How To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – 10 Tips

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Dear Boss, I am writing to let you know that I will be looking for another job. No, this is not how to tell the boss you are looking for another job.

Telling your boss you are looking for another job is not easy. It might feel like the right thing to do. However, after you’ve said it out loud, your future will change forever.

How To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – 10 Tips

There is no perfect moment when telling the boss you are looking for another job. As soon as you decide, it will be better than continuing to work where you are unhappy.

Here are the 20 things to remember when telling your boss you are looking for another job:

1. Make Sure This Is What You Want:

When was the last time you had a serious sit-down conversation with your boss about work? You’ve been tolerating your job long enough.

lack of interest

If you are looking for another job, it is a sign that your current position is not a good fit.

Whatever the case, think before going for this conversation. It can change the course of your relationship with your boss.

2. Set A Meeting With Boss And Practice Before:

Make an appointment to meet with your boss. If it doesn’t happen, keep calling until you get through. Be professional and ask about the best time to talk.

Do not wing it when telling the boss you are looking for another job. Prepare what you are going to say in advance.

Write down what you’re thinking and present it as if speaking off the cuff will damage your position at work.

3. How To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – Keep It Short And Simple:

Whatever happens, don’t go into too many details about why you are leaving. Don’t tell how great the other company is unless your boss asks.

Let them know that this position isn’t a good fit for either of us, so I will start looking for another job.

4. Don’t Say Why You Are Leaving:

Don’t detail why you are looking for another job when telling your boss you want a new position in the company.

If they ask what happened, keep it simple. Say that a lot has changed since we last talked, and I am not happy where I am at currently.

Then change the topic of conversation immediately. Avoid talking about money or benefits when going into this conversation.

It is not good to tell the boss you are leaving because of salary issues if they don’t increase.

5. Get All Your Stuff In Order:

Make sure everything with work is in order before you go into this conversation. Double-check that your work is complete clean your desk, and back up all files.

How To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job

Make sure the person who will take over your role knows what they need to do if not you.

6. How To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – Get Verbal Commitment From Your Boss:

This might seem obvious. But make sure everything is clear when telling the boss you are looking for another job.

Ask them point-blank what you can do to make certain things run between now and when you leave. How long do you have until quitting date, who will replace you etc.?

This way, there won’t be any bad blood or arguments after that initial “we should talk” conversation. They don’t discover their worst nightmare has come true.

7. Bring Other Boss Or HR If You Are Comfortable:

Bring someone with you when telling your boss you are looking for another job if it makes you feel better. This person can be a colleague or an authority figure in the company.

Your boss trusts them but doesn’t want to lose because of loyalty. They can also provide support during this conversation when emotional.

However, please do not bring them to the meeting. Do so only if they have already been part of the discussion and know what is happening.

8. Be Polite And Prepare To Walk Out If Necessary:

Plan how you will leave if things get heated under pressure. Know where the door is.

Know who will run after you if your boss starts asking you questions or getting annoyed. Prepare yourself for this possibility in case the meeting gets out of hand.

9. How To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – Follow Up With Your Boss Later If Necessary:

If you are nervous your boss might get upset, follow up with them later to make sure all is well between the two of you.

You can also check if there were any repercussions from the conversation. Please do not bring up leaving again unless it’s necessary to clear things up.

how to tell boss you are looking for another job

Nothing melts away bad feelings like rehashing old conversations and bringing bad memories.

10. Have A Backup Plan If All Else Fails:

If you are not getting anywhere with your boss when telling them you’re leaving, have a backup plan in mind.

This is where it would be beneficial to have spoken with other people in the company. Tell them about your goals before bringing them up with the higher-ups so they can support you if need be.

You will also feel more confident knowing that people out there want to follow your lead. It makes quitting easier.

When To Start Looking For Another Job?

Here are ten reasons to start looking for another job when you are currently employed.

1. The Work Is Not Challenging:

If you find yourself in a job where nothing is challenging or exciting anymore, it’s time to go.

After a certain amount of time, doing the same routine will have you under a lot of stress.

2. The Job Is Not Getting You Anywhere:

Are you in a job that is not giving you what you want? Are your ambitions to be a manager a dream, or can they become a reality if you work harder to get there?

Or it’s time for an industry change because this one is not getting you anywhere at all. Look elsewhere and see if something else fits better.

3. Why To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – Your Salary Is Inadequate:

Do not stay in a job where your pay does not reflect how much work you put into it.


If the company can’t acknowledge your hard work with reasonable compensation, then walk away.

4. You Hate The Company Culture:

Take a look around you. What do you think of the people there? Do you get along with them and feel like they are on your side.

Is it an office to go to every day and clock in and out? Your workplace should be somewhere where you can build relationships.

Such friends will help you over time. It’s not healthy spending 8 hours at a place where everyone seems miserable.

5. WhyTo Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – You Don’t Like The Leadership:

Leadership might be between your job satisfaction and working conditions. This could include everything like:

– Lack of trust (from micromanagement)

– Negative people (sabotaging the work environment)

– Unfair practices. Sometimes, it’s best to leave and start somewhere else to be happy at work again.

6. The Company Is Facing Financial Difficulty:

You might feel like quitting if your company faces financial difficulties. No one has bought anything for months, or layoffs were happening every other day.

But think hard before leaving. Can quitting right now solve anything? If you stop, will that help bring business back?

Or do you want to stay with them until the very end? Do you hope they’ll come out of this mess stronger without signs of improvement?

It’s not easy working in times like these, but you have to make things work somehow.

7. Why To Tell Boss You Are Looking For Another Job – Your Company Is Facing A Crisis:

If your company faces a crisis, it’s time to think about quitting.


It might be better for you to leave while they find their way out of that mess like:

– If there are layoffs

– If there are changes in management

– When policies everyone follows result in hardship for you and other employees

Who knows how long this will take?

8. There Are No Vacation Days/Sick Days:

This one speaks for itself. Who wants someone else taking care of your boss’s medical needs when they have no holiday days to recover?

If you have a boss who doesn’t allow sick days or vacation days, then it’s time to find a new job.

9. You Hate The Job:

If the work is tedious and every day feels like being stuck in a rut, then it’s time to quit. If you hate going to work because of:

– Bickering between coworkers

– Your boss is always yelling at you for no reason

Then sometimes quitting might be the best decision after all.

10. Your Health Is At Risk:

If working has put your health at risk (like an environmental hazard), then do not hesitate to quit.

It’s better to go looking for another job than have physical problems brought to you by your work.

It’s also better to leave right now than to get fired because the stress of looking for another job might be less.


In conclusion, there are many ways to tell the boss you are looking for another job. It is a tough conversation to have.

Knowing that you have aced this will make this experience good. It will be worth repeating in the future with other companies where things don’t work out

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