Should I Quit My Job? – 10 Undeniable Reasons To Quit

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We all go through some bad days at work at different phases of life. But are you regularly bore by your job?

Maybe something has changed that your work and lifestyle can get along well.

Should I Quit My Job? – Watch Out For These 12 Signs

You must have already asked yourself several times, “Should I quit my job?” But the answer is never clear because you have confusion.

The issue is you don’t know when to stay at your job and find solutions or when to quit.

We have some signs that can help you decide to move towards something better.

1. Your Work Environment Is Toxic

A toxic work environment will potentially put your health at risk. It can be an undeniable reason to quit your job because it’s negatively affecting your body.

Suppose you think that you can survive and continue to deal with your toxic boss or coworker. Then rethink because it can lead you to burnout and cause chronic health issues.

A Toxic Work Culture Is The Best Sign To Leave
Your Work Environment Is Toxic

Consider your emotional and mental health and see if you can bring your best self to work.

But also remember that every job has some ups and downs. So try to speak with your manager about that conflict with your coworker. You must also approach your coworker to resolve the dispute.

You won’t have regret walking away from your job because you tried your best.

2. Your Skills Aren’t Getting Tapped

You try your best to prove to your boss that you are able of fulfilling the responsibilities.

But despite doing so much, you’re still stuck in the current position. This position for sure doesn’t let you utilize your skills and better yourself.

So it can be a sign to consider other options. When you can prove yourself, then don’t limit yourself to a stagnant position.

3. Your Work Makes You Stressed In Personal Time

If your job stresses you out, and you keep counting the days of the week, yet you return drenched on Monday. Then it’s your work that’s making you stressed out.

Should I Quit My Job
Your Work Makes You Stressed In Personal Time

Work that stresses you out will also leave an impact on your life. You must get confused and thinking about what to do next.

You can get rid of those terrifying Sunday Blues. But if it doesn’t satisfy you, then find a job you love.

4. Should I Quit My Job – The Job And Your Lifestyle Doesn’t Fit Together

Our needs keep on changing with time. We can’t live the same phase of life for years, and that’s true.

If your work isn’t suiting your current needs, you can redefine what you want to prioritize.

For instance, if you have kids now and you have to drop them at school, your work doesn’t allow it. Then talk to your boss and explain this scenario.

If you two can’t come to the same page, then it’s time to update your CV. There are companies out there that understand the need for flexible working hours.

5. You’re Bored In Your Role

If you feel complacent towards your work and think that your skills are getting wasted. Then you should explore new opportunities; it doesn’t always mean that you should quit.

Look within yourself and rethink where do you want to be in your career. Then search for opportunities in your company that match your skillset.

A Boring Job Is Not Worth To Stay
Youre Bored In Your Role

There may be new responsibilities that can fit better your career plan.

If these things aren’t useful and you think you’re stuck, then it’s the perfect time to move on.

6. Should I Quit My Job? – No Space To Grow

We all have bigger career goals in our life, but somehow we strive to grow in existing roles. If you are undergoing the same, take some time to figure out your priorities.

Also, think about the ways that will get you to your desired position.

Suppose your boss doesn’t recognize your potential. He won’t support you by training or development.

That’s the time to look for a job that’s going to give you the opportunities you deserve.

7. You Worry About Money All The Time

Worrying about money from time to time is natural. Yet, if you’re constantly worried about money, even if you aren’t a shopaholic, you are underpaid.

If you have spent extended time at your current company, you can talk to the management.

Should I Quit My Job
You Worry About Money All The Time

Make sure to go well-prepared to win the argument why you should get paid more. Ask your management to do an honest evaluation.

If the company doesn’t agree that your pay should get consistent with the workload. Then find a company that won’t make you feel that it’s a favor to pay you more.

8. Should I Quit My Job? – You Don’t Feel Appreciated

To feel appreciated at work is important to keep yourself motivated for going on.

It also makes you productive and happy enough. It won’t take anything away from the manager if he says a simple Thank you.

Although all of us have our off days, it can be your manager, so don’t decide on just one instance.

If you don’t feel appreciated during your entire career, then you can consider moving out.

9. Your Boss And You Can’t Get Along

Building a positive relationship with your boss may take some time. You might feel shy or scared in the beginning.

However, if your boss is a micromanager, it’s difficult for you to get along with him.

A Bad Relation Between You And Your Boss Is A Sign
Your Boss And You Cant Get Along

He may make unrealistic demands. See the way to report this to management or explore opportunities somewhere else.

However, if no tactic works and the situation doesn’t improve, it’s time to quit your job.

10. You feel Like You Can’t Ever Win

Don’t ignore this feeling inside you that says you can’t ever win at work. Most of us go through this exhausting feeling that tires one at the end of the day.

Work is the one that makes you feel challenged and excited.

You deserve to feel that you are succeeding in something. So you should avoid a job that makes you think that you’re fighting a lost battle.

11. You Missed Out On A Promotion

If you missed out on a promotion, you might feel like it’s a huge letdown. But don’t let it come in the way of your progress towards your career.

Talk to your boss and find out the reason why you couldn’t make it to the position. Also, mention that you’d like to see yourself being put forward next time.

Not Getting The Promotion Is Also A Sign To Quit
You Missed Out On A Promotion

See the positive side of the picture and explore mentoring opportunities within the company.

But if there’s nothing positive left, then it’s time to look for another job.

12. Nothing You Do Is Enough

You are giving your best at work still your boss thinks that you aren’t doing much.

Even if you are the first to come to the office and the last one to leave. Also, you are better than most of your coworkers, and you have a lot of work to do every day.

But your boss expects more and more from you. Here the problem is your boss, who has no boundaries.

You need to end this madness and go work under someone who appreciates what you do. Also, who has clear boundaries of work and lets you live your personal life.

10 Good Reasons To Quit Your Job

The decision to quit your job should have valid reasons behind it. Here we have listed 10 reasons below that are undeniable.

1. You Have A Good Job Lined Up

It’s a good reason to quit your job that you have found a new one that’s better than this one.

However, before you walk out of your job for the last time, make sure you covered all the bases.

Leave your computer and office cleaned out and ensure that you have a confirmed job offer.

2. Should I Quit My Job – Sickness

Personal or family illness can be a suitable reason to quit a job. Even a sudden illness can be a good excuse to leave a position.

Personal Or Family Sickness Is A Valid Reason To Quit
Should I Quit My Job – Sickness

If the reason to quit is serious, i.e., you or someone in your family is seriously ill. Then you need to have health insurance coverage before you leave.

See if you are eligible for family and medical leave because of family or personal sickness.

3. You Hate Your Job

Many people hate their job due to one reason or another. If you hate your job too, you don’t need to quit it right away.

Instead, you can plan your departure in a strategic way. So that when you leave, you don’t have to scramble to find another position.

4. The Work Environment Is Difficult

Many factors add up and make a job difficult. Your coworkers, your boss, and a negative workplace are all these factors. These make it difficult to survive at a job.

They make the office a place where you won’t ever want to be. After you try all the options to stay and none of these works, then decide to leave.

5. You Are Observing A Career Change

People quit their jobs because they feel like they have been doing the same thing.

A Shift In Career Is A Suitable Reason To Leave The Job
You Are Observing A Career Change

If you also think the same and want to do something different. Or you got fed up with the stress the current industry is causing you. Then you can consider quitting your job.

Moving upward or downwards a career ladder is a good reason to quit a job.

6. Not Adjusting To The Work Schedule

If your company changes the work schedule, suddenly you’ll find it difficult to adjust to it.

A schedule that doesn’t match your personal life schedule isn’t worth it to continue.

Instead, look for a job that is accommodating for your personal life changes.

This reason to leave the job because of an unsuitable work schedule is legitimate.

7. Going Back To School

If one wants to go back to school for further education, he’ll need a job change.

Either the school is full-time or part-time, it needs attention and dedication.

The schedule of school and your job needs won’t match, and you’ll have to quit your employment.

8. You’re Relocating

If you’re moving out to somewhere else, you’ll have to leave your job. However, if there’s a chance to relocate with the company or do remote work, then you can stay.

Should I Quit My Job
Youre Relocating

You can also ask the boss if telecommuting is an option in the company.

But if you aren’t interested, then these options won’t work as well.

9. You Got A New Job

It happens in the case when you’re working as a temporary or a part-time worker.

So if you get offered a new permanent position elsewhere, you should count that one.

Examine the pros and cons of leaving your current job and accepting the new one. It will help you to analyze that the potential benefits are more than the risks.

10. Because Your Instinct Tells You

The best way to make a decision is by listening to what your instinct tells you.

Instinct Never Lies
Because Your Instinct Tells You

It works well with hiring, deciding to accept a job, or deciding to quit a job.

If your gut tells you to quit this current job, you should listen to it and act accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Look Bad To Quit A Job?

When you decide to quit your job, you should do it as gracefully as possible. You don't need to burn the bridges if you can help it. If you quit your job without notice, it would be unprofessional. It might follow you to your new job.

Can I Quit My Job Due To Stress?

If your job causes you stress to the point that it affects your health, then it's time to consider quitting. You can also ask your manager to give you fewer responsibilities or take a break from work.

Is It A Good Idea To Quit My Job?

There can be various good reasons to quit a job. Also, it's good to keep your job under certain circumstances. Leaving the job on your terms will make the transition period easier and smoother.

Should I Quit My Job Without Another Job?

Quitting a job without having a new job lined up is the most foolish thing to do. There are reasons behind this. Employers prefer to hire people who already have a job because they think of them as experience.


We hope that the above points helped you enough to get the answer to “Should I quit my job?”

But sometimes quitting isn’t the best approach. In fact, you’ll get surprised to see how helpful it can be to talk to your boss.

If you are a hardworking part of your team, your company won’t want to lose a gem like you. They might try their best to keep you in place.

Yet, sometimes quitting is a good approach to explore new opportunities on your way.

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