10 Observable Signs Your Boss Is Selling The Company

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Being an employee can be very shocking and concerning to know your boss is selling the company. What are the signs your company is being sold.

You immediately start worrying about the changes that will take place in leadership and policies.

10 Observable Signs Your Boss Is Selling The Company

It’s not easy at all to see the company getting sold which you worked for so many years or months. Being a loyal employee, you’ve put so much energy and time into making it even a better venture. We are going to discuss the signs a company is selling.

But now, when it’s getting sold, your emotional attachment reminds you of all the blood and sweat you’ve put in it.

However, you shouldn’t rely on the sale rumors and confirm it yourself by observing the signs your boss is selling the company. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you through this; you just have to read the given signs to see if your company is really getting sold?

1. No Effort To Fill The Vacant Positions:

It’s a tell-tale sign that your company is about to get sold if there are no new hires getting into the organization.

It Is A Sign That The Company Stopped Recruiting
No Effort To Fill The Vacant Positions

The company owner knows that he isn’t going to run this company in the future, so he doesn’t spend on recruitment.

Also, when a company is getting sold, spending on training and planning gets stopped.

If there are so many vacant positions in your company, you wonder why there are no new hires. It’s a sign your boss is selling the company.

2. A Sign Is You’re Re-signing The Employment Contract:

Without explaining a reason, they asks you to re-sign the new yet restrictive employment contract.

The reason behind such an act is unknown; maybe the company’s new owner wants you, people, as his employees. For that purpose, you’re signing those covenants so that you can’t leave the job when the company gets sold.

Yet, the explanation you get is that the company needs perfected documents for re-organization. It’s one of the signs a company is going to sell.

3. There Are Out Of Schedule Renovations:

If your company is getting sold, some renovations will give it a fresh look increasing its net worth.

You Observe Renovations In The Company
There Are Out Of Schedule Renovations

So you’ll often observe out-of-schedule renovations like paints, cleaning up process, and woodworks.

The company owner is just trying to get its premises in the best shape so that it’s more valuable in the market.

It’s so like renovating your home before you sell it to get a better selling price with a little bit of effort.

4. Frequent Visits By Outside Consultants:

Consultants from management firms, investments banks, and accounting firms are often seen in-house.

Signs Your Boss Is Selling The Company
Frequent Visits By Outside Consultants

You observe these people frequently visit; it’s a sign your boss is selling the company.

Instead of learning your products and services, they focus more on the business as a whole.

It’s a great sign your boss is selling the company when buyers are estimating its worth.

5. Management Is Making Investment Plans – Signs Your Boss Is Selling The Company

When the company’s management is exercising stock options before the market news releases; it’s a sign.

The management is focusing on preparing their own investment plans and wealth plans.

There’s an unsaid hustle in the company, everyone from the management looks concerned.

That’s because they all are looking forward to the change that’s going to occur in their career.

6. Mash-ups Of Departments All Across The Company:

A sign your boss is selling the company is that departments are getting assorted. The business units are getting mish-mashed as the company is preparing to wrap up the process.

The Company Is Merging Different Units
Mash-ups Of Departments All Across The Company

Also, during the wrap up, there are restructuring and non-market consolidations of operations.

It seems like something is cooking in the management’s offices, and you know nothing about it.

7. No Spending On Training Processes- Signs Your Boss Is Selling The Company:

Your boss isn’t spending money on the training of employees with whom he won’t work anymore.

So you observe a drastic downfall in the training campaigns offered by the company.

The company is saving money to spend on other important areas like renovation costs.

It’s an observable sign that your boss is selling the company to someone else because of unsaid reasons.

8. Unusual Cost-Cutting Of Different Processes:

The company saves money from training costs, but they’re also cutting costs of sales and marketing campaigns.

This gets done to spruce up the bottom line and profitability temporarily.

There Are No Spending On Training Procedures
Unusual Cost-Cutting Of Different Processes

There’s no point in spending on a company’s sales and marketing, which will soon get sold to someone else.

So the boss tries to cut the costs, and it’s a clear sign the company is about to get sold.

9. There Are Unusual Secretive Meetings In Company:

You see that you were a part of big meetings before, but now there’s an unusual air all around. It tells you that something is cooking behind the walls of the meeting room, which is the top secret of the time.

Signs Your Boss Is Selling The Company
There Are Unusual Secretive Meetings In Company

Prospective buyers and clients are coming in-house, and frequent meetings are getting held.

You can sense that you and your coworkers are about to face a big change, but that’s not confirmed yet. So it’s one of the signs your boss is selling the company.

10. The Leadership Has So Many New Faces:

When a company gets sold, it’s not done in a single day, it takes time, and there are different changes during that time.

The company’s new owner might hire new people and is making leadership changes.

So when you see new and faces coming into management as new hires, company is getting sold.

What To Do When Your Company Is Getting Sold – 5 Easy Tips

It will be quite painful to learn that the company you worked for so many years is getting sold now. It’s normal to feel affiliated to your job, but you’ve to think more practically during this time.

So here are some tips to help you get through this transition phase.

1. Stay In Your Senses:

It will be stressful and tempting at the same time to know that your company is getting sold to a different owner. You must be thinking and comparing the existing salary and benefits package with the new one.

Think About Your Next Step
Stay In Your Senses

What if the new operation provides more opportunities? But what if it’s even worse than the existing one?

So whatever happens next, you’ll have to keep strong nerves for it, so don’t panic and wait for the moment.

2. Dig In To Find The Facts:

Try to know the facts that are hidden somewhere behind the walls. You can ask questions from your manager about what’s going on in the company?

However, don’t believe in every rumor you hear because most of these are false. If a company is getting sold, it will take months to complete this plan, so you’ve enough time to plan.

3. Rehearse Your Interview Speech:

Even if your company is not getting sold, rehearse the interview process and make a new resume.

Make A New Resume And Look For Opportunities
Rehearse Your Interview Speech

Updating your resume after some months is important. Also, start networking with employers and companies; it can help you in the long run.

Consider it the time to look for new opportunities even if you’re currently receiving a good package.

4. Revamp Your Creative Spirit:

It’s time to stop doing an unwanted job and start looking for a thing to do you’ve always dreamt of.

Wake up your creative spirit and do whatever you want to do with your career; take risks.

And maybe getting into a new industry, new job, or entrepreneurship proves to be a kick for your good luck.

5. Be Valuable For The Current Employer:

During this hustle, don’t forget to focus on your job because it’s the one paying you for now. If you ignore your job, you can lose it and don’t ever do that without having a new job in line.

Signs Your Boss Is Selling The Company
Be Valuable For The Current Employer

Show your employer what skills you’ve got and offer value to those working with you.

If you’re looking for a new job, your coworkers will assist you in landing a new career position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Collect Unemployment If Your Company Is Getting Sold?

Unemployment benefits are not paid to employees based on who owns the company they work for. If the company is getting sold or merged, it doesn't mean you can collect unemployment. The factor that determines this thing is the availability of a job.

What Happens If Your Company Gets Acquired?

The share price of a company increases at that time when a company is bought. Investors can sell these shares on the stock exchange at market price. To entice the target company, the acquiring company will usually offer a premium price than the current stock price.

How Do You Know Your Company Is In Trouble?

When a company is in trouble, there are some visible signs to notice regardless of the niche. If you observe a rapid firing, ceased recruitment, and other signs, your company is in trouble for sure.

Will I Lose My Job If The Company Is Sold?

Typically, when a business gets sold to a new owner, employees don't get fired in most cases. Their jobs get transferred to the new owner of the company. The continuity of your job will get maintained, terms and conditions get transferred to the new owner.


Companies get bought and sold many times in their history, your company is not getting into something new.

If you observe these signs, instead of worrying about your job, focus on upgrading your skills.

That’s the time to widen your network out there in the industry. So even if your company gets sold, you’ll have more options to choose from.

Yet, your employment won’t get canceled even if the company gets sold, you can keep working there under a new boss.

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