How To Deal With A Rude Boss – 25 Ways To Follow

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Having a rude boss is worse, but not handling him is worst. Therefore, we’ll tell you how to deal with a rude boss.

A rude boss can make your life hell. To get the best out of the situation, we’ll tell you how to handle him.

How To Deal With A Rude Boss – 25 Ways To Follow

To deal with a rude boss, you have to follow these 20 ways:

1. Understand Why He Is Rude:

The first thing is that you need to understand why he is rude and then you will know how to deal with rude boss. There could be many reasons behind it.

how to deal with rude boss

He might want to assert his authority or wants you to be more obedient, or he might be insecure. Therefore, discover the reason for this behavior.

2. Don’t Take His Behavior Personally:

Do not take the behavior personally. Try to understand whether it’s his way of dealing with things or he has problems at home.

Try to be empathetic towards him and know that it’s not always personal.

3. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Talk It Out:

Please don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Talk about it with someone you trust, be it a friend or family member.

Sometimes expressing how you feel can make you feel lighter and more hopeful. Don’t bottle up your emotions.

4. Be Blunt With Him:

If talking out makes you feel no better, be blunt with him. Tell him that his behavior is affecting your work, which in turn affects the company’s image.

Tell him that if things don’t change soon, there might be consequences for both of you.

5. Know What You Want:

If you don’t want to confront the rude boss, make sure you know what you want.

How to deal With A Rude Boss - Rudeness

Would you like him to be more sociable, or would you like to work out your differences? Either way, communicate it and let him know how he can make things better for both of you.

6. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Limit Your Contact:

You might not be able to change his behavior, but you can limit your contact with him when possible.

Reserve all your energy for when required and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

7. ID The Signs:

Make a list of all the things that make you feel angry and annoyed. If you can, identify the signs and triggers which make you upset and wait for them to happen again.

Once you’ve identified them, deal with them before it affects your work negatively.

8. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Take A Break:

Distract yourself by taking a break; read a book or listen to music if that helps.

It’ll keep negative thoughts away and relaxes your mind too. Remember, you’re not at fault here.

9. Build Your Team:

If he is insulting, leave his team altogether and build your team instead.

This way, there would be no need to deal with him anyway. You might have to stay in touch with him to some extent, but that’s all.

10. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Don’t Let His Negativity Affect You:

Remember, he is only rude because you allow him to. So don’t let it affect your work or social life in any manner whatsoever.

Be strong and keep smiling; remember this too shall pass. Have a positive outcome despite all hurdles.

11. Turn Things Around:

Try turning things around; take a positive approach. If possible, try giving your boss suggestions on improving his behavior.

Tempting - How to deal With A Rude Boss

For example, you could tell him that people like how he does things. If he wants to get more acknowledgment, then there are ways through which he can do that.

It would be easier to give constructive criticism than tell him off for being angry.

12. Treat Him Like A Child:

If he acts like a child, you can treat him like one. Try to be firm and, if possible, even ignore his behavior completely.

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Remember, no matter how much you try to understand his behavior, it doesn’t mean that you have accepted it.

13. Focus On Your Own Goals:

Focus on your own goals and try achieving them without bringing your boss into the picture at all.

This way, you would release yourself from unnecessary stress and pressure. But remember, success isn’t everything in life, so don’t stress too much.

14. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Consult A Career Counselor:

Career counselors are professionals who have dealt with people in your situation. They might be able to give you some helpful advice.

Go to them and tell them about your problem; it’s easier than trying to deal with the issue yourself. You could even share how you feel, which would help a lot, trust me.

15. Change Your Perspective:

Sometimes we forget to change our perspective. Therefore, try seeing things from another person’s point of view.

This way, you’ll come up with different solutions which might work for you. It doesn’t hurt to try now. Sometimes all we need is a little push.

16. Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem:

Problem-solving requires patience and an open mind. Please don’t focus on the problem and how bad it is.

don't react

Instead, try looking for a solution to it calmly and rationally. Do some research or ask around for advice if need be.

17. Think About The Rewards:

Think about what you would get in return if everything went according to plan? For example, think about the best-case scenario.

How things might turn out in your favor when you deal with him nicely or even better? Show him who’s boss by being professional.

Many things work in this world, so which one works best for you?

18. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Be Proactive:

Try being proactive rather than reactive. Don’t let your eyes judge him before doing anything worth considering.

Keep yourself busy throughout the day, so you don’t have time to worry about him. Remember, the more free time you have, the more problems you’ll have. So avoid them at all costs.

19. Don’t Let Your Negative Thoughts Win:

Negative thoughts are something to handle with care. Try not to let them take over your mind while dealing with a problematic boss.

If they do, then things will get ugly for sure. So whenever possible, try surrounding yourself with only positive people. Positive results can only emerge from positive inputs.

20. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Bounce Back Stronger Than Before:

Remember that every cloud has a silver lining, and this too shall pass. Keep reminding yourself of that.

Never allow someone else’s a bad mood to get you down because the only person who suffers, in that case, is you, no one else.

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So don’t be a victim of someone else’s problems. Deal with them instead.

21. Don’t Let Your Reaction Hurt Anyone Else:

Keep reminding yourself that he is human too and has his difficulties. You might not be able to relate with him but try understanding his point of view.

It will be surprising to know how much it can help you when dealing with your boss.

Even if you are under stress or irritated, make sure that your reaction doesn’t hurt anyone else in any way.

22. How To Deal With A Rude Boss – Stay Calm And Collect Your Thoughts:

Try staying calm instead of reacting right away whenever he does something inappropriate. Remember how much you’ve grown up since the first day you started working for this company?

Staying calm will help you remember why you started working for the company. Avoid unnecessary conflicts which could negatively affect you.

23. Put Yourself In His Shoes:

Instead of getting all worked up, try putting yourself in his shoes and think about how he feels. For example, you haven’t been working at your best lately.

He’s dealing with a lot of stress which is why things are not going according to plan. Find out what is bothering him without offending him.

24. Trust Your Instincts:

You know yourself better than anyone else does, so trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t, don’t be afraid to speak up.

How To Deal With A Rude Boss

Once you’ve said something, there’s no looking back because that’s the mature thing to do.

25. Stay Focused And Act With Confidence:

Instead of freaking out, try staying focused and calm. Remember, you’re in control right now, so use that to your advantage.

Fake it until you make it if necessary, or even seek a little help from a friend to boost your confidence levels.

Life is too short anyway. You might as well live it on edge with courage and conviction. When you die, people will remember you by how you lived, not by how you cowered.


To deal with a rude boss, remember that kindness, understanding, and patience are the best way. If he behaves like a child, you act like a parent.

When he behaves like an adult, you can treat him as one too. Maintain respect and distance without any judgment. Do not let his behavior affect you.

Do not let negative thoughts prevail. When necessary, take a break. Moreover, try to talk it out with him to make things better.

In conclusion, understand why your boss is rude and handle him accordingly.

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