10 Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work – How To Deal With It

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Many of us had faced the pain of being feeling signs you have been sidelined at work meaning during our careers, and believe me; it’s the worst!

Giving your best and still not getting recognition for it, how does it feel? It kills you from inside.

10 Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work

But one should make sure that are they really getting sidelined meaning

at work what to do, or is it a perception. Are you meeting the deadlines and achieving your targets with full capacity?

Do you still get sidelined and not get the recognition you deserve? Then you might be getting ignored for some hidden reasons.

Though we’re here to discuss the signs your boss is sidelining meaning you, we’ll also address its solutions.

1. You Get The Scrap Work – Valuable Work Goes Somewhere Else:

Most visible sign of getting sidelined is that you get to work on scrap assignments. The truth is that someone junior to you could’ve better worked on these, but you get it because you’re sidelined.

The Boss Never Assigns You Good Work
You Get The Scrap Work – Valuable Work Goes Somewhere Else

There’s no room for growth, and your career is stagnant because your boss doesn’t want you to move upward.

You question your worth because you’re doing undervalued work every day with zero motivation.

2. You’re Clearly Getting Ignored By Everyone:

Either it’s about the team doing a new project or inviting you to an office party, you’re ignored for some reason.

It’s an obvious sign that you’re getting sidelined at work because they don’t want to see you at important events.

Everyone Ignores You At The Work
Youre Clearly Getting Ignored By Everyone

Your boss or coworkers might not be doing this intentionally, but somehow it happens, and you feel low.

Being pushed to a corner like you don’t matter to the workplace is how you feel when you get sidelined.

3. You’re The Last One To Join Meetings – Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work:

You get ignored to the point that they forget to invite you to the meetings. When you are the last one to join a meeting or get an invitation, then probably you’re getting sidelined.

Your questions asked during the meeting aren’t addressed, and they ask you to clear your confusion.

But deep down, you know that the problem is at their end; your boss is trying to push you against the wall.

4. You Never Know What’s Going On At Work:

If you’re a newbie, then it’s fine to be unaware of so many things going around at your workplace.

You Know Nothing About The Workplace Secrets
You Never Know Whats Going On At Work

But if you’re an older employee and still don’t know about such things, you aren’t considered trustworthy enough.

Your coworkers and boss don’t share the inside work secrets because they think you’re unimportant. Meanwhile, you never know what’s happening around you, and you just keep on doing your work.

5. A Brief Nod When You Ask Something From Them:

When you ask your boss about an important project, he either nodes or smiles, and you’re left in confusion.

Even if you ask your coworkers that they’d like to grab a coffee with you, they just nod and make you feel valueless.

Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work
A Brief Nod When You Ask Something From Them

You’re made to feel like you’re imposing yourself on them, and they don’t want to bear you anymore. What to do when your boss sidelines you.

6. There’s A Decline In Emails You Receive – Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work:

Your boss used to email every little detail of the project to help you get through the process. He was helping you to succeed in your work and congratulated you through emails for your achievements.

But now, you rarely get an email from your boss, and it feels like your boss abandons you.

This is a clear sign that you’re being sidelined at work, and you should take some steps regarding it.

7. They Turn Their Eyes Away – Body Language Says It All:

When you’re with your boss, and he’s supposed to guide you about work, he shifts his feet and eyes.

It Is Visible From Their Body Language
They Turn Their Eyes Away – Body Language Says It All

It’s quite an easy sign to tell you’re being sidelined because their body language is saying it all!

Similarly, your office colleagues are behaving strangely with you, and you feel like a ghost. That’s because they never acknowledge your presence.

8. Your Days Go Silent – No One Communicates With You:

No one talks to you at work, and you wonder whom to share your work talks with? So your days go silent as no one remembers you’re there in the office, and you feel unimportant.

You’re working in your corner wondering why no one interacts with you, and it questions your worth.

In such situations, it can be difficult to keep your productivity and motivation level high.

9. No One Remembers To Give You Feedback:

Your boss and coworkers forget to give you timely and precise feedback until you ask for it. When you insist that they give you feedback, they apologize and say it wasn’t in their minds.

Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work
No One Remembers To Give You Feedback

When you challenge the assumptions of other people, they label you as negative or confrontational.

And when you don’t get feedback, you can’t guess by yourself which areas you need to work on.

10. There’s No Sign Of Your Promotion – Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work:

People around you are always convincing you that stagnation is good for your career. Your boss also keeps you stuck at one point and promotes someone else instead of you.

You’re working hard, and your targets are always surpassing the expectations; still, you don’t get promoted.

Also, your boss asks you to work on unreachable goals so that he can ask you to wait when you inquire about a promotion.

What To Do If You’re Getting Sidelined – 5 Steps

Getting sidelined by your boss or peers can be distressing and drain out your motivation.

It badly affects your mental health and can cause destruction to your self-esteem. Here’s what to do when you feel you’re being sidelined at work.

1. Don’t Let Yourself Become Negative:

When you get sidelined, it’s very easy for negative emotions to take over you and change your behavior.

Keep Yourself Motivated In Such Situation
Dont Let Yourself Become Negative

What do you need to do at such times? You must keep yourself and your thoughts safe from negativity and try to stay as much positive as possible.

Keep doing your work and submit your assignments with the same old enthusiasm. Remember that confidence is the key to win this situation.

2. Take Time For Self-Assessment:

Instead of venting around about your situation, take some time for your self-assessment.

Take a look at your performance and make an analysis of how you’ve been performing in the past few years.

If you think you’ve been working as per instructions and achieved your targets, then the issue is not at your end.

3. Seek Feedback From Other Sources:

If your boss is sidelining you, you should seek feedback from your coworkers. You can analyze your performance by getting a second opinion through their views.

Signs Of Being Sidelined At Work
Seek Feedback From Other Sources

It will help to let you confirm that where does the problem is arising from? Also, you’ll be able to think about your next step – the solution.

4. Have A Direct Talk With The Boss:

The best way to resolve this issue is to have a direct conversation with your boss. Ask him where you lack and what’s making him sidelining you at work.

Be confident while talking to your boss but remember to have a positive mindset so you can take in the feedback.

5. Keep Your Mind Calm:

Once you talk to your boss and you’re well aware of the situation, you have to have a patient mind.

Have A Cool Mind To Deal With It
Keep Your Mind Calm

Avoid taking any action in haste as it can cause you to lose in the future. Be patient in such a situation, as your boss might be going through a bad phase.

You must wait until this phase passes and then decide what to do next.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do When You Feel Sidelined At Work?

When you get sidelined at work, you must avoid the impulse to feel demotivated and keep your focus on the work. Give your best to the areas that are still in your control and document the events you get sidelined.

How Do You Know If You’re Undervalued At Work?

If there’s a lack of gratitude for your work and you get scrap assignments to work on, you’re undervalued at work. There’ll be a lack of support and negative comments coming your way, which are clearer signs.

How Do You Tell If Your Employer Is Trying To Get Rid Of You?

If your employer is trying to get rid of you, you won’t get difficult and challenging assignments to work on. You aren’t getting any support for professional growth, boss generally avoids you.

What Does It Mean To Sideline An Employee?

If you’re excluding an employee from good projects and make him feel undervalued, you’re sidelining him. Getting sidelined can result in demotivation and ultimately in employee turnover.


Everyone deserves to work in a place where they don’t have to apologize for being themselves. If you’re an introvert, and plus, you’re getting sidelined at work, take steps for yourself until you’re completely lost.

Remember that no one is perfect, neither perfection is the goal, you shouldn’t push yourself to do more than your capacity.

You’re good enough to work in a place with opportunities and where people recognize you for your skills.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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