8 Crystal Clear Signs Telling That My Boss Hates Me

Written By Assma Riaz

You must have heard this statement “My boss hates me” very often from your friends.

Or the one who is saying this is you because the complaint is very common.

First of all, what it deflects is there is a poor relationship between boss and employee.

Why things aren’t working? What’s the reason behind this hate?

Is it the “hate,” or are you exaggerating the things?

Ask these questions to yourself, and see do the answers favor you?

8 Signs Which Tells My Boss Hates Me:

When someone says, “my boss hates me,” there is a reason behind it.

This reason is the way in which that boss-employee relationship gets depicted.

There can be two situations in this hate scenario. Either the boss is giving his employee too much attention.

Or he is not paying any attention at all.

This is the outer picture that we see. It only tells you that your boss hates you.

The reason is still unknown. It’s not necessary that a boss hates his employee because he wants to.

Or because he has the authority to do so.

There can be underlying reasons which we are going to explore in this article.

See the signs, reasons, and solutions to why “my boss hates me.”

1. I’m Getting Micromanaged – My Boss Dislike Me

It’s an obvious sign that tells a boss hates his employee. Micromanagement means the boss is going into too many details.

A boss doesn’t need to check the minor details he isn’t supposed to. But if he is doing so, that means he is micromanaging.

Deep Dictations Shows My Boss Hates Me
I’m Getting Micromanaged – My Boss Dislike Me

Checking out the work even before the due date arrives. Giving orders about things that should be otherwise entrusted to the employee.

And showing that he isn’t sure that the employee can do his job well.

All these signs show that the boss is micromanaging. What should we do as an employee?

Doing the work that the boss thinks you won’t be able to be the best tactic to go with.

2. Not Getting Feedback Because My Boss Hates Me

Indeed, many people in the organization aren’t that good at giving positive feedback.

This situation is okay to deal with. But if the boss is praising other people and leaves one unrecognized.

It’s then a sign that the boss hates that particular person because his way of assessing says so.

An Insufficient Feedback Is The Sign Of Hatred
Not Getting Feedback Because My Boss Hates Me

The affected employee must communicate and ask for direct feedback to sort out the situation.

And then see how the manager responds. The way he answers will give plenty of information about how he thinks of that person.

3. The Warm Relations Between Two Are Turning Cold

Most of the employee-boss relations are good at first. The initial interaction is better.

Then the professional relations may get a bit friendly over time.

But then things seem to go from warm to real cold.

This is a sign that the boss is no longer interested in maintaining a healthy relationship.

A Sudden Turn In Relation Shows Up
The Warm Relations Between Two Are Turning Cold

He will try to ignore the employee and take a different route to his office.

The employee should ask for convenient communication to make things clear.

This can help clear the confusion, and the boss might get happy because his employee cared about it.

4. Not Getting Boss’ Attention

In this situation, the manager isn’t paying enough attention to his employee. There will be a sudden change in his behavior that is noticeable.

The behavioral change can be in the form of canceling meetings with that employee.

Or canceling phone calls and not replying to the emails.

This type of behavior shows that the boss isn’t willing to interact. Or he doesn’t want to keep that person anywhere on his priority list.

If the boss is doing this with everyone, he gets tired and wants an exit.

But if the behavior particularly hits one person. Then that person should try to talk to his boss.

And ask to talk for a few minutes in case of canceled meetings.

5. Not Getting Invited To Meetings Because My Boss Hates Me

Is it an issue when a manager doesn’t invite a specific person to meetings? Yes, it is!

If they call everyone in the meeting to discuss a project. And that person is part of the project too.

But he doesn’t get any invitation; then this is a sign manager hates him. Also, he isn’t keeping up with the workplace discipline. 

Enforced Absence In Meetings Because My Boss Hates Me
Not Getting Invited To Meetings Because My Boss Hates Me

If my boss is making those decisions in which I should have my input without me. Does that mean my boss do not like me?

Yes, to some extent, the reason is hate or dislike. It can also be a sign that a person threatens the boss. 

And doesn’t want to get behind because of his input.

Doing all this, if the boss doesn’t even bother to explain or excuse. Then this is the clearest sign that they don’t want the person on their table.

6. Been Set Up To Fail – My Boss Hates Me

If I’m receiving a bundle of work and an indefinite amount of projects. And that too, with such deadlines that aren’t possible to achieve.

Then it says that my boss wants to fail me. He can’t bear my success because it’s impossible to do all that work.

Putting icing on the cake, the boss is very critical of all my work. He isn’t bothering to give feedback or positive criticism.

His sole purpose is to set me up for failure.

Giving An Overload Of Work Is A Sign
Been Set Up To Fail – My Boss Hates Me

This leads to finding an excuse to fire me. If this is happening to you and you don’t know what you should do.

Then the suggestion is to try to invest more energy. And communicate with the boss about what the outcome will be like.

If that doesn’t work too. It’s time to say goodbye to the employee-boss relations.

7. My Boss Dislike Me, So I’m Getting A Continuous Criticism

Getting positive criticism from time to time is a good thing. It reminds a person how to do their job.

But if the limit is exceeding and there is continuous criticism for the work. And it’s getting hard to please the manager with anything.

Then it’s a great sign telling you that your boss is trying to get you away.

It might be worthy of getting into a direct conversation with the boss. Also, try to put more effort into your work to make it look flawless.

It will work for sure. But if it doesn’t, and the criticism continues in the long-term, then take it as a sign that your boss dislikes you.

Look out to make your career at another place.

8. Not Getting Noticed While Leaving – My Boss Hates Me

Bosses do care a lot for those employees who seem valuable to them. But for the ones they don’t like, they can be very cold-hearted.

If you or any employee in your company has decided to leave the company.

This is because they aren’t getting the treatment they deserve.

But their boss doesn’t seem to care at all while they are leaving.

My Boss Hates Me
Not Getting Noticed While Leaving – My Boss Hates Me

Why is it so? The reason is evident that the boss has nothing to do with them leaving.

He doesn’t care if an employee he didn’t like in the past is all set to leave. Being to the peak of rudeness, he might not even say goodbye.

This is a sign that they don’t like that particular person.

5 Reasons Why My Boss Hates Me

Yet, we all know that one hand alone cannot make the clap sound. The problem can be on your end as an employee.

To see the reason behind all this mess, we need to look at both sides of the picture.

There can be several reasons behind the dislike of a boss. These can help you in answering why my boss dont like me.

1. Arriving Late To Work

Every boss in this world punctuality, and there is no doubt about it. But if you’re late to work, they won’t make you their favorite employee.

My Boss Hates Me
Arriving Late To Work

The solution is easy, that is showing up to work on time.

Amend your ways and get to meetings on time to avoid the hatred of your boss.

2. Throwing Endless Questions

If you are asking your boss too many questions, he will get annoyed. And he might think that you aren’t self-sufficient or confident.

Try to find the answers to these questions by doing a little research.

3. Bringing Problems And Not Solutions

The boss appoints an employee for delegation of authority and work. But if that employee is creating more work for him, then he will get mad for sure.

Come Up With Solutions
Bringing Problems And Not Solutions

Identifying problems is easy, but finding solutions to these is not easy at all.

One should try to find the solution to a problem and then present it to his boss.

4. Creating Distractions

Don’t be a chatterbox of your office. Like it would help if you didn’t burden your boss with senseless questions.

You should not be a distraction for your coworkers.

Asking for help is another scenario, though. You should ask for help when needed. But don’t throw unnecessary questions.

5. Being A Talebearer

Spreading gossip around the office is the worst thing one can do. Of course, a boss would hate this.

Office gossip leads to the downfall of a person when the colleagues get to know about it.

Spreading Gossips Is The Reason
Being A Talebearer

Your boss and co-workers would stop trusting you, and you won’t get valued.

How to win them back

Now when we have got to know the reason behind this mess. Does the question arise how to win your boss back?

If all or any of the signs of dislike are visible, then considering these solutions will be helpful.

1. Assess The Situation

First of all, assessing the situation from a different point of view is very important.

There can be various reasons behind the anger of a boss. It might be in the form of his personal struggles.

Assess The Situation From Different View
Assess The Situation

He might be going through a rough phase of his life. And needed a break. But he can’t take one, so things got worse.

Be honest while doing this assessment. Do you see many disagreements, or is it in your mind?

Not agreeing to execute a project is different from hate.

2. Be Proactive

Trying to be proactive is the best solution to this problem.

It may seem uncomfortable to take the first step. But it will help to take control of the situation.

Be in a direct meeting with your boss and put your concerns to the table. Try to solve the issues.

My Boss Hates Me
Be Proactive

Be very active to see how do they respond. And digest what you got to know from this talk.

Talk in your defense but be polite and remember that resolving things take time.

3. Do Not Overthink

After settling down the situation, make sure to yourself that there is no dispute now.

Try to move on and not to overthink whatever happened.

Stop Overthinking After It Solves Down
Do Not Overthink

Pay your attention to your work and go with a positive mindset.

Don’t try so hard to look for the hidden signs, as it may lead to making false scenarios.

Frequent Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When A Boss Ignores You?

If your boss ignores you, then know it that it’s a sign your boss wants to fire you. When your boss avoids you, it means that he doesn’t value your presence. And he no longer wants to see you at the workplace. So when your boss ignores you, he is sending signs that he doesn’t want to engage with you.

What Is A Toxic Boss?

A toxic boss is the one whom you don’t dare to speak to. You can spot a toxic boss when he tries to demean or devalue you. He will try to make his employees feel insufficient and not so good. Moreover, he has this hidden ability to suck the happiness out of other’s lives.

What To Do When Your Boss Shows Favoritism?

Spotting favoritism at the workplace can be very overwhelming. You must speak up for your rights. And gather the courage to say No where needed. Keep things professional and be trustworthy for everyone in the workplace. Remember not to accept the benefits of favoritism. Because what is bad is bad for everyone.

What To Do If Getting Ignored At Work?

If you feel that you’re unheard of at work, you should try to go with the ways to get noticed. For this purpose, try to network one-on-one and use visual cues. Support your ideas by having stories behind them. Make a business case, so everyone knows about your efforts and put in place these tries.

How To Get A Bad Boss Fired?

If you want to get fired from a bad boss who has been causing abuse. Then you should keep a record of it. Set your boss up to get trapped in his own evil plans. Make a business case to send it to the Human Resources Department. Find the right person in HR to whom you should report.


The relation between an employee and a boss has never been perfect. There’ll come rough phases between.

But it doesn’t make it necessary for my boss to hate me. Hate is not the rule.

Not letting these issues consume time and energy is an important factor to remember.

Solving the issues is the best try one can do this in this process. But if things seem to go in the opposite direction even after the efforts.

If possible, quitting the job is a good option to go with because toxic work that is consuming your energy is not worth the effort.

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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