How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss – The Sane Way

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A narcissist boss at work is a complete red flag. You must figure out how to expose your narcissistic boss.

Withstanding a narcissist for more than 5 minutes is unbearable. However, spending half of your day with a narcissistic boss is even worse.

10 Ways For How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss

The right strategy has to be applied while exposing a narcissist. Such people have caged themselves with their utter high ego that no one gets a chance of breaking in.

You need to keep in mind that a narcissist is not a normal person. They will take any chance available smothering you showing no remorse.

Let’s look into some ways how to expose a narcissistic boss.

1. How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss? – Do Not Fear Them

Narcissistic people are thou very intimidating but are completely harmless. Their main goal is to scare you to dominate you with their personality.

How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss Do Not Fear Them
How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss Do Not Fear Them

A narcissist will try to tame and puppet around. Better than fearing them, try to outsmart them.

However, you need to prepare yourself for hate coming your way as you reveal the truth about your narcissist boss.

Though, indeed the satisfaction of achievement would be overwhelming.

2. Denials As You Figure How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss

This is one of the most important parts that start with you having a ready mindset for the negative.

There will be people at work who might never see your boss for who they really are.

They would not see your narcissist boss as being abusive. The reason is the manipulation from the boss to completely believe his lies.

Denials As You Figure How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss
Denials As You Figure How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss

You need to understand that not everyone is as mentally grown as you to understand the truth beneath the lies.

Every person is at a different point in their journey, and not where you are.

These people will not be seeing the things you can see because they will be taking all of the abuse.

Your narcissist boss might be using different tactics on your coworker than that he used with you.

3. Work On Your Self Esteem

Have you currently suffer from the narcissistic abuse of your boss? If yes, then you need to get your self-esteem strong.

You need to be ready if, you know, I am about to go toe to toe with a narcissist 

Work On Your Self Esteem
Work On Your Self Esteem

Have your strong game face on before you start exposing your boss. You have to be able to know what you are up against.

You have seen what this person is capable of because you have seen it before.

Be prepared for it to get a lot worse at such time. However, keep in mind that it does get a lot worse before it gets a lot better.

4. Understanding The tactics

In order to expose a narcissist boss, first, you need to learn the game they are trying to play.

Beat them at their own game following, their rules yet coming out as a winner. A narcissist will try to tame and puppet people around.

Understanding The tactics
Understanding The tactics

They will always find a prey in their environment. Furthermore, your narcissist boss will mould people according to his work needs.

Eventually, in return, your boss will always be benefiting his self-obsessed personality.

Your narcissist boss will unknowingly treat everyone like his minions.

Furthermore, a narcissist will never accept the blame for their mistake. Their ultimate high ego would never withstand knowing they are ever wrong.

A narcissist boss’s grandiose self would be so deranged that they would think they are right all the time.

Moreover, treat everyone like they are beneath him.

5. Plan A Strategy By Using Their Weaknesses

After understanding your narcissist boss’s tactics, you need to start planning a strategy.

Plan your exposing strategy by making use of your boss’s weaknesses that come along with his narcissism.

Plan A Strategy By Using Their Weaknesses
Plan A Strategy By Using Their Weaknesses

Your narcissistic boss will be too self-absorbed and occupied in his self-centred world.

Due to this, he will not notice the small moves you are making to expose him.

A narcissistic boss’s other weakness would be leaving his tracks behind. They never think of themselves getting caught or someone outsmarting them in any way.

6. Shed Light On His Tactics

After you have figured out your narcissistic boss’s tactics and weaknesses, it’s time to shed some light on them.

Gather a bunch of witnesses and victims under your boss’s narcissistic behaviour.

Shed Light On His Tactics
Shed Light On His Tactics

Make your peers share their experience and how the boss’s narcissistic behaviour is affecting the work environment.

Discuss your observation with them and then hear their part.

It is important to encourage people to come out as they could be silently suffering.

7. Catch Your Boss Red Handed

If you catch your boss red-handed showing his narcissistic role on your peer, do not ignore it. Speak up on behalf of your employee.

Catch Your Boss Red Handed
Catch Your Boss Red Handed

Pass a savage but smart comment to the occurring scenario. Even if it is for a little while, let your boss feel exposed.

6. Set Your Boundaries With Your Boss

Narcissistic people feel like they have the power to control all circumstances and people.

You be the first one to set boundaries against them will make them get a taste of reality.

Exert your assertiveness and allow your divinity to radiate. Be silenced by none but encouraged by the truth.

Set Your Boundaries With Your Boss
Set Your Boundaries With Your Boss

Self-efficacy is a quality that will shake the ego of a narcissist in your presence. Your narcissistic boss will eventually understand that there is a limit to his behaviour.

In no time, your narcissistic boss will get shattered and exposed.

There are good chances of him being impressed by your personality and start catching your colours.

7. Let Them See Their Own Reflection

When you want to expose a narcissistic boss, let him face the mirror. Go and confront them to see their reflection of the kind of mess they are.

Your narcissistic boss will feel enraged in his own brokenness inside.

Let Them See Their Own Reflection
Let Them See Their Own Reflection

However, doing this is extremely risky for your job because your boss will hate you.

The reason behind the hate will be you unravelling their truth about themselves.

Nevertheless, if you successfully be the light and broke that mirror, you won.

8. Letting Him Talk Is How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss

The best way to expose a narcissist is to let them talk and expose themselves. All you need to do is figure out the perfect setup where they can unleash their true selves.

Letting Him Talk Is How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss
Letting Him Talk Is How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss

A narcissist gets too lost in covering up his lies after lies and the unbearable mistakes. Eventually, he will get tired and decide to give up.

9. Confront The Higher Ups

If nothing seems to be working, it is time you confront the higher-ups. Write a letter on behalf of all our colleagues suffering under him.

Confront The Higher Ups
Confront The Higher Ups

Give them a detailed view of the situation at work due to your boss’s narcissistic behavior.

Let them know the recent incidents that occurred due to the boss’s narcissistic behaviour.

Make them aware of how your boss enjoys the sense of power and control he derives from tormenting people. Speak up and expose the truth.

10. Increment The Depth Of Pressure

Double the pressure of his exposure at work on your narcissistic boss. Confront them more often and revealed their secrets often.

They will have to come up with an intense amount of lies to cover up their fault.

Eventually, they will get puzzled due to their own miserable nature.

Increment The Depth Of Pressure
Increment The Depth Of Pressure

Slowly your boss will start to unravel out of his narcissistic personality disorder.

The pressure gets the narcissistic individuals since they are very insecure.

They start to feel vulnerable and persecuted. To finally expose him completely, keep increasing the depth of the pressure.

11. How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss – The Final Way

You have tried mentioning the higher-ups and utilized all the strategies, yet nothing seems to work.

All you got is vicious and unhinged counterattacks.

If your exposure got manipulated against you, the best thing you can do at this moment is walk away. Let him believe and dwell in his own lies.

How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss - The Final Way
How To Expose A Narcissistic Boss – The Final Way

Sometimes you have to let go and hold onto your sanity. Not engaging with your narcissist boss will eventually make him pose himself.

Focus on your own self and keep your happiness as the number one priority.

As soon as you start doing this, things that you want to start actually happening.

To really expose who a narcissist person really is, you have to let go of the need of wanting to do this.


When trying to expose a narcissist, prepare yourself for a great backlash. However, you do not need to be weak and their bait.

Instead, outplay him and leave him exposed. It is crucial you keep yourself determine in this process.

Leadership does not always attract good people. Sometimes it attracts such self-oriented people to these positions.

A narcissist boss will insult, criticize and put you down. He will constantly try to inflict pain and misery on you.

They will never let a moment pass by without making you feel little. However, in order for their tactics to work, they need a pray.

Do not serve their person. It is crucial you do not get lured into their web and let them own you.

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