How To Deal With A TattleTale Coworker In 10 Ways

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Insiders say that learning how to deal with a tattletale coworker is simple. Try and avoid them as much as possible.

If you can snag a private office, do it! If not, take your break only when they aren’t around.

If one of “those” employees try to corner you for information or rumors about another employee, make sure you know who is in the vicinity.

10 Solid Ways To Deal With A Tattle Tale Coworker

One of the biggest secrets to working in a successful office is learning not to get caught up in the drama. It’s one thing if you partake in gossip or pass on rumors.

It’s another when someone drops your name and tries to get you involved against your will.

However, if you come upon such coworkers, there are ways to deal with them:

1. Keep Your Distance:

If a transfer is possible into a private office with no risk of losing face in the company, do it.

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Otherwise, make sure you know where they are before taking your break. Don’t give in if they corner you for information against another employee.

2. Don’t Pass On Gossip To Deal With A TattleTale Coworker:

If they ask if something is true or not, which usually happens in the form of:

“Is it true that John has been looking for a new job? Did somebody say so-and-so hates so-and-so?”, say no comment.

No matter how much you want to open up, remember that once where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

If someone brings your name into the conversation, correct them by telling them exactly what happened.

3. Make It Clear You Don’t Like The Situation:

One way to deal with a tattletale coworker is to avoid being in the same room together whenever possible.

If that cannot happen, use the above tactics when cornered in conversation. They will come back for more if you take an open approach and let them know how much it bothers you!

More importantly, make sure you know who’s around when having this chat.

4. Be The One To Bring It Up First:

If rumors are going around about you or another coworker, take your stand right away. Bring up the topic first.

If someone else starts talking about you, say that it’s not something you want to talk about. If they try to probe further, give short answers without providing any information.

5. Send Mixed Signals To Deal With A TattleTale Coworker:

If you treat them well but let small secrets slip here and there, the other person will get frustrated. He won’t be able to figure out your true feelings towards them.


Finally, if someone spreads rumors about you right in front of your face, tell them they have no proof. Ask for a retraction in front of everyone, so there is no confusion.

Don’t lose your temper or attempt to attack them. Chances are high. Someone will be recording with their phone!

6. Show Gratitude:

If you don’t know who’s doing some talking, play it safe and thank them for letting you know the rumor.

By not asking questions or accusing anyone, they will put two and two together and realize they’re the snitch.

This strategy only works if there is no evidence of your involvement, such as a photo or text message on hand. If that’s the case, go to step 5 above!

7. Be The One To Spread The Gossip:

If you are being spread rumors about, it’s time to get revenge! If they want information, give them something completely false.

Doing this will make the other person look silly in front of everyone else. You will also show their true colors by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Sometimes all you need is a little payback to shut someone up for good!

8. Have An Inside Source To Deal With A TattleTale Coworker:

If you’re the person with the real story, ask a trusted coworker if they know who might be talking about you.

If so, see if this friend would be willing to tell their source of information. It could be your way to “set the record straight” and explain what exactly is going on.

However, make sure not to come off as too needy as that could turn this helpful friend against you!

9. Call Them Out In Front Of Others:

One way to deal with a tattletale coworker is by asking them why they are saying those things. This approach must be made wisely, however.

There’s a good chance they will make up a lie or try to change the subject.

problem coworker

If they try to avoid answering your question, look them straight in the eye and repeat what you asked. Do so until they answer!

10. Ask Them To Stop To Deal With A TattleTale Coworker:

If someone is talking behind your back at work, ask them to please stop. Tell your coworker that you’re not comfortable with their behavior.

It makes you feel uncomfortable whenever they do this. It’s also helpful to say how it’s impacting your productivity and others around you.

Others can be coworkers and clients/customers. If this person helps by saying those things, they will likely apologize for upsetting you. Thus, stop spreading rumors right away!

Who Is A Tattle Tale Coworker?

A tattletale coworker is someone who tries to find out other people’s secrets.

They tell the higher-ups or managers behind their back about the bad things they have done. Here are more traits of a tattle tale coworker:

1. Snitch Or Rats – A TattleTale Coworker:

These people are also known as “snitches” and “rats.” They likely do this because they feel insecure with themselves.

They try to make them feel better by tearing others down. These rats are the worst people a company can have. They make the environment at office horrible.

2. They Gossips Or Spread Rumors:

Tattletale coworkers spread rumors and gossip behind other people’s backs. They will start small talk with you.

However, they might open up about what is going on at the company or break room after getting to know each other.

Then, out of nowhere, divulge some confidential information! It’s best never to trust someone like this.

Chances are high. They’ll turn around and tell everyone else your secrets, too!

3. Sabotagers Or Victimized:

A tattletale coworker tries to sabotage other employees. They tell them that someone else said something wrong about them or makes them look bad in front of others.

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Sometimes they even spread false info, so it seems like a particular person is wrong!

They have likely been a victim in the past, so now they are taking out their revenge on others.

4. Informers Or Gossips – A TattleTale Coworker:

Someone who is an informer plays both sides of the fence. They talk to management about what is happening. They also tell people in the break room about it.

They will make up stories or retell them in ways that make them sound better than reality. They leave out important details for their gain.

5. Opportunists Or Bearers Of Bad News:

An opportunist is someone who waits until something terrible happens. They then start talking about it before anyone else knows what happened.

It usually ends up making things worse. Rumors start getting around before everyone finds out the truth for sure.

6. Nudges:

A saboteur is someone who tries to make you look bad in front of others, even if it’s not true. They might try to get ahead by nudging or pushing you into some misstep.

Meanwhile, they stand back looking innocent and helpful. This way, it makes them look better in front of management without doing anything!

7. Lurkers – A TattleTale Coworker:

These are people who hang around the office where everyone else gathers. However, they never actually say much or do anything themselves.

They love hearing what is going on with others, though. They will likely be asking questions later about what happened.

8. Fighters Or Warriors:

These are those who fight for a cause and try to get others involved in it. If something terrible happens, this person might take it upon themselves to change things.

They usually tell everyone else about it without talking to management first.

9. Big Mouths Or Loudmouths:

It is someone who tends to talk about things before they think. They may have a good heart and always want the best for everyone around them.


They tend to stir up trouble when it isn’t necessary. It’s best to keep your distance from these types of people.

Also, make sure you aren’t saying things that will get back to them later!

10. Whistle-Blowers Or Squealers:

These people are the same as informers, but it’s more. They like telling on others or tattling than out of revenge or spite.

They feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that something will get done about a problem. They do so despite what others might think!

Sometimes this can be a good thing depending on the severity of the problem and how it gets fixed.

11. Flatterers:

A flatterer is someone who tells you what you want to hear rather than upsetting you with the truth. This way, they always seem to make things better.

However, in reality, nothing at all has been achieved by them doing this. It’s best for their own sake not to believe anything they say too much because chances are it’s not true!


Dealing with a tattletale coworker is simple. You have to ignore their behavior or stop it immediately, so it doesn’t keep happening again.

If you are nice enough about taking care of the problem, they might not even realize what’s going on!

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