How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment – 20 Fair Techniques

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Unfair treatment at the workplace can be in my forms. But the main thing to learn is how to talk to your boss about unfair treatment. We will discuss it today.

After reading this article, you won’t have to wonder how to ask others for fair treatment. We will share fair techniques for unfair treatment and make you aware of what sort of behavior is unjust.

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How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment – 20 Fair Techniques

You will learn twenty fair techniques to talk to your boss about unfair treatment. Refer below:

1. Speak With Calmness And Respect:

When approaching your boss, remain respectful at all times.

To clarify, raising your voice or acting with aggression will make them less likely to listen to you.

Do not scoop to the level of those who are unfair. Hence, remain calm and respectful.

2. Explain What Happened In Detail:

Before approaching your boss, take the time to gather your thoughts. Be ready to explain the situation in detail.

How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment

It will help ensure that you can communicate and get your point across.

3. How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Use “I” Statements:

When explaining the situation, try to use “I” statements. It will make a huge difference. Let us show you how:

For example, rather than saying “you always do this to me,” try:

“It feels like I’m getting unfair treatment when you do this.”

4. How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Stay On Topic:

Make sure that you stay on topic when discussing the situation with your boss. Do not veer off into other complaints or issues.

To clarify, if you start whining, your boss will focus more on you being dramatic and causing a scene. Hence, it will not turn the situation in your favor.

5. Keep It Short And To The Point:

Don’t go on and on about how badly the company treats you. Because it will show, you are complaining.

Therefore, explain the situation briefly, then ask what you feel is fair.

6. Be Honest About Why You Feel Unfairly Treated:

Explain your feelings clearly and truthfully to your boss. Be honest with what happened to you.

Above all, keep in mind that nothing will change if you approach them with a lie or distortion of facts.

7. Don’t Expect Anything In Return:

If your boss agrees to give you something as a result of your discussion, it’s nice.

However, don’t expect anything from your boss. They may not reciprocate the gesture next time around!

Remain prepared for this possibility beforehand and make up your mind too.

8. Come Prepared With Documentation:

If the unfair treatment is frequent, prepare documentation related to the situation.

You can have evidence and proof of the unfair treatment at hand at all times. It will not only make your point more authentic but valid too.

9. How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Focus On The Details:

Pinpoint the details or incidents that have led you to unfair treatment. Allow your boss an opportunity to understand the situation.

do not lie

Do not miss out on any details. Make sure that your boss knows everything to make a sound decision based on facts.

10. Do Not Make Assumptions:

Do not assume anything about your boss, but rather focus on the topic at hand. Making assumptions only leads to miscommunication and further complications.

Instead, focus on providing clear evidence of the unfair treatment you’ve experienced.

11. Seek More Information If You Are Unclear About Something:

If your boss is unclear about how you feel in a specific situation, seek clarification?

Clarification reduces the risk of jumping to any conclusion due to misinformation.

If you’re uncertain about something, ask. Your boss doesn’t need to read your mind and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

12. Come Up With A List Of Specific Examples:

Write down specific examples of unfair treatment before meeting your boss.

It will help ensure that you cover all grounds. And make your statement valid. Examples are the best thing to make people believe in you.

13. How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Don’t Assume They Know:

Many times, employees assume that their boss already knows about unfair treatment.

It is rarely the case! In most cases, bosses aren’t aware of what’s going on or why you feel like you’re being.

14. Remember You Are Not Alone:

Many employees feel they get unfair treatment from their bosses. Keep this in mind as you talk with them!

You don’t have to go through it alone, and there is no reason you should think that way.

15. How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Stay Strong And Persistent:

Some bosses won’t understand your perspective even after you have said everything. Some bosses only know unless they experience unfair treatment themselves.

strong and persistent to learn how to talk to your boss for unfair treatment

In such cases, do not give up on what you want to easily – keep trying if needed! Remember to be assertive and ask for what you desire.

16. Thank Them And Leave:

Once the discussion has taken place, thank your boss for their time. Also, appreciate that he heard your concerns.

It will help them understand that you have made an effort too! Once done, leave the meeting with a summarised understanding of the situation.

17. How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Take Responsibility For Your Actions:

Be 100% responsible for your actions at all times. Thus, if things are not going well in your career, it’s down to you because only you are responsible!

If your actions are the reason you are getting unfair treatment, change yourself. Improve your performance at work and make people like you and your work.

18. Be Ready To Face Consequences Of What You Say & Do:

Always know that whatever you say or do may not go in your favor if your boss doesn’t think well.

It’s, therefore, essential to know that whatever you might say or do will have consequences. Consequently, it is up to you alone what those may be!

19. Know What You Want To Achieve:

Before talking with your boss, make sure you’re clear on exactly what you want from the situation.

Knowing what you want will make a more productive discussion with your boss. In other words, it won’t only be complaining about unfair treatment.

20. How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Know Your Rights:

Most importantly, you must know your rights at work and the laws that protect them.

know your rights

Meanwhile, please find out more about what they are by looking online or speaking to someone in HR/your boss.

How To Spot The Unfair Treatment – 7 Signs

There are some forms of actions that scream unfair treatment. You have to recognize them and act on them immediately.

Below are some of such actions:

1. Receiving Different Treatment:

It is not suitable if you receive different treatment than your colleagues. It can manifest itself in many ways, such as:

– Being given more work

– Being ignored

– Not getting the same opportunities as others, etc.

2. Bosses Ignoring Your Ideas:

It can be frustrating when your boss doesn’t seem to take your ideas seriously or disregards them.

Hence, it can be a sign of unfair treatment, especially if it’s something you’ve brought up many times.

3. Micromanagement:

If your boss micromanages you and does not trust you to do your job, it can signify that they view you as incompetent.

Hence, unfair treatment is precise if your boss micromanages only you, not others.

4. Backhanded Compliments:

Some compliments seem nice on the surface but negative or false about you. It is another sign of unfair treatment – so watch out for these!

For example, if your boss says “You’re good at this,” when what they mean is “You’re bad at this.”

5. Bosses Passing You Over:

Getting passed over when opportunities arise is also a form of unfair treatment. It is also true that it is common in most workplaces.

red signs

Thus, watch out for not getting noticed or given credit when opportunities arise.

6. Before How To Talk To Your Boss For Unfair Treatment- Unfair Criticism:

Not getting fair criticism is another sign of unfair treatment. So, if you’re criticized by your boss even though your work quality has not gone down – then it’s not right!

If you’ve done everything and there are no mistakes or errors in what you do – getting criticized is a red sign.

7. Overlong/Unnecessary Meetings:

Getting called into too many unnecessary meetings can also be unfair treatment. It means that others don’t have to do the same thing.

Your boss is trying to put you under extra pressure, and you will burn out in the end.

There are many more such examples of unfair treatment. Therefore, it is essential to recognize them and take action against them.

Final Notes:

So, now that we know what unfair treatment looks like, it’s essential to know what to do when we encounter it.

There are a few things we can do:

– Please speak to our boss.

– Keep the conversation short and precise

– Talk to someone in HR.

– Look online for more information on our rights.

– Prepare examples of the situation.

You should take care of mental health and seek comfort from a friend or family. Try to remain calm and persistent.

No one should have to put up with unfair treatment in the workplace. Thus, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and fight for your rights!

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