What Jobs Can You Do If You’re In A Wheelchair? 15 Easy Jobs

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What jobs can you do if you’re in a wheelchair? A wheelchair does not have to hinder your career or life goals.

There are many different jobs to do from a wheelchair, ranging from office jobs to manual labor positions.

What Jobs Can You Do If You’re In A Wheelchair? 15 Epic Ones

Any disability does not define you. You skills and talent define you. Here is a list of some common jobs that can be from a wheelchair:

1 Office Worker:

Many office jobs can be from a wheelchair, such as a customer service, data entry, and telemarketing.

1.1 Customer Service:

This job involves interacting with customers over the phone or through email. So there is no need to be able to stand or walk.

Customer service representatives need to have excellent communication skills. They need to be able to handle difficult customer service inquiries. And they need to solve customer complaints.

Customer service,  data entry, and telemarketing.

Their tasks involve:

– Handling customer inquiries

– Processing customer orders

– Providing information about products and services

– Upselling additional products and services

– Resolving customer complaints

CSRs typically work in call centers. However, some companies may allow customer service reps to work from home.

1.2 Data Entry:

Data entry is another job to do while sitting in a wheelchair. This job involves inputting data into a computer. The data can be in the form of numbers, words, or images.

Data entry jobs are usually done by people who have good typing skills. Therefore, they need to be able to type quickly and accurately.

Data entry jobs can be in a variety of industries, including:

– Healthcare

– Manufacturing

– Retail

– Finance

Data entry has a lot of responsibility because inputting data needs to be accurate. If not, it can cause a lot of problems for the company.

1.3 Receptionist:

Receptionists are the first point of contact for visitors in a company. They need to be able to:

– Greet visitors

– Answer phone calls, and

– Direct people to the right person or department

Receptionists need to have good customer service skills. And they must be able to stay calm under pressure. They also need to be able to type quickly and accurately.

Some companies require their receptionists to type at least 40 words per minute.

However, not all companies seek the same skills as a receptionist. Some companies might need their receptionists to speak more than one language.

It all depends on the company you work for. Some companies might even require their receptionists to have a college degree.

1.4 Developer:

Developers create the applications we use on our computers, phones, and other devices. They also create systems that power businesses.

To become a developer, you need to have strong problem-solving skills. You also need to be able to code.

Coding is the process of creating software. To do this, developers use programming languages like Java and Python.

If you want to become a developer, you should consider getting a degree in computer science. But you don’t necessarily need a degree to become a developer. You can also learn to code on your own.

There are many resources available online, such as Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp. It is a good job for someone in a wheelchair because you can work from anywhere.

You have to sit in front of the computer to code. But you don’t have to stand or walk around to do your job. Thus, it is a good option if you’re in a wheelchair.

1.5 Accountant:

An accountant is someone who keeps and inspects financial records.

This job is perfect for someone who is good with numbers and is detail-oriented.

It doesn’t require much physical activity, so that it can be done from a wheelchair.

You need at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting to become an accountant.

Start your own accounting business or work for an accounting firm. Some tasks you’ll do as an accountant include:

– Bookkeeping

– Tax Preparation

– Financial Advising

– Auditing

1.6 UI/ UX Or Graphic Designer:

A career in graphic design is perfect for someone in a wheelchair. It’s a creative field. However, it relies on your imagination and talent rather than your physical abilities.

Most of the work can be done sitting down. And you can do it anywhere there’s a computer.

To become a graphic designer, you’ll need to get a degree in graphic design or a related field.

And you’ll need to be proficient in design software like:

Adobe Photoshop and

– Illustrator.

For UI/UX designers, most work can also be done sitting down. And like graphic designers, you’ll need to be proficient in design software.

When it comes to UX, designers must consider how users will interact with a product. And they need to design the interface accordingly.

2. Teacher:

Teachers help people learn. They work in schools and teach students of all ages. To become a teacher, you need to get a degree in education.

Teacher - What Jobs Can You Do If You're In A Wheelchair

Teachers typically stand in front of the class and lecture students. But there are some positions, like special education teachers.

Here you may work with students one-on-one or in small groups. With accommodations, like a wheelchair, you can do this job.

As a teacher, you must be an expert in your subject area. But you also need to be able to engage students and get them excited about learning.

3. Writer:

Do you like to write? If so, you can be a writer! Writers create books, articles, and other written content. They also work on websites and social media.

You can be a freelance writer and work from home. This is a great job for someone in a wheelchair because you can do it anywhere.

As a writer, you need to be able to tell a story. You also need to have good grammar and be able to communicate clearly.

You can work in any niche, such as travel, food, fashion, or tech.

It will be helpful if you have a degree in English or Journalism. But it’s not necessary.

4. Artist:

Some of the world’s most famous paintings created by disable people.

You could be the next Van Gogh or Picasso! Artists create paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art. They also work on murals and tattoos.

This is a great job for someone in a wheelchair because you can do it anywhere. You can also work from home.

Your art display will be the first thing potential employers see, so make sure it’s impressive.

Apart from going to an art school, you could take some classes online.

5. Comedian:

A comedian is a performer who tells jokes or does other comedic acts.

This is a great job for someone in a wheelchair because it doesn’t require much physical activity.

You can do this job anywhere there’s an audience, including online.

You don’t need any formal education to be a comedian. But taking classes can help you hone your skills.

And honing your comedic timing is essential. Starting, you may want to perform at open mic nights.

Some comedians get their start by working as clowns. If you’re interested in this job, look into clown schools.

6. Library Assistant:

Many libraries are now digital. But there are still plenty of places that need library assistants.

This job involves shelving books and helping people find the materials they need.

It’s a sedentary job, so it’s perfect for someone in a wheelchair. You don’t need a degree to be a library assistant.

But you must be comfortable with computers and have excellent customer service skills.

Some libraries may require you to be able to lift certain objects. So check with the library before you apply for the job.

7. Cashier:

You can find cashier jobs in all kinds of stores, from grocery stores to department stores.

The job involves scanning items and taking payments. It’s a standing job, but many places now use machines that allow you to sit while you work.

You don’t need any experience to be a cashier. You can work in a team or by yourself.

Cashiers don’t usually need qualifications, although some basic numeracy skills are useful.

And with the right training, you could progress to become a supervisor or manager.

8. Chef:

It is not impossible to be a chef who uses a wheelchair. If you’re passionate about food, being a chef could be your perfect career choice.

There are many different types of chefs, from line cooks to pastry chefs. You could work in a restaurant, hotel, or catering company.

You will need to have formal qualifications to become a chef. Most chefs have completed a certificate III or IV in commercial cookery.

And with the right training, you could progress to become a supervisor or manager.

9. Youtuber:

If you’re creative and love to be in front of the camera, you could become a wheelchair-bound Youtuber.

There are many different types of videos that you could make, from vlogs to gaming videos. You will need to be able to edit your videos and have a strong online presence.

Wheelchair-bound Youtuber- What Jobs Can You Do If You're In A Wheelchair

You could also become a YouTuber by making videos about your everyday life. Or start giving advice and tips to other wheelchair users.

You can also be an influencer by promoting products and services you use and love.

10. Therapist:

If you have a caring personality, you could become a therapist. There are many different types of therapy, such as:

– Physical therapy

– Occupational therapy, and

– Speech therapy.

You will need to have strong communication skills. And you will need to be able to build relationships with your clients.

To become a therapist, you must get a degree in psychology or a related field.

Wheelchair users can also become counselors. Counselors help people with a wide range of issues, such as:

– Depression

– Substance abuse

– Relationship problems

To become a counselor, you must get a degree in counseling or a related field.

Final Word:

What jobs can you do if you’re in a wheelchair? Your options are not at all limited.

You can become a therapist or a counselor. Or you can be an artist or a writer.

You can work in customer service or sales. You can be a teacher or a coach.

The possibilities are endless. So don’t let your wheelchair stop you from following your dream career.

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