How To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done – 40+ Ways

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You have had a productive day at work, and you found out that your coworker finished some large projects on time. So here’s how to compliment a coworker for a job well done.

Everyone enjoys being praised for their hard work, especially their bosses or coworkers.

40 Best Ways To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done

But what do you say when someone goes above and beyond the call of duty? How can you tell a coworker they did an excellent job on something without sounding creepy?

Here are 40 best ways to compliment a coworker for a job well done:

1. One-Liner Phrase:

Here are short and to-the-point phrases for you to choose from:

1. “You did an excellent job on that project.”

2. “I appreciate how you handled that situation.”

3. “I’m glad to be working with you.”

4. “That was well done!”

5. “Your work has been consistent lately; keep it up!”

6. ““Great work! I can tell you put forth a lot of effort into this project.”

7. “Job well done!”

8. “Well, look at YOU go! You’re doing great.”

9. “OMG! This looks amazing – good job!”

10. “I had no idea you were so efficient.”

11. “Nicely done – keep it up!”

12. “Your hard work is starting to show.”

13. “Great job on that project. I can tell that you took it seriously.”

14. “It was great working with you.”

15. “Thanks so much!”

16. “You’re doing better than ever lately, keep it up!”

17. “Thank you for your hard work!”

18. “I had no idea you were so good at this! What an improvement from the first time you did this.”

19. “Wow, thanks for helping me out here…” (when someone helps you)

20. “Well done – I appreciate your dedication and effort.”

2. Long Phrases To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done:

Here are little detailed phrases for you to choose from:

21. “I appreciate how you handled that situation. You did an excellent job on that project. You should be proud of yourself.”

22. “Teamwork is when everyone does their part and contributes positively. And I commend your contributions.”

23. “I can’t believe how much work you’ve done in one day. I hope to be able to accomplish the same by tomorrow.”

24. “Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have been able to get it done without your help. You have been an amazing colleague, and I appreciate your efforts.”

25. “Great work! You have been doing a great job on that project. I’m glad to be working with you.”

26. “I wanted to let know how much your recent efforts have meant to me and the company as a whole. I appreciate your hard work.”

27. “I am so grateful that you are in my team. I appreciate all your hard work and for always being there when I need you.”

28. “I would like to express how amazed I am at the quality of your work. It’s amazing what you’ve done with this project, especially since you got it so last minute. I’m very impressed.”

29. “It’s awesome how you finished that project- not only on time but early! Thanks for all your hard work!”

30. “Thank you for your help with this project. What would we do without awesome people like you?”

More Detailed Phrases

31. “I appreciate how helpful and accommodating you are when I ask for your help. Everyone here at the company knows how valuable it is to have a coworker likes you.”

32. “I would like to thank you for all the effort you put into this project. It shows that you care about the work that we do here in our department.”

33. “Thank you for always being there when I need some extra help, especially during crunch time. It’s definitely appreciated!”

34. “It’s inspiring to see how hard you work and how much time and effort you put into your tasks. You should be commended on the impressive results!”

35. “I’ve noticed that your performance is improving with each project. It makes me happy as your supervisor. Keep up the good work!”

3. Email Samples To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done:

If you can not say anything to your coworker in person, write an email for them:

Sample 1:

Dear Sam,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty on the Smith project.

You were a real trooper during those long days in the conference room, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Your input was invaluable, as always. I hope that this letter serves as an appropriate token of our appreciation. Congratulations!


Sample 2:

Hi Sam,

I wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on the project. We appreciate your diligence and thoroughness during crunch time!

It is so much to us knowing we have someone as talented as you on our team. Thanks again!


Sample 3:

Hi Sam,

Thank you for staying late last night to finish up the project. You were a huge help, and I couldn’t have done it without your dedication and hard work.

You’re an essential part of this team, and we appreciate it! Thanks again!


Sample 4:

Hey Sam,

I wanted to send you an email thanking you for your hard work on the project.

It impresses me how much effort and passion you put into making this product even better than we could have imagined! Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Sample 5:

Hi Sam,

Thank you so much for helping me with the project. It’s saved me a lot of time, and I appreciate your help!


20 Things To Remember When Complimenting A Coworker For A Job Well Done:

Here are a few things for you to remember when complimenting your colleagues:

1. Be Specific:

When inflating your coworker, include specific examples of what you liked about them. ‘I like how hard you worked on this project is a nice sentiment.

Excellent job


It doesn’t praise the actual behavior that made such a good impression. Instead, try something like:

‘I appreciated how much time and effort you put into polishing this report- it looks great!’

2. Timing:

There’s an art to giving out compliments at work. You want to ensure that they’re delivered at the right moment and with the proper attitude and tone.

If your goal is to encourage your coworker or brighten up their day, there’s no need to wait for a special occasion.

If you want to compliment as a way to share your gratitude, wait until you thank them for something specific.

3. Tone To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done :

The tone is also important when giving out compliments. The key here is being polite and sincere- not cheesy!

Be as professional as possible, even if you don’t know the person well. The tone of your voice can make all the difference.

4. In-Person:

Complimenting a coworker for a job well done in person is always best. If you cannot do so, consider writing them an email or leaving them a note.

Keep your language formal and professional, even if you are close to the person.

5. End On A Positive Note:

Sometimes, when giving compliments, it is easy to focus on the negative. Try not to do this when complimenting your coworker!

End your email or letter with something nice- even if it’s a simple statement like ‘I hope this note finds you well!’ or ‘We’re lucky to have you working here- keep up the good work!’

6. Be Professional To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done :

Remember that the person you are complimenting is your coworker. It means that you should still put a lot of care into what you write or say to them.

It is especially if they aren’t very familiar with receiving compliments. Keep your language formal and professional.

How To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done

It will ensure that they take what you say and carry those positive feelings about their work with them.

7. You Have The Choice To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done :

You don’t have to give out compliments because someone else does.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how others want you to speak to them, so it is best not to offer any praise when in doubt.

If you feel compelled to compliment a colleague on their work, follow these guidelines.

8. Be Sincere To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done :

When giving out compliments at work, make sure to mean what you say! Don’t be vague when writing emails or notes.

State exactly why you like the job your coworker did and how it impacted you. If possible, try using specific examples to make things even more clear:

‘Thanks for staying late to finish up the report- it looks great! I also appreciate.”

9. Be Modest:

Remember that you don’t have to be the best at everything. If you notice an aspect of your coworker’s work behaviour that is better than your own, don’t boast about it!

Keep these compliments focused on them and their specific actions. Moreover, keep any pride in yourself understated.

10. Be Honest:

There is a difference between being humble and being dishonest. You can encourage your coworker without having to be insincere about it. Saying something nice doesn’t mean you have to lie!

If you do not like something they did, don’t go around praising them only because you want to avoid conflict or hurting their feelings. You can still be encouraging without being misleading.

11. Practice Your Praise:

If you aren’t used to giving out compliments, it may seem a bit awkward at first. Your coworker might feel a little confused about why you are saying nice things about their work!

If this is the case, try writing down some notes about what you like before writing your letter or email.

It will help you avoid the common pitfall of starting with negative comments.

12. Say it When You Mean It To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done :

Complimenting a coworker for a job well done is essential. However, it is not good to stretch the truth to have negative consequences.

If you are insincere with your praise, the other person will likely notice. It doesn’t matter how small you think they are!

Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done


Even if they don’t call you out on it directly, they may still hold it against you and react poorly to your future praise.

13. Don’t Expect Anything In Return:

It can be tempting to give out compliments to receive positive reinforcement back. Don’t do this! If someone compliments you, thank them politely- no strings attached.

Keep the focus on them, not you. Suppose a coworker says something nice to you in response, great! If they don’t react at all, it’s their problem- not yours!

14. Be Ready To Compliment A Coworker For A Job Well Done :

If you are about to compliment one of your coworkers for a job well done, make sure that you have the right tools at hand.

Keep some stationery on your desk to write notes and emails to keep things professional. You can also keep a few stamps on hand- especially if you are mailing something out!

15. Follow Up:

Compliment someone because of the progress they made towards achieving goals. Also, you should follow up with them to see how they feel about their progress!

If someone’s efforts have positively impacted your life or work, don’t be shy about saying so. Support is everything when it comes to making changes.

16. Make a Spreadsheet:

If you work in a large office, group, or department with lots of coworkers to keep track of- make a spreadsheet!

Keep columns for their name, the specific action you complimented them on, and when you sent the email.

This way, everyone’s efforts will be noticed without overlap or confusion.

17 Don’t Use Flattery:

Most people can distinguish between a genuine compliment and a fake one. Some people may still feel uncomfortable with your praise.

Finished on time


When you try to charm them into liking you rather than letting your good intentions show. Stick with compliments about specific actions or behaviours.

Do not use general statements about how wonderful someone may think you are.

18. Keep It In Perspective:

If you give compliments like they are candy, it can be challenging for others to take them seriously. You want to make sure that your praise is well-rounded and balanced.

Don’t let it be overwhelming or insincere. When someone has done something nice for you, tell them you appreciate them. However, don’t build them up to be a saint.

19. Find Common Ground:

If you give out compliments, try to find a way to connect with them. If they share an interest in a movie or TV show that you also like, mention it when giving out your praise!

When If you both want the same book, it can be a great way to build rapport. You can show that you think they are as excellent as their favorite characters.

20. Don’t be Stingy:

Complimenting one coworker for a job well done is essential. However, don’t forget about everyone else!

Try to find something nice to say about every person you work with- not the ones that you are closest to!

Even if someone doesn’t do good work, they may still be a good person who deserves praise for their successes.


There are different ways to show appreciation towards our respected people at work.

If we want them to know their job well and do it more efficiently, we need positive feedback. We should encourage them by providing some rewards and showing our gratitude.

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