12 Problems In The Workplace And Their Easy Solutions

Written By Shahzaib Arshad

We spend almost one-third of our adult lives at work, and workplace issues always cause stress to us.

An ideal workplace doesn’t exist where there is no conflict, and everyone’s roles fit together.

Some of these issues go beyond the control and causes negative psychological symptoms.

12 Real Problems In The Workplace – Try These Solutions

Either employee is underpaid or overworked. A micromanager boss who behaves more like a jerk or bullying coworkers makes it hard to get work done.

Whatever the situation is, it’s about what you do to address the problem that matters. Here are some of the common workplace problems, and you might be suffering from one of them.

1. Working With Bad Bosses At Workplace Challenges And Solutions

Most common problem that forces people to leave their job is bad bosses. A bad boss won’t let you live in peace.

You can get along with all of the other problems at work somehow. But being productive and successful is not possible when you can’t get along with your boss.

There’s plenty of bad bosses, and you’d find different types out there. You might be working with a micromanager currently. But in your next position, you get a boss who’s hard to be found.

Bad Bosses Have Always Been A Big Problem
Working With Bad Bosses

Or you just simply suffer from an employer mismatch. In that case, your manager can be a good person, but you two can’t get along for some other reason.


This problem is hard to solve. You can try to better your communication with the boss. Try to be a bit more proactive and see if it works.

But if nothing works and the bad boss continues to be bad, you should consider quitting.

2. Not Enough Raises

There’s high competition in the job market, but the wages haven’t reached the prerecession levels.

It makes the employer still do out those 3% raises, which isn’t enough now.

Most people can quit their job because of mini-raises and find a way to bigger paychecks.

But there are also people out there who don’t have the option of quitting. That’s why they stick to their lower-paying jobs for no reason.

Having No Raise In Salary Demotivates People
Not Enough Raises


If you think that you aren’t getting a pay raise, you can quit the job and look for a new one.

But you need to do your homework before you hand in your resignation letter. Is your next job really going to pay you more?

Suppose there’s a doubt you should wait for a better option. If not, then gather the courage to take this risk.

3. Workplace Bullying Is A Major Problem

Hearing the word bullying takes you back to school memories where it happened to kids. But bullying can affect you for your whole life.

What does workplace bullying look like? Bullying shows up in different forms. It can be worse, like verbal abuse or subtle, like getting excluded from teamwork.

Problems In The Workplace
Workplace Bullying Is A Major Problem

The real deal is when it happens to you, you can’t shake it off. Even if you are the person who doesn’t care what others do or say, you’ll get affected.


You can deal with workplace bullying by acknowledging it. Document the bullying so you can report to higher management if necessary.

Also, document your performance so that you can have proofs. Take care of yourself outside the work.

Talk to someone in HR or your direct manager. They will take action according to workplace policies.

4. Workplace Discrimination – Problems In The Workplace

Workplace discrimination against protected categories like age, gender, race is illegal. But organizations do it anyway.

Other forms of discrimination are even harder to fight. For instance, mentioning black people they lack motivation or are too much aggressive.

Discriminating Against Protected Classes Is An Issue
Workplace Discrimination – Problems In The Workplace

Workplace discrimination is subtle as compared to the former days. So it will be harder for you to pinpoint what you’re experiencing exactly.


If you think it’s discrimination, review the company’s employee handbook. Follow the policies that are in place for workplace discrimination.

Then you can decide whether you should pursue a formal complaint or not.

5. Inadequate Motivation

Every individual can feel motivated towards his job. But the problem arises when we forget that motivation is a two-way process.

Management doesn’t bother to look deep into what motivates their employees. And in return, employees give average results.

Insufficient Motivation Births Different Problems
Inadequate Motivation

Lack of rewards and incentives is a major reason for low motivation. When an employee doesn’t get appreciated for what he did, he won’t try harder next time.


In such a state, the team needs motivation and encouragement. Being a manager, you can motivate them to perform their best.

Eliminate the communication problems and find out what makes them motivated.

Distribute an anonymous survey and get honest answers from employees about their problems.

Work with your management team to decide rewards that drive people to work harder.

6. Lack Of Training

A company should train employees to take on new responsibilities when business grows.

It’s mandatory so that the company doesn’t miss the opportunities coming its way.

Insufficient training leads to frustration or burnout in employees. Because they are unaware of the skills required to excel in the new roles.

An employer can’t expect his employees to figure out their jobs on their own. He will have to lead and train them for new challenges.

Employees Face Problems When They Do Not Get Enough Training
Lack Of Training


Ask each of your employees to tell you what they are struggling with. It will be good to bring in effective HR consulting services.

Or you can have a development trainer who’ll do the job right. These professionals will analyze what skills your employees lack.

Then devise the training programs accordingly and get them on the path of success.

7. Insufficient Technology Or Equipment

Small businesses are comparatively easy when it comes to deciding where to invest. But large businesses have so many factors to consider.

They prefer to hire new employees rather than updating the equipment. But sooner or later, the effects of outdated equipment will be visible.

Employees’ work will suffer due to slow systems and lack of equipment. As a result, their motivation and performance will also get affected.


A company should invest in new equipment instead of forcing the staff to engage in problem-solving.

Communicate with your employees about what they need to do their jobs better. Do some research on the latest technology.

Create a budget for new purchases and install the latest technology for convenience.

8. Overloaded Work – Problems In The Workplace

If you have a quite long to-do list, then you’re facing one of the most common workplace problems. You have too much to do and no time to do it in.

If you’re already a perfectly organized person, your next step might be to get your boss in the loop.

Problems In The Workplace
Overloaded Work – Problems In The Workplace

Your manager is responsible for helping you get done with your work. But if he isn’t doing so, then you have to deal with the pile of work yourself.

That’s what gives rise to many other issues like work-life balance, stress or anxiety.


You’ll have to confess to your manager what issues you’re facing directly.

If you’re avoiding this subject on your one-on-one meeting because of fear, it’s time to rethink.

When you bring a problem to your manager, you expect him to provide you with a solution. However, if you don’t like his solutions, you should go to him with some suggestions.

9. No Room To Grow

If your company is small, there would be no chances for people to move out or move on.

However, people want to progress and move forward in their career. For different reasons, you can’t quit or find a brand new job.

No Upward Career Mobility Is A Problem
No Room To Grow

A company where there are no new opportunities is a problem in itself. If you can’t quit and there are no promotions on the way, then you can do a few things.


Make sure that you don’t stop growing as an individual. Learn and add new skills to your list.

Attend networking events and catch up with former coworkers and friends. Find new projects at work and volunteer for meaningful causes.

10. A Major Problem Is a Poor Communication

Lack of communication makes people insecure about a situation. They think that they don’t have enough information to make good decisions.

That’s what happens when there’s not enough communication in the workplace.

When management starts being secretive, it causes discomfort in the staff. Employees wonder what the company is up to. Are they going to get fold of? Do they have layoffs around the corner?

Lack of communication creates too many confusions. The staff thinks that the manager doesn’t trust them with the important information.

Problems In The Workplace
A Major Problem Is a Poor Communication

It all makes the organization disorganized and inefficient. Being bad at communication is not always intentional. Some people are naturally good at communication than others.


Overcoming poor communication is not that difficult. Managers should encourage their direct reports to give feedback on their performance.

Soliciting, embracing and acting upon the feedback will improve the communication.

Train the employees to do the same and make the situation better.

11. High-Stress Work Environment – Problems In The Workplace

A little bit of stress is helpful to perform better, but too much stress can be detrimental. It leaves a negative impact on employees and causes problems in the workplace.

There are jobs out there that are naturally high-stressed. For instance, working in a hospital emergency room keeps you in a life-death situation.

However, in most workplaces, that’s the managerial style that induces stress. Competitive work cultures are a good example, employees get told to do whatever they can to beat their others.

The pressure of competing with coworkers and managerial pressure can be very stress-inducing.

High Stress At Work Is Also A Problem
High-Stress Work Environment – Problems In The Workplace


Introduce a healthy competitive environment at the workplace. Train the employees to encourage one another rather than trying to win the race.

Develop a managerial style that is more of leadership and not authoritative. A leader will help your team to grow as a whole part of the company.

12. Poor Work-life Balance

A poor work-life balance is a problem that every employee suffers from. If you’re running a small business, your work must be getting blended with your personal life.

If you constantly think about work, it doesn’t mean that your employees should do the same. Instead of enjoying their personal time, you can’t expect them to work all the time.

No one can be available for the jobs at all hours of the day. If people don’t get the time off, their work will get affected.


Establish a good work-life balance and a culture that celebrates doing well at home and work.

Employees should answer the emails and work calls only during working hours.

Allow the employees to live their life the fullest and engage with their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Identify Workplace Issues?

If there's an issue in your employees' performance, identify it by examining past mistakes. Evaluate their engagement and make punctuality a priority. Find high-performing employees to replace old ones.

What Causes Problems In The Workplace?

High-stress levels are the major reason for causing problems at work. Pressure from above makes a job more stressful. Your boss feels the heat from her boss on productivity and gets the frustration out on you.

How Do You Deal With Problems At Work?

Be attentive towards your emotions and watch out how to respond in a conflict situation. Prepare yourself, listen, reflect and inquire about the problem. You should focus and work on what you can change.

What Is The Biggest Problem In Most Offices Today?

Problems with coworkers it can be employees, manager or the boss. There's an unwillingness to acknowledge these problems. Lack of integrity, inadequate training, and development issues are some other major problems.


Before you take a quick decision of leaving your job in a tight job market, try to make your current job work.

Workplace problems exist everywhere, and you’d have to deal with them on your own.

Pinpoint the problem, change the routine, take on responsibility, do an activity other than work.

If these issues don’t seem to get resolved, then it’s time to look for a new job.

If you experienced a problem in the workplace other than these mentioned above, share it with us. Leave a comment and tell us how you coped up with it.

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