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We all want to know how to be chill because of the stressful lives we have.

People want to be chill and relax throughout their life. But most of us don’t know how to pull off the chilling trait.

Overthinking could be the biggest reason for not being chill. There can be many other issues like stress and loneliness.

15 Tips And Tricks On How To Be Chill – The Art Of Living

Do you know the root cause of your problem? Why you can’t be happy instead of luxuries in life? 

Most of you won’t be aware of the causes of stress. 

If you are one of such people and are struggling to find how to be chill. Then this article is for you! Begin your year with these habits backed by experts and researchers.

Though these are the baby steps and these are not going to put everything in place by magic.

But these will help you to be a little happier and calm at the moment.

1. Don’t Work Like A Machine:

Admit that you cannot do it all. Because you are a human and not a machine.

If you have this habit of saying “yes” to every offer. Then quit this habit now because it does have long-term consequences.

The habit of people-pleasing is not good at all. It can put your mental well-being in danger.

Say NO Where Needed To Be Chill
Don’t Work Like A Machine

Learn the polite ways of turning down offers where your mind doesn’t agree. And don’t feel bad about it.

2. How To Be Chill – Avoid Watching The Bulletin:

Researchers suggest that people should avoid listening to too much news. Because it can affect their mental health in a bad way.

You need to take time away from the barrage of bad news stories.

Medical experts suggest it to their patients. Even they keep themselves from such news to keep their stress under control.

You should learn to take news breaks. Instead of stressing out use this time to relax your muscles.

3. Scroll Down The Memes Or Watch Comedy:

Sometimes you need to reset your brain by having a mental escape from reality. When you feel overwhelmed, try to watch a funny series.

Experts of psychological and brain sciences say that it can help curb your stress.

Start Watching A New Show
Scroll Down The Memes Or Watch Comedy

Try to watch a comedy show. It will make you laugh and make your muscles relax.

4. Don’t Let Social Media Take Over Your Nerves:

First of all, quit being a social media addict. Because using too much social media deteriorates mental health.

Try to take short breaks from your news feed.

You must re-frame your way of viewing posts on Instagram and Facebook. Try to build a positive mindset about these posts.

Un-follow the people or accounts that cause mental stress and don’t bring joy to you. Instead of such people, try to follow some positive content.

You might see a post on social media and feel left out for not being too successful. But remember that everyone has their journey.

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5. Invest Time To A Cause You Care About:

Quit all the stressful activities of your life. Try to invest your time in charities and causes.

It will help to vanish the negative emotions from your life. You will become active and it will also help to relieve anxiety.

6. How To Be Chill – Go For A Walk Or Exercise:

You cannot have anything better than an exercise in your life. Regular movement helps to lift the mood and lessens depression.

Try to add a good physical activity to your life like a morning walk or try a new fitness class in your town.

Be Active To Be Chill
Go For A Walk Or Exercise

You can learn easy ways of exercise if you lack fitness skills.

7. Book A Vacation To Your Favorite Spot:

Spending money on a new experience is not a wastage but an investment in your healthy life.

It’s not the material possessions that make us happy. Happiness links to memories and experiences.

So spend your disposable income trying out new things. Go on a vacation and chill it out.

8. Make Something Good To Eat:

Flex your creative muscles and find a mental escape in cooking a new dish.

Whenever you feel distressed by negative emotions. Go to a nearby grocery store and buy the items you like. And prepare a good meal.

When you make something you like. It lifts your mood and makes you feel good about it.

9. How To Be Chill – Write Whatever You Feel:

Research says that writing can help to clear your mind. Writing is a cathartic process.

Many people find it relaxing to write their thoughts and feel calmer.

Write A Journal To Be Chill
How To Be Chill – Write Whatever You Feel

That doesn’t mean you need to write everything about whatever happens in life. Of course, it needs time and you have a busy life.

So you can try a manageable schedule where you can journal once a month. Or once a week.

10. Don’t Let Your Budget Be Out:

One of the biggest stressors in today’s world is finances. If you control your expenses and learn good ways to budget your income.

It can be a vital step in your life. Try to find out ways to save your money.

11. How To Be Chill – Delete Toxic People And Move On:

The people around you leave a strong mark on how you feel and your thoughts.

According to research, too much happiness is as dangerous as too much stress.

Check out for toxic people in your life. Make a list of them. Learn some tips about how to deal with them.

12. Prioritize Yourself – The Key Of Being Chill:

Life is never going to be a happy place all the time. And you can’t please everyone around you.

The one and the only person you can make happy is yourself.

Make Yourself A Priority Is The Key Of How To Be Chill
Prioritize Yourself – The Key Of Being Chill

It’s good to be a giver than a taker. But the excess of everything is bad. If you put other’s feelings above your own.

You are doing unfair to yourself. Promise yourself to take your care as a top priority. You can communicate in a polite way if someone is taking too much of your energy.

And don’t get upset that the other person might not be happy with you.

13. Work On Your Emotion Control Mechanism:

Any emotion in excessive amount can ruin your day, anger, frustration, and anything else. Start working on that!

Overthinking ruins everything. It makes the present worse. Our life cannot be the same as we plan to be it. There are always events changing and canceling in our life.

If you live too much in the future, it will do nothing well but stress you out.

Try to live in the present and chill out. This doesn’t mean that you should never think about the future. But try to spend less time worrying about the future.

14. Strengthen Your Relations:

No one can communicate their needs to the family in an open way. When it comes to tough topics like your love life, it becomes harder.

But you should always set up boundaries for your self-care.

Set Boundaries With Your Loved Ones To Be Chill
Strengthen Your Relations

You should always have a choice when it comes to such conversations. Don’t force yourself into this.

You should look after your mental health by managing these anxiety-provoking talks.

15. Mould Your Negative Thoughts To Another Way:

It’s natural to worry about your life and your surroundings. But it should have a limit. If it exceeds the limit, it’s not good.

If you are letting those negative thoughts into your mind. You are going to ruin your mental health.

Find out what births such thoughts. Try to manage the reasons or try to cut them from your life.

Effective Habits You Need to Develop To Be Chill:

First of all, you need to develop these habits so you can have a clear vision of where you stand.

1. Stop Overworking:

Working is good until it starts getting on your head. By working too much you become a ball of nothingness.

Working for more than 10 hours is overwork and not efficient. The work you do when you are too tired is rubbish.

Stop Overworking To Be Chill
Stop Overworking To Be Chill

You might get rude or angry while talking to coworkers. Or you might end up sending a bad email to your boss.

If you overwork, you will lose your purpose or goal. It would be a wastage of time.

2. Make The Start Of The Day Right:

The beginning of your day is an important part of the day. Make it right to achieve your dreams.

When you wake up, drink at least 500 ml of water. Exercise to do a proper walk if possible for 10 minutes.

Have a good healthy breakfast. Because the first meal of the day defines your day.

The example of a good breakfast is not sugar and carbs it’s rather eggs, smoothies, or fruits.

Excess sugar and carbs spike your blood sugar. This is not good for your stress levels.

3. Develop A Habit Of Nap:

When you make your diet good and healthy. You will soon realize that you can eat a good lunch in 15 minutes.

Eating lunch in less time will save time for a quick nap. A 15-minute nap can help you to manage your stress levels.

Larger organizations like Google have nap designed furniture in their offices. People can take quick naps during work.

Napping helps to gain energy back after lunch. All the successful people adopt this habit and are happy with it.

Develop A Habit Of Nap
Develop A Habit Of Nap

Though there’s a myth about napping. People see such people who take naps as lazy and sleepy.

But it’s not true. If you are taking 15 minutes to boost your energy level. Then it is worth it.

There’s nothing to feel shame about it and it is going to help you chill.

These are the major habits that are going to help you a lot. But it’s not the end of the story. You will have to put in an effort if you want to be chill.


If you want to learn how to be happy, then try to give it time. If you aren’t habitual of doing such kind of things, then take time and practice.

Yes, practice makes it easier for you to learn how to be chill. Stop worrying about what others think of you.

You need to be chill when you have to face abnormal behavior, either yours or others.

Surround yourself with the people and things you love. Try to avoid the things you don’t love.

Avoid interacting with rumors. It will help you to be chill and increase your worth in the eyes of other people.

Do mention in a comment if you know that you have any other idea on how to be chill. We are waiting for your feedback.

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