10 Reasons Why Is My Boss Isolating Me – Tips To Follow

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Workplace isolation exists, and it can drain your peace out of you. It’s either your boss or your coworkers who isolate you at work and make you feel lonely.

Why Is My Boss Isolating Me – 10 Reasons To See

Even if you work in a big company with thousands of employees, you can still feel isolated. That’s because you’re sacked in a red zone, and no one communicates with you.

You feel like your growth has stopped, and you’re stagnant at one point. Also, working in isolation feels like you work with robots. Having no or less human interaction at work can drop your motivation levels down.

But the question is, why is my boss isolating me? Why would a sane person do that? There can be different reasons behind this mystery.

We’ve got all the possible reasons listed here for why your boss isolates you. So give it a read and think of the solution next.

1. There’s Discrimination Due To Racism:

Some bosses believe in the supremacy of one particular race; your boss can be one of these racist jerks. He might be isolating you just because you belong to a different race.

Why Is My Boss Isolating Me
Theres Discrimination Due To Racism

You’ll face discriminatory behavior and hear racist comments made by your boss. He tries to cut you off from the entire team because he might see you as a misfit depending on your race.

So when you think, why is my boss isolating me, have a look at yourself, do you belong to a different race?

2. He Thinks You Aren’t Good Enough To Be Teamed-Up:

If your boss isolates you and behaves like you know nothing about work, he might see you as incompetent.

The boss doesn’t think you to be competent enough to go with the rest of the team. He isolates you and gives you scrap work like you’re a rat who lies in a corner.

The Boss Thinks You Lack The Potential
He Thinks You Arent Good Enough To Be Teamed-Up

It might not be your boss’s mistake who thinks you aren’t competent enough. The problem can be at your end that you didn’t express your skills in a good way.

3. The Boss Isolate You Because You’re New:

You might have just joined the company and know nothing about the working style. Now your boss thinks you’re new, and you need some time to adjust, so he leaves you on your own.

You might mistakenly take it as he’s trying to isolate you, which is not the truth in this case.

The boss is just giving you enough time and space to adjust and mix up as per your convenience.

4. He Doesn’t Want You To Proceed – Why Is My Boss Isolating Me:

When the boss sees you as a competition, he tries to hinder your growth in the company. For that purpose, he isolates you and makes you feel alone in the workplace.

Your Growth Has Become A Threat For Them
He Doesnt Want You To Proceed – Why Is My Boss Isolating Me

The boss is sucking out your motivation to work and treats you like you don’t exist for him.

He doesn’t want you to proceed and thrive in your career. It can be the answer when you think about why is my boss isolating me.

5. The Boss Hates You For No Reason:

Your boss didn’t like you from day one and always hated you for no justified reason. It can be one of the reasons your boss tries to isolate you.

Isolating You Is Because Of Their Hatred
The Boss Hates You For No Reason

He is jealous of your skills and wants to kick you out of the company at any cost. That’s a way for your boss to make you look incompetent in front of management.

He isolates you and finds peace in it, as being isolated turns your anxiety and stress mode on.

6. Your Boss Is A Psycho Who Likes To Sack You:

The problem is in your boss’s mind; he finds it fun to isolate you and make you worry at work.

The boss can be a psycho who does these dirty games to everyone in the office, one after the other.

Isolating you at work and inducing your anxiety or stress is an activity for him because he doesn’t have work on his plate.

Yes, it might sound weird, but it can be a reason your boss tries to isolate you.

7. Why Is My Boss Isolating Me – The Boss Feels Threatened By You:

The boss might be isolating you because he already feels threatened by your skills. You’ve always been a good performer, and now you’re achieving too much, which is not digestible by your boss.

Why Is My Boss Isolating Me
Why Is My Boss Isolating Me – The Boss Feels Threatened By You

So he tries to isolate you in order to not to feel that threat from you. The boss thinks you’re too good and one day you might replace him.

He doesn’t want to get kicked out of his job by a subordinate who performs good, so isolating you is a way your boss has.

8. He Feels Nervous To See You Around:

If you don’t threaten your boss, he might be nervous about having you around. In that case, he doesn’t think himself to be good enough and tries not to face you.

The Boss Isolates You Because Of His Nervousness
He Feels Nervous To See You Around

The boss isolates you because he feels nervous when you’re somewhere near him. Also, he doesn’t want any office gossip about his own performance.

That’s what makes him differentiate you from others and not letting you mix up with the team.

9. Why Is My Boss Isolating Me – He Thinks You Aren’t Trustworthy:

When a boss has a strong bond with all of his employees and trusts them, he likes to mingle with them and work as a team.

But when your boss isolates you in such a scenario, he might see you as not trustworthy.

The boss doesn’t give you access to high-profile projects and makes you work on scrap assignments.

He doesn’t trust you with work either he thinks you aren’t confidential enough to be trusted.

10. The Boss Is Jealous Of Your Performance:

Your boss is jealous of your performance and wants to steal the limelight that you’re having. So that can be a reason he tries to isolate you.

Jealousy Can Be The Reason
The Boss Is Jealous Of Your Performance

When everyone else appreciates you for your good work, your boss doesn’t comment on it. He doesn’t praise you yet tries to point out flaws in your work.

When you see these signs and the boss’s jealous eyes, this can be why he tries to isolate you.

5 Tips To Deal With A Boss Who Isolates You

You need to professionally address this issue when your boss tries to isolate you at work. That’s necessary because things won’t work this way.

Here are some tips you need to know before you deal with a boss who isolates you.

1. Avoid Assuming Things:

If you start assuming your boss’s intent, you’ll start feeling hatred for him, things would heat up. So it would be better if you tried to know the reason behind his behavior.

You must know why your boss is isolating you at work. It’s also necessary to see if you’re overthinking or is it really happening to you.

2. Prepare Your Mind For A Talk:

You should take a look at what you’re going to say to your boss. Avoid being mean or agitated because it can ruin things.

You Should Have A Talk With Your Boss
Prepare Your Mind For A Talk

Rehearse your speech or how you’re going to convey your message to your boss in mind.

You should also train your mind to stay calm if the conversation doesn’t go in the right way.

3. Have A Conversation With Your Boss:

You must talk to your boss to know why he’s been isolating you and what’s the reason for it. If the boss tells you something that’s your fault, you should apologize right away.

However, if he doesn’t give a clear reason, the problem might be at your boss’s end. You can’t do anything about it unless he tells you what’s the matter.

4. Find A Win-Win Solution:

See if there’s a way in between that can benefit you and your boss as well. You should look towards a solution rather than bashing your boss for isolating you.

You Need To Find A Mutual Solution
Find A Win-Win Solution

While you’re looking for a solution, keep the company’s interest in mind as well.

5. Look For Another Job:

If nothing works and your boss does not seem to mend his ways, then the option left is to leave this job.

A job that is too toxic to let you work in peace should be better left. In that case, you need to prepare yourself for the consequences and keep a job in line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Tell If Your Boss Is Trying To Get Rid Of You?

When your boss makes you work on scrap things and hinders your growth in the company, he's trying to get rid of you. He micromanages you and tries his best to irritate you. Also, the boss avoids you and pretends as if you don't exist.

What Do You Do When Your Boss Excludes You?

If your boss excludes you from important meetings or doesn't consider you an employee at all, try to be cautious. You should gather courage and confront your boss about this kind of behavior. Also, try to make yourself more visible.

How Do You Tell If Your Boss Trusts You?

Your boss trusts you if he makes you in charge of important projects and trusts you with information. You're their first choice in times of crisis, and they can rely on you. Also, he makes you the mentor for the rest of the people.

What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Boss?

A toxic boss would set unrealistic expectations and play the dirty game of favoritism. He won't ever admit his mistakes. Such bosses expect you to perform their part of the task and make you feel extreme anxiety at work.


There are different reasons why is my boss isolating me, and yours can be one of these. No matter what’s the reason behind your boss’s behavior, you have to keep your grounds strong.

Don’t think of leaving the job as the first solution because finding jobs isn’t easy. There are other solutions to try out first, like talking to your boss or seeking help from HR.

If nothing works, and your boss keeps his jerk mode on, then you can think about finding a new job.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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