How To Ask Your Boss For A Review – 10 Easy Ways

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You have been excellent at your work and in the company for a long time. But you are not confident about how to ask your boss for a review. What to do?

If you’ve been putting in the hours and doing great work, then you should ask for a review because it is your right.

As for the confidence, we will boost you throughout this article. See this article as a sign to ask your boss for a review.

How To Ask Your Boss For A Review – 10 Easy Ways

You have to consider some things before asking your boss for a review.

1. Know Your Rights:

Asking for a review is legal, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

You’ve been working in the same position, but you were improving yourself. Your work has been adding significant value to the company all that time.

asking your boss for a review

Why not ask for what you deserve?

2. Prepare Yourself To Ask Your Boss For A Review:

There are some aspects you will want to get in order before having this conversation with your boss.

Improve your performance, follow all the rules, and go the extra mile for work. This way, your boss will notice you and consider your request quickly.

3. Ask Yourself Why You Want The Review:

It’s essential to understand why do you want a review? It would be best if you had some financial improvement, or you want to advance your career.

Your motivation can be other things like working in a better environment, etc.

4. Consult With Your Colleagues:

It’s okay to ask someone how they asked for a review. Your boss’s response will be of great help to you since you know what to expect.

5. Find The Right Time To Ask Your Boss For A Review:

Your boss might have loads of work, so it’s not the best time to bring this up to them. Give them space and wait until they are ready to talk about important things to you.

If he is already much busy, but he takes time out for you, then says something like this:

“I appreciate all the hard work you do every day, and It would be nice if I could help you in any way.”

So I need some of your time to look into this matter of mine.”

6. What To Include In The Meeting With Your Boss:

There are several tips for making the meeting with your boss successful and good for you:

– Be confident about yourself without being cocky. You have been doing great work but try not to come off with attitude. Be humble when asking for a review.

_a humble employee

– Tell your boss about the improvement in your performance throughout the tenure.

– Tell him that you have a knack for the betterment and are always looking to enhance your skills. And it all can be done if you know your mistakes and how to correct them.

7. Be Humble To Ask Your Boss For A Review:

Don’t aggressively make big requests. Be friendly and humble when asking for something from your boss.

Remember that it is your right, but don’t act like you’re entitled to the review.

8. Ask For What You Want But Do Not Expect Much:

You should have the conversation expecting that you will do better than the last time.

But keep in mind that it doesn’t always work out exactly as planned. Do everything you can and see how things turn out.

9. Have A Backup Plan Ready:

It will be best to make yourself visible if you don’t get a review. And also, if asking for a review takes too long, then find another job opportunity.

Try not to leave the conversation without having a solution. Also, give yourself time to think this over.

10. If You Fail, Ask Again In Some Time:

Bosses are usually very busy, and they might not give you proper reviews. So rather than forcing your demand, wait for some time and ask again.

But it is alarming if you realize that your company and your boss don’t value the reviews. Because good bosses worry about their employee’s growth.

Why Are Reviews Important?

Bosses can understand a lot about their employees with reviews. Below are some of those elements:

1. What Is The Employees’ Performance:

Reviews tell your boss what employees are doing. They also tell what the possible future of employees is like.

2. Are Employees Valuable Assets For The Company:

The review also tells if the employees take ownership of their work. Or if they come, work, and leave.


Taking ownership means you are a valuable asset to the company.

3. Do The Employees Need Training:

Employees don’t need any training if they are doing their jobs correctly. How can bosses determine if they are doing their jobs correctly? Through reviews.

4. Evaluate Employees’ Habits:

The employee’s behavior and performance. are beneficial for both the employee and the company to know what is right and wrong.

A review has all this information in one place, so why not enjoy that?

5. Write An Employee Performance Review Guide:

A review can be a tool to help you create a good guide for your future employees. This guide can help them understand how to perform their job duties correctly.

And if they don’t do an excellent job, they won’t even get hired. So it helps you write such a critical guide for the future employees.

Some bosses do not like to prepare such a document for future employees. Thus, you will take the lead by doing so.

How Often Do Companies Give Reviews?

Most of the companies give reviews once every six months. Some give them once a year, while others do it quarterly or monthly.

Still, most companies have performance appraisals on a semi-annual basis. It would help if you considered this when asking for a review from our boss.

When Should You Ask Your Boss For A Review?

It depends on your position within your organization. Some companies set their appraisals yearly, while others get them twice or thrice a year.

It would help if you asked for reviews at least once every six months because that’s what most companies do. But you can ask for reviews regularly too.

Asking for reviews yourself is good even if the company doesn’t have an appraisals system.

You can always ask your boss if they could give you feedback on how to improve yourself and your skills at work. But remember not to be an annoying person, so try not to do this too often.

How Not To Ask Your Boss For A Review:

While following the tips on how to ask your boss for reviews, remember the things to avoid.

1. Frequently Asking Your Boss For A Review:

Please don’t ask for a review every time you get the thought in your mind; ask for one when it’s due.

2. Asking For Reviews After Every Assignment:

Most companies give their employees an assignment at least once a week.

Hence letting your bosses know that you start panicking after every task isn’t good. It will show them that you aren’t confident in yourself.

A trustworthy employee

Or it says that there is something wrong with your performance. Neither of these things will help you get a good review.

So try to remind yourself to relax and calm down. If you worry all the time, you will have a heart attack before retiring.

3. Being Too Pushy To Ask Your Boss For A Review:

Being pushy won’t make any sense. If you try to be pushy and the boss won’t let you, they might think you’re not a good person.

4. Being Arrogant Of Your Exceptional Performance:

Remember the saying, “Don’t brag.” Don’t be arrogant about your performances, even if you did a better job than others. It is because that’s not the right way to ask for reviews.

5. Not Being Honest:

It would help if you always tried to be honest about your feelings and performance. So don’t start lying and pretending.

What To Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Give You A Review?

If your boss doesn’t give you a review in two or three months, they most likely think that everything is okay with you.

So do your job, but remember it’s essential to keep asking them for an appraisal in case if they forget.

Final Word:

In conclusion, asking for a review is a good practice. You should go and ask your boss about a study with politeness. And chances are he will give you one if your performance is good.

It would help if you always looked out for other opportunities. But keep in mind that things might turn out better if you try again after some time.

And don’t forget to ask yourself before making such an important decision: “What do I want?”

And with the feedback you get from the review, explore yourself and improve. See this as an opportunity to upgrade your skills and boost your performance.

If you have a good review, you will be in the good books of your boss, and isn’t that a remarkable thing?

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