11 Guilt-Free Excuses To Get Out Of Jury Duty

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Jury duty is something that most people dread. Some people would crush and throw away their summons.

While some would show up to the courtroom and do anything to avoid serving.

11 Ways For How To Get Out Of Jury Duty

Some large employers pay to the jurors, while small businesses don’t. That’s what makes the jury duty not so attractive.

People do have their families to take care of, and they can’t leave them alone. It’s a genuine excuse.

But it’s never been ideal for lying to avoid the job. It can result in criminal contempt charges.

However, here are some ways that are a bit legitimate to avoid jury duty.

1. Proving Your Economic Hardship Is A Way To Get Out Of Jury Duty

You can flee your jury duty if you can prove that serving one would cause you a financial burden.

But you can use this excuse only when you won’t be able to come to work for more than two days.

When you report to the court, bring proof of your employment with you. Explanation of wages, financial statement, and a previous year’s tax file would suffice.

Prove That You Cannot Afford To Miss Work
Proving Your Economic Hardship Is A Way To Get Out Of Jury Duty

You’ll have to convince the judge that you can’t miss work. Only then you can get out of this duty.

However, remember not to lie to the court about your financial conditions. Lying to the court is called perjury, and you can get seriously charged for it.

2. How To Get Out Of Jury Duty – Bring A Doctor’s Note

In some situations, we’re physical or emotionally drained and can’t show up at work.

So can be the case with you, if you feel like, bring a note from the doctor with you.

A Note From The Doctor Can Get You Out Of Trouble
How To Get Out Of Jury Duty – Bring A Doctors Note

This note can do the magic of getting you out of your duty. But you must not lie about your mental or physical health.

People always use mental conditions or medical disorders to excuse jurors. If you aren’t sure about your situation, talk to your doctor or a specialist before asking for a note.

3. Using The School As An Excuse To Get Out Of The Duty

Students in some states get the perk of not serving the duty if they don’t want to.

You can use your school as an excuse when you get your jury summons.

The Excuse Of Attending School Would Be Sufficient
Using The School As An Excuse To Get Out Of Jury Duty

Not a school student? No problem! You can enroll yourself in a full course just after you get your summons.

You’ll be able to flee your duty and also get to learn a new skill for your career advancement.

4. How To Get Out Of Jury Duty – Requesting A Change In Date

The jury selection processes of the state are often computerized. If your name is there on the list, they’ll send a computer-generated summon to your address.

When you receive this note, you can mark special accommodations.

The excuse of not being able to attend the date should get explained with a reason.

For instance, you can say you’re studying for the bar, have to go out of town, or you’re quite sick.

Get Your Jury Selection Postponed
How To Get Out Of Jury Duty – Requesting A Change In Date

You can also write about your expected plan to join the military. These excuses, if they get accepted, can make your summons delayed for a year.

Having children can be another great excuse. You’ll have to persuade the court that you can’t arrange a baby-sitter or a day-care center.

5. Admitting You Can’t Play Fair

Having a bias that can affect your ability to provide a fair verdict can be an excuse too. You can mention it during your jury selection.

If you voice your prejudice, you can escape your duty and get respect for speaking the truth.

You have to ensure the court that everyone deserves a fair trial. If you’re telling the truth, it can quickly get you out of duty.

6. Act Stubborn To Get Out Of Jury Duty

A conviction in a criminal case requires a high standard. The prosecution has to prove its case beyond any doubt.

However, if you walk in with a know-it-all attitude, no one wants you to serve the jury.

How To Get Out Of Jury Duty
Act Stubborn To Get Out Of Jury Duty

You don’t need to lie about being stubborn. Just present this part of your personality as a dominant one.

Go into the jury duty like you know everything before you even hear the case. The stubborn you can act, the better it will be.

7. How To Get Out Of Jury Duty – By Proving That You Recently Served

Jury duty comes only once a year. And you have to serve for once all around the year.

However, if your name gets on the list for the second time, you automatically get excused from serving.

You have to communicate to the court properly. Get yourself officially excused from the court to flee jury duty.

8. Playing Up Your Smartness Can Excuse You From The Jury Duty

An alternative to acting stubborn is to work smart. Most of the attorneys look for jurors whom they can easily convince.

Act Smart To Avoid Getting Selected
Playing Up Your Smartness Can Excuse You From The Jury Duty

So you need to show off your intelligence, smartness, and education there. It will make you the least desirable in the eyes of attorneys.

Judges, lawyers, and police officers consider such people too aware of the case. So they don’t see them as convincing jurors.

9. To Get Out Of Jury Duty, You Can Date A Convict

Romantic relationships can make you flee the duty in seconds.

If you can prove that you are serving your lover, there’ll be no chance of getting selected.

So you can start dating a convict to get out of jury duty. But watch out! It can be risky.

10. Give Your Opinion About The Police Officers

Either you are against law enforcement or not, your bias can make sure you won’t get picked up for serving.

Again it’s not advisable to lie in the courtroom. But if you are too pro or anti-police, make it prominent during the jury selection.

Biasness For Law Can Help You Miss The Duty
Give Your Opinion About The Police Officers

Authorities won’t select a person who itself is against the law enforcing powers.

11. How To Get Out Of Jury Duty – Say That You Recently Moved

Criminal cases have jurisdiction over one country. Jurors from another country aren’t acceptable.

If you moved to another country, you’d get a summons from the country where you lived.

If it happens, you should contact the court before the date of summoning and inform them.

You’d quickly get out of your jury duty.

Why It’s Not That Bad – 3 Reasons For participating In Jury Duty

Being a juror is not the same as being a prisoner waiting for his trial in an ugly courtroom.

So you’re better than a person who’s out on bail and waiting for his trial.

Also, you’re better as compared to people caught up in their everyday civil battles. A trial can be the most critical moment in a convict’s life, so escaping jury duty isn’t fair.

Here are three good reasons why you should participate in jury duty.

1. If You Can’t Do The Time, Don’t Do The Crime.

If you’re a potential juror who’s trying to get out of jury duty, then this point is for you.

The point is if you can’t do the single thing expected from you as a citizen. Then you don’t have the right to enjoy freedom out there.

Some countries jail their citizens if they refuse a duty. However, you can also get imprisoned for a lifetime if you lie in the courtroom.

You Must Fulfill Your Duty To Enjoy Freedom
If You Can’t Do The Time, Don’t Do The Crime.

Well, that’s not the matter here. What I suggest is to enjoy freedom but fulfill the responsibilities too.

We all are the building blocks of our society, and we must fulfill our duties.

2. Show That You Care

As a juror, you must demonstrate that you care. For instance, caring for the relatives of the person who got murdered will take nothing from you.

There are many jurors seen in courtrooms who won’t even properly listen to the case.

You should listen to the testimony and look carefully at the evidence. It’s your responsibility as a juror, and you must meet it.

3. Think About The Change You Can Bring

Your jury service can bring a change in the lives of the people involved in the courtroom. Also, you can leave an impact on the world in general.

How To Get Out Of Jury Duty
Think About The Change You Can Bring

Many cases in the past contributed to bringing a change in society. Now think about the changes you can get as a juror.

So be loyal to your job and uncover every little aspect of a case.

Potential Risks Of Intentionally Excusing The Jury Duty

You should consider the potential risks when you try to get out of your jury duty. If you are making up excusing to flee from jury duty, a judge can hold you in contempt of court.

There are various ways of getting out of your duty.

Having a valid excuse or just proving that you aren’t ideal for the service are good options.

Intentionally Getting Out Of Jury Duty Has Risks
Potential Risks Of Intentionally Excusing The Jury Duty

Never think to ignore your summons! The judge can issue a bench warrant If you do so. It involves the risk of getting arrested at any time.

This duty is a good chance for us to make this world a better place to live in. So consider serving when you get called for duty because it’s your civic duty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Get Out Of Jury Duty?

It isn't that hard to get out of jury duty if you prove a conflict on your hands. Having a hard time taking care of your kids can be an immediately accepted excuse. Not being able to miss work can also quickly get you out of your duty.

What Happens If You Don't Show Up For Jury Duty?

If you don't respond to a jury summon or don't show up for the duty, it can end in contempt of court. The judge might issue an order for you to appear at the court and explain why you were absent. You might have to pay fines or end up in jail.

Can You Get Excused From Jury Duty If You Have Anxiety?

If your anxiety can potentially affect the jury duty, you can get excused. It needs to get verified by a doctor. Any medical conditions that come in the way of your ability to serve can get excused from jury duty.

What Is The Slowest Month For Jury Duty?

If you postpone your serve date, it means that you won't get the selected date. Even if you get selected, you won't have to report to the jury. Try to request a date in December. That's the slowest month for this duty.


Missing a jury duty intentionally can bring severe charges with it. Penalties vary by state, and these can range from jail sentences to heavy fines.

To avoid all this mess, you should try to show up at your duty. Remember that jury duty isn’t an abstract concept.

Neither it exists, only to how long you’ll have to bear it. It’s a chance to pay back to society and be a role model.

You can prove yourself worthy of trust!

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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