12 Classic Reasons Why Google Is The Best Place To Work

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Google ranks in Glassdoor’s yearly list of the 50 best places to work. Well, there must be strong reasons behind it.

It got ranked best because it offers some of the finest perks or perquisites to its employees.

12 Classic Reasons Why Google Is The Best Place To Work

Google provides opportunities for career development; it influences people, brings in more talent.

There are many reasons why working at Google is better than working anywhere else. So let’s begin talking about why Google is the best place to work.

1. Google Encourages Creativity

Google better knows that happy employees tend to be more productive at work. So the culture at Google is so friendly that employees feel free to express their ideas.

They love to propose new solutions for the existing problems. And the ideas are always encouraged, which keeps the game on.

Google Loves To Work With Creative People
Google Encourages Creativity

Also, Google encourages its employees to work in a desirable environment. They aren’t forced to work all day long sitting on the same chair.

Employees can work wherever they want. It can be the cafeteria, beanbag chairs, or lounge area.

That’s why Google is the best place to work because it lets you be you!

Unlike other companies, Google doesn’t focus on just hiring creative people. It prefers people who have a passion for learning and having an inborn curiosity.

2. Why Google Is The Best Place To Work – Google Offers Free Food

Google has a lot of dining halls that will offer you all kinds of cuisines. That’s something really appealing for a person like me. Honestly, I’d love to join Google!

Google Is No Doubt Best Because It Gives Food
Why Google Is The Best Place To Work – Google Offers Free Food

On some days, there are sushi rolls, sandwiches, salads, and pasta. What’s more one can ask for?

It doesn’t end here. Google has cafes that will let you enjoy free coffee. Good coffee is all that we need to roll through the day.

3. Google Hires People For Their Character And Skill

Google receives about 2 million job applications every year, but only some of them get hired. It means Google is picky and won’t employ talentless people.

I’ve heard that most of the resumes fail the six-second test at Google. It’s a test where recruiters take only 6 seconds to go through a CV and decide about it.

Why Google Is The Best Place To Work
Google Hires People For Their Character And Skill

The hiring process of Google is so impressive that you won’t ever see a bad hire working there. They find the best talent having great characteristics and skills.

Google emphasizes personality type and hires people who are fun-loving, creative, and humble. Because skills can be taught, but the character isn’t feedable.

4. Why Google Is The Best Place To Work – Time-To-Time Medical Assurance

It is the best reason so far that why Google is the best place to work. Health should be a priority no matter what because an unhealthy person can’t do anything.

Google understands this, and they have on-site general practitioners and nurses. These medical facilities provide health care coverage and keep workers in good shape.

This caring environment also makes employees realize that they should work more. Employees try to be more honest with the company as the company cares for them.

Google employees get insurance where they get insured travel and emergency assistance.

5. Google Is Best Because It Has Open Communication Policy

No one can be more good than Google in terms of open communication. Having a flat structure, Google encourages its employees to share their voices.

Google Knows How To Communicate Better Than Anyone Else
Google Is Best Because It Has Open Communication Policy

Even if you are a lower-level employee, you can directly share your concerns with the CEO. And your insecure manager will not be able to interfere!

But an open communication policy means an open door policy too. It means that employees do not voice their opinion because of the fear of repercussions.

People might fear that they won’t get any incentive if they provide feedback openly.

But Google has a different case. They hire people who are eager to share ideas and collaborate. Managers get taught rules of leadership, so there are no such problems.

6. It’s Built On Data

Every decision Google takes, either big or small, based on data. When they choose their next move, they take decisions based on data. It’s either qualitative or quantitative data.

Google Decides Its Next Move Based On What Data Says
Its Built On Data

Even when they have to set up rules for their workplace, they use actual data for decisions.

For instance, how long can you wait in line for lunch? Google uses data from answers to optimize their dining rules accordingly.

7. Why Google Is The Best Place To Work – Fun Work Environment

Google won’t let you feel the work as work. Boring work rituals are so common worldwide that it was difficult for Google to bring something new.

Even employees at Google work more than other people. They tend to work during weekends and up till late at night. Still, they claim that they are enjoying their work.

Work Environment At Google Is So Much Fun
Why Google Is The Best Place To Work – Fun Work Environment

What makes them enjoy the work? Google is an all-in-one package. Instead of going outside for a refreshing break, people find everything within the company.

Google will give you these perks free of cost. The type of perks you’ll get depends on which google office are you working in.

Some general perks are:

  • You can get in-house basic health and dental checkups
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are available at no cost
  • Catch up on your sleep with in-house nap pods
  • You can enjoy massages, gyms and swimming pools
  • Sports, video games, and several other perks are available

8. Google Gives Parenthood Vacation

Google is no doubt the best place to work as it gives paid parental vacations. Paid leave is either 18 weeks or 12 weeks; it varies according to the situation.

For instance, if the father has to take care of the baby, he’d get 18 weeks of paid leave.

Women get a paid leave for up to 22 weeks under the motherhood section.

Google also provides opportunities to find a suitable daycare for your kid. And guess what, who’d be paying for that daycare? Yeah, that’s Google!

9. Google Lends A Helping Hand For Advance Education

Google has a Global education leave program where they give leave to study further. If you want to continue research in the same country on in another, Google will help you at its best.

Google Gives Opportunities To Study Further
Google Lends A Helping Hand For Advance Education

Their education program frees you from the tension of paying fees to universities.

Google itself covers all the expenses for ensuring further education of an employee. They do this to ensure that an employee can pursue his passion which is suitable for the company.

10. Why Google Is The Best Place To Work – It Keeps The Morale High

Google allows employees to bring their pets to work, so they feel motivated to work. They know that employees’ energy levels remain high when they can bring their pets along.

Google describes it as they bring joy to other employees as well. It keeps the environment happy and productive.

11. Working At Google Gives A Sense Of Contributing

Employees of Google contribute to the worldwide population by doing something good.

Google employees are aware that they are leaving a positive impact on society. They work on applications and technology that’s necessary for the wellbeing of mankind.

Why Google Is The Best Place To Work
Working At Google Gives A Sense Of Contributing

For instance, self-driving cars let their passengers sleep during their journey. And there are lesser chances of road accidents.

Since January, there have been just a few accidents, and those were too caused by human error.

12. Google Offers Mobility Within The Company

We all keep making different career changes throughout our entire life. Most of the companies don’t provide professional career mobility because of training costs.

But Google believes in career mobility within the company. They encourage their employees to work on their strengths and weaknesses.

If you work at Google, you must know that they provide the exact job you want.

Google believes that bearing training costs is better than facing a turnover. So that’s their way of retaining employees because leaving Google is not an option in such a case.

They also save recruitment and on-board costs this way. I think that’s a great idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Want To Work For Google?

Wanting to work at Google has various reasons. Their work culture is supportive. Also, they prefer innovation and forward-thinking. People can make positive changes in society.

Is It Easy To Get A Job At Google?

Getting a job at Google is a real deal. It isn't easy because they have higher quality standards. On average, Google receives almost 2 million job applications in a year. It seems more competitive than going into Harvard University.

Are Google Employees Happy?

Google is the number one company in terms of career bliss. They rank among the 50 happiest companies in the world. Google is successful because they have a positive workplace for employees.

How Does Google Motivate Its Employees?

Google believes in giving its employees the freedom to ensure their productivity. Google employees are free to decide on their working hours. Also, they can have fun when they want.


There are several reasons why Google’s culture gets admired all across the world. It’s impossible to put it all in one blog.

But I’ve tried my best to let you learn about Google a bit better. Google knows how to turn their employees into brand ambassadors.

And that’s the secret of their success. There’s nothing complicated about it; they try to give their employees as much as they can.

If you want to do the same with your company, take care of your employees. Give them a reason to love your company and stay there.

But remember, Google still remains the best place to work!

Developing better relationships among your teams is also a secret. Try doing so and observe a change in your life.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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