How To Ask For Bonus From Your Boss- 8 Simple Techniques

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Have you been doing exceptional work lately? And you could use a bonus? Then we will tell you how to ask for a bonus from your boss.

Asking for a bonus can be very nerve-wracking. We understand that you might be an introvert or don’t like to request someone. But it would help if you got more confident by the end of this article.

How To Ask For Bonus From Your Boss – 8 Simple Techniques

There are three critical factors when it comes to asking for a raise. They are:

– Confidence

– Excellent communication skills

– Worthy performance

These qualities will make you the perfect candidate to ask for a raise. Let us take a look at all the other factors too.

1. Consideration About The Company:

First of all, consider asking if your company is struggling with finances. Though, there might be personal reasons for not giving you the bonus.

For example, your boss’s wife had their baby, or someone quit. Or someone walked out without giving notice, so this person has to cover the extra hours.

what to do if you ask for bonus from boss and dont get it

It is all about understanding why they are saying no before getting upset about it. Because it also shows maturity on your part to understand the situation.

Do not bring up things like supply cost or market trends unless your boss asks. These things can offend them.

They can make them think you are trying to use that as an excuse rather than giving an actual reason.

2. Be Prepared Before You Ask For Bonus From Your Boss:

Secondly, you should know your boss. Try to learn who is he and what kind of job he does. What makes him happy? Is it money or something else that works for him?

A nice compliment before the talk will do the trick and impress him? EVERYONE has its traits, so knowing your boss’s traits is like knowing your audience.

3. Consider The Timing To Ask For Bonus From The Boss:

It would help if you got your timing right. A good time to ask for a bonus is when you finish up an assignment.

However, it’s always better to ask at the beginning of an assignment.

When you finish the work, your results make you more valuable; your boss might give you more bonus.

If you wait until later on in the project, it will reflect poorly on how much value you bring to the company as a whole. Because now they have compensated for all your efforts.

company growth

If they want to pay a bonus, it would be best to do so before they finalize the project.

4. Communicate Your Performance:

Let your boss know why they should give you a bonus. If they are on the fence about it, explain how your performance has been above average.

You can talk about client satisfaction and initiatives that impact revenue growth.

5. Show Your Work Ethic:

You need to show that you are willing to work beyond the standard hours if necessary.

Show that you are reliable by being punctual or early for work events whenever possible.

When you need to communicate about company needs, be proactive. Make sure you gather all required information before deadlines arrive.

You will go a long way in gaining management’s trust and making yourself visible.

6. What To Say On How To Ask For Bonus From Your Boss:

Things get a little bit tricky on how to ask for a bonus from your boss. You NEED to be confident in doing this.

The best formula for asking for a bonus would be something like this:

“I know that everyone has had some good results this quarter. But I was hoping that there might be an opportunity to talk about possible bonuses.”

It isn’t offensive because you are focusing on yourself. And at the same time showing your respect towards all the people around you who have also performed well.

This type of approach will also not put pressure on them. So the boss can consider your request quickly.

You can also ask if there is a number you need to meet to receive a bonus in their company.

They cannot say no since it would defeat the purpose of mentioning this figure in the first place.

7. Who To Ask For Bonus:

You should always ask one person only. Preferably someone with authority over these decisions.

This person should be at least above the position of a senior manager. Senior managers have more freedom to make decisions that affect you and your work.

The same approach could be applied if you feel like you deserve a promotion.


In this case, asking for a raise might seem too straightforward. Thus start with something less direct instead: “I have been hard here for quite some time now. I made XX number of sales last month, and I worked on the project that caused revenue to grow for XX% etc.”

8. Bonus Comparison To Ask For Bonus From Boss:

You should check what others get so you can compare it with other people’s performances.

For example, if someone else has been far better than you, it would be best to ask for special treatment yourself.

Say something like, “I know Joe did good, but if possible, I’d also appreciate XYZ here”.

This strategy will help you come together with others who do better.

It will persuade your boss to give you special treatment. Or maybe even raise so he can motivate you all the same way.

9. Be Thankful When You Get Your Bonus From Boss:

Your boss might say no after all, so it is best to be grateful for whatever you get. Do not beg them unless it’s the very last resort.

Be courteous and let them know that you are happy to get any bonus at all since your results have been exceptional.

No matter what happens, stay calm and composed during the discussion. If the boss gives you a little more than expected, praise them.

Praise shows that you are influential in getting your way in some capacity.

What To Do If You Don’t Get The Bonus:

If you don’t receive a bonus or a promotion, make sure to ask what they would like for you to do next.

Doing this will help them understand your commitment and appreciation towards the company.

It will show that you are willing to commit even more time, especially when they want you to work on other projects.

In some cases, it might also allow them to discover new challenges for you. They can put your skills to good use and enable you to grow with the company.

At times, people who go above and beyond end up getting a lousy attitude from colleagues. Because suddenly they become so much better than others due to their performance.

But the only way to prevent this is to understand that most people are usually jealous. So please treat them with kindness and consideration.

Why Is Getting A Bonus Important?

Getting a bonus opens so many ways for your career. Some of them are:

1. Employees Feel Motivated:

Employees work hard for almost 5-6 days a week for the company. And they put all their efforts into the growth of the company.

motivated employee

The real motivation for employees is either extrinsic or intrinsic. And getting a bonus is extrinsic motivation.

2. Employees Work Harder:

Every year employees get an increment in their salaries. But they also work harder for the same amount of wages they had last year.

To grow their income, employees focus more on their performance and skills. They do not prefer doing a specific task only.

3. Boosts Employees’ Confidence:

Getting a bonus boosts employees’ confidence level. It shows that they can achieve what they had planned for themselves.

4. Reflects Upon Performance:

Companies check employees’ performance based on their results. They can get an increase in your salary if they work well and get a bonus if they exceed the expectations.

5. Creates A Very Positive Impression:

Getting a bonus reflects on employees’ personalities in a very positive way.

If someone is not getting any benefit from his job, they show that they don’t value their company.

Your boss will think that this person does nothing good for the company, so he doesn’t deserve anything out of it.

6. Can Lead To Promotion:

If someone gets more bonuses, then that person gets promoted. And this is a source of approval that you are going in the right direction of hard work.

Final Word:

In conclusion, asking for a bonus can be risky if you don’t do it at the right time. If your boss is not in the right mood, this could end badly.

Do not hesitate if you are exceptional at your work. Asking for a bonus shows that you are capable of achieving more.

And if you do not receive a bonus, ask how to be better, so they consider you next time.

Meanwhile, boost your performance and align your goals with the company’s goals.

Once they realize that you are an asset, they will give you a bonus and promotion every time.

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