How To Handle An Unethical Boss In 10 Effective Ways

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Dealing with anyone who is unethical is challenging. But if that anyone is your boss, then things can get ugly. So how can you handle an unethical boss?

There won’t be a perfect list of things you can do to handle your unethical boss. But you can learn from the experiences and suggestions of those who experienced it.

10 Effective Ways On How To Handle An Unethical Boss

You have to be strong to come out of such a situation. Hence, hold your chin high and follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Take Time To Assess The Situation:

First of all, you need to understand why your boss is behaving like this.

He has been having a wrong time at work and thinks that the employees don’t put enough effort into their jobs. Or he thinks his staff members are not contributing much.

He could be taking advantage of the fact that he’s your boss, and you can’t do anything about it.

finding the situation and reason behind it

When you understand why he’s behaving like this, you’ll know if there is any way to talk things out with him.

The chances are pretty high that he doesn’t realize how unethical his behavior is.

2. Know That You Have The Power:

An unethical boss might be cunning, manipulative, and selfish, but you’re his employee. Hence, he can’t do anything to harm your career if you know how to handle things correctly.

He doesn’t have any rights over your career. You can get promoted or get a specific project without his help.

For instance, he’s trying to take all the credit for everything you do. Unethical bosses try to hide their insecurities and weaknesses.

So do not feel hopeless and know your rights. This way, you can start to stand for yourself and find effective solutions to the situation.

3. Talk It Out With Him If Possible:

If you think there is a way for both of you to come together and sort out your differences, then talk to your boss.

Now you can follow an outline of how to have a conversation with him:

3.1 Start By Arranging A Meeting With Your Boss:

If you want to talk with him, then call for a meeting. Without an appointment, your boss might not listen to you effectively.

For example, you can make an appointment with his secretary or assistant. You can let him know that you want to discuss a serious matter with him with an appointment.

3.2 Have The Conversation In Private And On Your Terms:

You can also set up an appointment outside of work or during lunch break. It reduces the chances of others hearing all the conversation and gossiping.

For example, go somewhere relaxing and casual so that you’re comfortable.

meeting between unethical boss and employee

But keep in mind that you are about to tell him that he is an unethical boss. Therefore, choose a safe place for you if the conversation gets ugly.

3.3 Start With A Compliment Then Get To The Point:

You can start by saying: “You do good work and manage your tasks efficiently.”

Then tell him how it makes you feel when he takes all the credit for your hard work and doesn’t give any due recognition. It is pointing out unethical behavior, for example.

Tell him how his unethical behavior impacts the company. And how his lies or manipulation of the firm’s policies affect everyone.

After you tell him that your boss is corrupt, the actual situation begins. How to handle the boss’s reaction after you call him unethical?

4. Try Not To Use Heavier Words When Handling An Unethical Boss:

You go to your boss and point your finger at him, saying, “You are such a jerk. I have not seen more unprofessional and unethical person than you in my entire life.”

Do you think you can come out of the office after this with your job still with you? Not At All.

So rather than using heavier words, try to talk to your boss politely. Yes, your boss is unethical. But he is, after all, your boss, and you have to be respectful.

If his misconduct is severe, the solution is not to talk to him but to observe the company’s policies.

5. Document The Proof If Possible:

You are confronting your boss’s behavior. And you may need to stand in front of HR later on if the situation is serious.

So do you want to take a stand for yourself without legitimate proof? Of course not. Therefore, prepare good documentation for the matter under observation.

pointing finger at boss

And try to find as many proofs as possible so that you can use them later. Or you can ask your close colleagues to keep such proofs when they see them.

6. Keep A Low Profile:

If your boss is unethical and he is trying to demotivate you, then take the following steps to keep a low profile:

6.1 Stay Calm And Professional:

Though it may be hard for you, staying calm and professional in a challenging situation is a great deal. If you want to say something back to your boss after he tries to manipulate you:

– Try not to say anything at all.

– Go straight into the action.

– Show him that his actions don’t affect you as much as they used to (stay low profile and ignore them).

Because if the company finds out that you confronted your boss, it will affect your career. It can even cost you your job which you don’t want.

6.2 Lesser The Contact With Him Better It Is:

Staying away from your boss won’t mess up your career because it is unnecessary to be friends with all.

If distancing an unethical boss can save your job or make things easier for you, then do it without any doubt.

7. Make Sure That Your Boss Can Not Manipulate You:

It would help if you did not think that this was some manipulation. Your boss was unethical and tried to manipulate the entire situation.

Never threaten or hit your boss after confronting him about his unethical actions. even if he is unprofessional and aggressive.

Because if the case goes out of control, it will affect your career and cause a lot of trouble in the future.

So keep calm and focus on addressing the matter with a concerned authority (based on severity).

8. Reward Yourself For Taking A Stand In Handling An Unethical Boss:

Reward yourself for taking a stand on your principles after dealing with your boss.

taking stand

It will boost your confidence and self-respect, which is a great deal.

9. Take Help Of HR To Handle An Unethical Boss:

Go to HR if your employer is being unethical and deliberately trying to mess up the workplace. HR can help you with all the matters like these.

10. Consider A Different Career Option If You Can’t Handle Your Unethical Boss:

But if after following all the steps, your boss doesn’t change and manipulates you, it is time to think of a job switch,

Because sticking with such a boss will affect your career and cost a lot of money, energy, and motivation.

Examples Of Some Unethical Behaviors By Boss:

It is essential to know which behaviors are unethical. You have to take some action on them when you encounter them.

1. Your Boss Takes Credit Of Your Work:

Your boss takes all the credit for your hard work and doesn’t even ask you about it. Moreover, he does it all after knowing that you are working hard. It is unethical.

2. Your Boss Undermines Your Authority:

You are in charge of a project or an assignment. But unfortunately, your boss disagrees with how you work, and he tries to take over everything.

3. Your Boss Is An Active Sabotage Maker:

Instead of contributing to organizational success, some bosses sabotage their employees.

how to deal with an unethical boss and company

4. Your Boss Is A Vulture:

If your boss possesses a vulture mentality, he will take business from your key clients.

5. Your Boss Has No Empathy:

Such a type of boss lacks insight into the effects of his actions on others. They don’t know what employees feel when they mistreat them.

6. You Feel Disrespected At Workplace By Your Boss:

If you feel disrespected at the workplace by your boss, then it’s time to confront him about it.

Whatever the type of personality, always keep a keen eye on them. Remember that you are here for a career, not to feel worse. Thus take proper action against such unethical bosses.


In conclusion, confronting an unethical boss is not easy at all. So even if you don’t have much experience, the best way to handle a corrupt boss is by assessing the situation.

Later, talk to him and explain how he affects your work. Having an unethical boss is challenging, but you can deal with it if you are careful.

Some unethical behaviors include:

-A manipulative boss

-Boss who takes credit for others’ work

-Boss who is a liar

Do not be harsh with your boss, and try to document every proof so that you can use it later. If the matter is severe, go either to HR or think of a career switch.

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