try to weaken the claim against them.

6. Find Yourself Another Corner

You need to practice detachment when dealing with such kind of coworker. It’s in human nature that we want to express our feeling when get hurt by someone.

It is exactly what you need to stop doing. You will end up feeling way worse if you say what you wanted to say.

You Should Emotionally Detach Yourself From The Narcissist
Find Yourself Another Corner

Although you’re free to say whatever you want to, never seek an apology from a narcissist.

It’s better to see everything they do or say as something because of a mental illness.

When you detach yourself from a narcissist, you can better shape your conversations.

7.  Lock Up The Important Information In Your Cabin

You’ll see a narcissist in the lunchroom asking people, “What do you think about that coworker?” Watch out for this trap.

No matter what you say in the answer, the narcissist will mold your statement. He’ll twist what you said and tell it to that coworker.

How To Deal With Narcissistic Coworker
Lock Up The Important Information In Your Cabin

It’s better to say that a narcissist is an emotional vampire. He can sense the weak spots of people and attack them.

Sharing your personal information with a narcissist will also cause you harm. So it’s better to walk away and keep your information to yourself.

8. Build An Unbreakable Wall Around Yourself

You have to set your boundaries clear. Remember that your purpose is as important as much as theirs.

It’s like a narcissist to take advantage of people every time they get a chance.

Never Feel Guilty For Setting Boundaries With A Narcissist
Build An Unbreakable Wall Around Yourself

So you should avoid feeling guilty for setting boundaries with such people. Also, you have to put your limits solid and intact.

That’s because a narcissistic coworker will bend your boundaries to get what they want.

9. How To Deal With Narcissistic Coworker – Make Your Proofs Worth It

When your narcissistic coworker asks you to see them in private, take someone with you.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Coworker
How To Deal With Narcissistic Coworker – Make Your Proofs Worth It

That person will serve as your witness later on. Also, a narcissist will think before he speaks in the presence of a witness.

When a narcissist tries to lie to the boss about you, you’ll have someone to support you.

10. Defending Him From The Chaos Is Not Your Job

You are responsible for saving yourself from a narcissistic coworker. And not a narcissist from themselves.

So you should walk away from them and let them go. Remember that to let go is an active process.

Focus on yourself and bring a change in your life. Letting go means setting goals for yourself.

Protect your space, energy, and time and stay strict with your attention.

Let Your Narcissistic Coworker Go And Focus On Your Career
Defending Him From The Chaos Is Not Your Job

You aren’t a fixer or a rescuer, so try not to be a control freak at the workplace. People won’t change even if you try to change them. So you should stop trying so hard.

A narcissist won’t ever see himself as inherently unjust or won’t accept his mistakes.

So let them go. Don’t waste your time anymore and move on with your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Narcissists Get Offended Easily?

Yes, narcissists get offended quite easily. Narcissists are hyper-sensitive, and they lack empathy. They can hurt you because they don't feel bad when you feel bad. So they hurt everyone without realizing it.

What Should You Not Say To A Narcissist?

Never say to a narcissist that it's not about you. Avoid saying that they aren't listening to what you are saying. Also, saying that a narcissist is a bully or they're playing the victim can offend them.

Are Narcissists Good Employees?

Narcissists never make good team players because they are interpersonally dismissive. Because of their sense of self-importance, they develop mistrust among others. Narcissists breed competitiveness.

How Do Narcissists Control You?

Narcissists take control of things by making others feel special. They'll compliment you on getting you on their side. Narcissists love to play with sensitive emotions of people like shock, awe, or guilt.


Narcissists exists everywhere, and it’s not hard to find one in your office as well. They get achievement and status by manipulating others.

Narcissistic coworkers want to win at any cost, and they don’t hesitate to step on others to get what they want.

Your narcissistic coworker won’t ever accept his mistake. They hurt others, and it’s never their fault. So you can’t win from a narcissist.

What you can do is to get rid of them. Stay focused on your career and bring effective changes in your life.

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