How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You -13 Ways To Tackle Them

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We know it seems complicated to learn how to deal with coworkers who gossip to boss about you. But after reading this article, it will not be difficult anymore.

Coworkers who gossip to the boss about you can negatively impact your boss. However, if the information is accurate, there’s nothing wrong with what you did.

But if it is not valid, you and the gossiper could face those negative consequences.

How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You- 13 Ways To Tackle Them

Therefore, to tackle the situation, there are some ways you can choose. The following are the thirteen ways you can keep in mind how to deal with coworkers who gossip to the boss about you.

1. Apologize On-The-Spot:

If your boss brings up any negative information from a coworker, it is time for you to apologize right away.

Moreover, if it happens, show your boss that you take responsibility for what you said or did.

How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You

You can say, “I am sorry for my behavior last week,” and show a sincere smile.

Your boss might still be mad, but they will feel more reassured after knowing that.

2. Be Sincere In Your Apology:

Being sincere when apologizing is extremely important.

That means you should avoid saying, “I’m sorry if what I said last week offended you.

Because it makes your boss think that it didn’t offend them if they knew the truth.

Therefore, be sincere and say things you mean to show your sincerity.

3. How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You- Ask For Clarification Of The Gossip:

If a coworker started a rumor about you, ask for clarification of the gossip.

Understand why it is making your boss angry or upset at the beginning. It is, in short, the best way to not worsen the situation.

You can ask, “Could you please tell me more about this? I need to know what my mistake is.

In this way, you can find any mistakes you may have made.

4. How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You- Ask For Evidence Of The Gossip:

If your boss is mad at some gossip, it is time to ask for evidence of the story. If there’s no evidence or facts behind the gossip, you should not apologize.

You can say, “I am sorry, but I don’t understand what my mistake is.

Your boss will start explaining to you with more details and evidence. Meanwhile, there will be a point when they realize that no facts support their anger.

5. Don’t React To What Your Boss Says Or Does:

It is useless to react to anything your boss says until they get angry. For example, your boss said something like, “don’t ever do that again!”

DONT respond right away

That is to say, you should not respond right away. Let your boss finish what they want to say before you continue talking.

6. Give An Explanation Of What Happened And How You Feel:

If you are guilty of the gossip, it is time to explain what happened.

But make sure your explanation relies on facts, not assumptions. Then show how you feel about what happened and why it happened that way.

Your boss may still be angry, but at least they have some reasons to calm down.

7. How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You- Stand Up For Yourself:

If you are not guilty of the gossip, it is time to stand up for yourself.

You can say to your boss:

I understand why you may be mad, but I want you to know that I didn’t do anything wrong.”

It will show that you are innocent and have nothing to hide.

8. Stay Calm And Professional:

Regardless of what your boss says, always stay calm and professional.

Do not raise your voice or use any offensive words. Your reactions will only make the situation worse.

9. Avoid The Rumor Mill Altogether:

The last thing you want to do is avoid the rumor mill altogether. Talk to the people who gossiped about you and clear the air.

talk to people

This way, you can end the rumors and get back to work.

10. How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You- Talk To Your Boss In Private:

If the situation is difficult, it may be time for you to talk to your boss in private.

You can say, “I want to talk to you about something that’s been bothering me.

In this way, you can explain the whole situation without any interruptions.

11. Confront The Coworkers:

If the rumor mill does not stop, it is time to confront the gossipers.

You can say, “I heard that you are spreading rumors about me. It is against work ethic, and I would like to hear your side of the story.”

It will let them know that if they continue, they will be in a lot of trouble for breaking the rules.

12. How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You- Set Boundaries:

If the gossiping continues, it is time to set boundaries.

In a calm voice, you can say, “I’m not going to tolerate this kind of behavior in the office. It is making me very uncomfortable.”

It will, consequently, let them know that their behavior is not okay and needs to stop.

13. Talk To Human Resources:

If the gossiping continues and you have tried everything, it is time to talk to human resources.

But make sure you have all the facts and evidence before going to them. Moreover, they will be able to help you handle the situation more professionally.

3 Types Of Gossips In A Workplace: CareerBuilder

It is essential to realize types of gossip and how much they can affect you. Also, it is critical to understand which kind of gossip is positive and which is negative.

There are three types of gossips in a workplace, according to CareerBuilder:

1. Positive Gossip:

Such gossip can make the workplace more enjoyable by providing some entertainment.

Likewise, it can also build positive relationships between coworkers. It boosts the work environment.

positive gossip

For instance,

– A worker talking about how their weekend went

– A worker sharing a funny story that happened at work

– Discussing a worker’s achievements

– Discussing positive personality traits of a worker

2. Negative Gossip:

Such gossip in a workplace can damage your reputation and bring down others around you.

However, it may provide fascinating insights into the business world.

In this way, people find out what is happening behind their backs. Also, they try to use that in their favor.

For instances:

– Rumors about people who no one likes

– Complaining about coworkers and management

– Talking badly about a coworker

– Sharing a coworker’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities

3. Destructive Gossip:

Such gossip is the worst because it destroys relationships, careers, and companies. It can lead to mass manipulation of employees.

It creates hostile work environments that will be hard for any leader to handle.

Also, destructive gossip breaks down loyalty and trust between employees and employers. In other words, it affects the company’s productivity as a whole.

For instances:

– Saying bad things about companies

– Sharing personal information of other workers

– Putting down company activities

– Talking badly about management

– Tarnishing a coworker’s reputation

– Putting false harassment blame on a coworker

2 Remedies – How To Deal With Coworkers Who Gossip To Boss About You

You can deal with the situation with 2 effective remedies:

1. Be Proactive

Be proactive about your reputation. You may not be able to trust everyone around you with your private information.

However, you can set an example for others by being trustworthy yourself. If the coworker stops talking to you, you have probably lost their trust.

Moreover, do not try winning them over again. Instead, gain someone else’s confidence in the office.

2. Confidentiality:

Remember not to spread rumors about yourself either. As a result, it will only fuel the fire when it comes to office gossip.

trustworthy- how to deal with coworkers who gossip to boss about you

If someone trusts you with personal information, do not share it with others. It includes sharing information on social media.

Also, try to be discreet when talking about someone else’s business. You never know who is listening or how they can use it against you.

How To Exclude Yourself From Office Gossip:

While it is essential to deal with others who gossip about you, do not include yourself in gossip.

In other words, exclude yourself from office gossip if you want people to trust you.

When you spread rumors or talk badly about someone, you are as guilty as the person who started the rumor.

Keep in mind that people will find out that you were talking about them. Consequently, it is not worth it to involve yourself in office gossip.

Therefore, if someone asks you about a coworker, be honest and say you don’t know.


This article tells you what gossip is and how to deal with coworkers who gossip to the boss about you.

Firstly, there are thirteen effective ways to tackle the situation, for example:

– Find evidence

– Clarify the situation

– Take a stand for yourself

– Confront the coworker

– Talk to boss in private

– Talk to HR

Secondly, it is essential if you do not engage in gossip yourself.

Thirdly, these are some types of gossip in the workplace, according to CareerBuilder:

– Positive

– Negative, and

– Destructive

To conclude, we hope you deal effectively with gossip in the workplace.

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