Boss Favors Lazy Coworker – 10 Things To Do

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Does your boss also favor lazy coworkers? We understand. Here’s what to do when the boss favors lazy coworker.

There might be a solid reason why your boss favors that lazy coworker. Once you do, only then can you take action.

Boss Favors Lazy Coworker – 10 Things To Do

Like most of us, you think your boss is the best thing ever. You respect them and will do anything for them.

However, even if your boss is friendly to everyone, there may be one person who gets closer to the heart than others.

That person might even skip out on some work now and then. It isn’t an issue if this person does their fair share of work. Laziness at workplace can have many causes.

But what happens when this lazy coworker gets the “favors” while also getting away with doing work? Here are 10 ways to handle the situation.

1. Get To Know Your Boss Better:

Everyone has reasons they favor someone who isn’t doing their fair share. It might make it harder for you to understand why Boss favors sluggish coworker.

boss favors lazy coworkers

For example, this person could be a relative of your boss. Likewise, your boss feels bad for this coworker for some reason that makes you boss favor an idle coworker.

Knowing where your boss is coming from will make it easier for you to respond. In this way, you won’t be doing things out of anger and emotion.

Remember that any action you take should never go behind your boss’s back. If anything, ask them why they favor someone before reacting with a solution.

2. Boss Favors Lazy Coworker – Ask A Coworker:

If your boss isn’t talking about the issue, the next best thing is to ask a coworker.

Not only can you get a better idea of why this is going on, but you may also learn something from other coworkers that why boss favors idle coworker.

For example, your lazy coworker might not be doing much work but still produce quality work.

Therefore, replacing them with someone who will do mediocre work is not good. You won’t know unless you ask those around you how to do the tasks.

3. Confront The Lazy Coworker Directly:

The worst thing that can happen is letting this go for too long without saying anything.

It makes you look bad. Moreover, it could cause problems if other coworkers want to communicate with them.

If you are the only one upset by this situation, speak up or find someone else who feels the same way you do about the issue.

4. Boss Favors Lazy Coworker – Talk To Your Coworkers About The Issue:

If your boss is hard to talk to about specific issues, talking to your other coworkers might be better.

talk to coworker

When everyone communicates, it is much easier for anger and resentment to fade away. The conversation keeps it from growing worse over time.

5. Confront The Lazy Coworker With Other Coworkers Present:

Worse than dealing with this issue alone is knowing the person isn’t doing their fair share of work.

When they are around other coworkers, it complicates things for everyone.

People tend to say things they shouldn’t before speaking when they arise.

Be safe about how best to address the issue. Try to confront your coworker at a time and place where no one else will be present.

In this way, both sides can communicate without feeling awkward or embarrassed. You will also have privacy from prying ears.

Bring in a trusted friend or family member to sit in on the conversation if worst comes to worst.

6. Boss Favors Lazy Coworker – Keep A Journal To Track All Incidents:

Many companies don’t have a process to handle confrontations. If your company is like that, keep a record of everything in a journal.

This way, you won’t forget when something happened and involved whom at the time.

Plus, having an unbiased bystander present can help make it easier for everyone. Everyone involved can speak their mind without fearing the lazy coworker or management.

7. Expect Some Resistance From The Lazy Coworker:

It’s not unusual at all for there to be some hostility once you confront someone about their laziness.


Anything you get back will be nothing compared to what you would get by ignoring this situation for long.

8. Talk To Your Boss Before Confronting The Lazy Coworker:

In most cases, you can have a heart-to-heart discussion with your boss. It helps determine whether or not the person you are speaking to has a valid reason behind their actions.

You will save yourself before going any further down the chain of command.

If there is validity, it might be best to avoid being confrontational. Try to develop a solution together as a team.

9. Boss Favors Lazy Coworker – Deal With It On Your Own:

If you are thinking about letting this situation go, you can deal with the lazy coworker independently.

However, be sure to stand up for yourself by doing things correctly.

Don’t let this person take advantage of your good nature in the future. Self-confidence is critical when proving that you can handle anything.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help If It’s Overwhelming:

When dealing with a lazy coworker, most people want to change their behavior entirely.

However, we see a much better option is making simple changes whenever necessary.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed out there, and don’t forget to have a little fun with it too!

Who Is A Lazy Coworker – 15 Symptoms

Determining who a lazy coworker is can help you think of how to take action against them. Here are 5 symptoms of lazy coworkers:

1. They do not attempt doing their work

2. You have the majority of the workload

lazy coworker

3. They will not answer your questions or requests

4. They seem to have an endless amount of excuses for why they haven’t done anything yet

5. The business would be better off without them

6. They make excuses as to why they can’t do their work

7. Their work quality is poor and barely meets expectations

8. They claim the company is not treating them fairly

9. They come in late or leave early all of the time

10. They make many personal phone calls or socialize a lot.

11. They have a poor attitude or disposition

12. They leave early or go home at odd hours

13. They don’t attend meetings when they should be attending and will come in late for them.

not willing to do work

14. They are not willing to do work they have to do, even if it is something simple.

15. The manager will ask you to take on all of their responsibilities and your own.

3 Ways To Confront A Lazy Coworker

As we discussed earlier, you should confront the lazy coworker. Here are some tips to make it effective:

1. Address The Situation:

Address the situation to them directly, why it bothers you and how it affects your business and work.

Get others involved by inviting peers and supervisors into the conversation. If an issue affects more than a single person, then it’s time to bring in some reinforcements.

Be professional and direct when going into this conversation. Don’t begin by making accusations or pointing fingers.

Instead, focus on discussing the problem and seeing what you can do from there.

2. Gather Evidence:

Gather evidence of their laziness if necessary. It might include work samples, timesheets, or even security footage.

confront when boss favors lazy coworker

Avoid letting your emotions get involved too much as you go about this conversation. It would help if you didn’t walk in there expecting to nip the problem in the bud immediately.

Pace yourself throughout until you are ready for whatever happens next. Before confronting anyone, think about how the conversation might unfold.

If you come in with a plan and some ideas, you will be more than prepared for what they say or do during this meeting.

3. Use Different Approaches:

You can also try using different approaches until you find one successful. If talking to them about it doesn’t work, maybe bringing in someone else would get things to change.

Make sure you know what changes you want and why they should happen for the business’s sake.

Keep your tone as professional as possible and keep the meeting business-oriented.

Use this conversation as a way to find common ground with this coworker and grow from there. Being able to talk about these problems and fix them matters most here.

Address the problem in private, when they are alone. The more people involved in this conversation, the less likely it will lead to many benefits for you or your company.

Address coworkers when they are at their desks unless otherwise indicated. Don’t try to catch them outside of work hours because their time is just as important as yours.


If your boss favors a lazy coworker, you must talk with your boss. Do so before confronting the lazy coworker.

However, when they are around other coworkers, it complicates things for everyone.

If there is validity, it might be best to avoid being confrontational. Try to develop a solution together as a team.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed out there, and don’t forget to have a little fun with it too!

There are some ways to confront lazy coworkers. You can use some of the tips mentioned above.

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