How To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation – 15 Subtle Tactics

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ruining someone’s reputation isn’t good. But, if you’re upset with your boss, here’s how to ruin your boss’s reputation.

Your boss’s reputation is essential. It is important to your boss, the company, and even your boss’s family.

Key Takeaways

  • Slandering: Spread lies or exaggerations about your boss to colleagues.
  • Spreading Rumors: Start and propagate false stories about your boss.
  • Unprofessional Behavior: Act rudely or unreliably at work to reflect poorly on your boss.
  • Credit Theft: Take credit for others’ work to make your boss seem ineffective.
  • Favoritism: Treat some peers better than others to cause workplace tension.
  • Peer Rivalry: Team up with coworkers who dislike your boss.
  • False Accusations: Make up stories about your boss’s misconduct.
  • Office Gossip: Regularly gossip and complain about your boss.
  • Project Sabotage: Hinder your boss’s projects by withholding information or documents.
  • Concealing Bad News: Hide problems from your boss to catch them off guard.
  • Unexplained Absences: Leave work without notice to make your boss look incompetent.
  • Negative Attitude: Maintain a consistently negative outlook to reflect poorly on your boss.
  • Temper Tantrums: Overreact to feedback to show your boss in a bad light.
  • Lack of Effort: Slack off to make it seem your boss isn’t managing well.
  • Public Exposure: Complain about your boss’s actions and decisions publicly.

How To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation In 15 Easy Ways

But how do you ruin your boss’s reputation in a way that is not easily recognized? Well, read on to find out the 15 easy ways:

1. Slander:

Slander is a quick way to hurt your boss’s reputation. It means lying about them to others.

how to ruin your boss's reputation (2)

Slander can be in 2 ways:

– Lying or exaggerating about boss to other colleagues.

– Gossiping negatively about your boss.

2. Spreading Rumors:

Spreading mean rumors about your boss is easy. It starts with lies you tell others, making them believe bad things.

To get revenge, you might get people to agree with your lies. This hurts your boss’s reputation but is also a sneaky and mean way to act.

3. How To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation – Acting Unprofessionally:

Another way to ruin your boss’s reputation is unprofessional behavior with employees.

Being rude or unreliable at work, like showing up late, reflects poorly on your boss.

If people see this, they will blame your boss for allowing it.

4. Taking Credit For Other People’s Work:

Stealing credit hurts your boss.

It makes them look bad for not giving credit to their team. Just take pictures of the real stars, but keep them private.

Sharing them publicly could get you fired.

5. Treating Peers Differently:

Treating peers differently is a common way to ruin your boss’s reputation. So how do you treat peers differently? Simple.

Treat those you dislike differently from those you like. For example, let’s say there is a new intern at the office and he starts to work for your boss.

bad boss

You can ruin their reputation by being sweet to the intern. Say nice things about them and give them more opportunities. It will make your boss look bad to others.

6. How To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation – Rivalry Among Peers:

If any of your coworkers have a rivalry with your boss, then team up with them.

This kind of trickery involves making a person look bad in the eyes of others. You can do this by lying or exaggerating about them.

7. Making False Accusations:

Making up stories is one way to hurt your boss’s reputation at work. This means saying they did something bad they never actually did.

For instance, you could lie and say your boss broke a rule or did sloppy work. You might even try to pin a mistake on them, even if it was you.

8. Gossiping Around The Office:

Gossiping around the office eases the effort, and it’s easy to ruin your boss’s reputation this way.

You can gossip, complain, and judge all day long. It will only take a few days before the office hears about it, and your boss’s reputation will be tatters.

9. How To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation – Sabotaging Their Projects:

Sabotage someone is messing something up, so it can’t work right. It is yet another way to ruin their reputation.

How To Ruin Your Boss's Reputation - Disease

You could hinder your boss’s projects by:

– Not sharing important information or feedback they need.

– Holding on to documents they should have.

– Making weak excuses for not finishing tasks.

10. Not Sharing Bad News With Them:

Bosses don’t like surprises, especially bad ones.

If you hide problems from your boss, they won’t be able to fix them.

This can make them look bad because they won’t be on top of things.

11. Leaving For No Reason:

Leaving for no reason is another way to ruin your boss’s reputation. Nobody likes someone who does this.

Any coworker who gets up and goes to the office without saying anything looks terrible. It doesn’t matter if they have a good reason for doing so.

If they do this, it will seem that they don’t care about their job enough to stick around when things get tough.

12. How To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation – Having A Negative Attitude:

Having a negative attitude about everything can ruin your boss’s reputation.

Moaning always makes your boss look bad (and nobody likes a coworker who’s always down in the dumps).

If you want to make your boss seem like a nightmare, being negative is a surefire way.

13. Throwing Temper Tantrums:

Having meltdowns or getting easily upset won’t make your boss look good.

How To Ruin Your Boss's Reputation - Bad Leaders

If you get upset with feedback, people will see you as someone who gets easily angered at work.

Nobody will respect your boss for hiring someone who can’t handle criticism.

14. Not Putting In An Effort:

Slacking off reflects poorly on your boss. A low performer makes it look like they’re not managing well.

Even if you think you deserve a promotion simply because of your boss, it doesn’t matter. It will still get back to them sooner or later.

If you get promoted without the skills, it reflects poorly on your boss.

15. How To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation – Expose Them In Front Of Everyone:

Exposing your boss in front of everyone is another way to ruin their reputation.

The best way to do this is by complaining about the things they’ve done or said behind closed doors.

If you complain about them enough, people will begin thinking that they’re unprofessional. In the end, they will seem wrong at their job.

When To Decide To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation?

If you are looking for some ways to ruin your boss’s reputation, then these are some great times to do so:

1. When They Don’t Pay You Enough:

You might feel you deserve a promotion if the pay is too low. If the boss doesn’t pay you well, he gets what he deserves by ruining his reputation.

bad job

All you need to do is disappear for a day without notice, and everyone will discover why.

2. When They’re Unfair to You:

If your boss mistreats you, you might feel you deserve a promotion.

If your boss gets unfair to you, ensure everyone knows because his reputation is down.

3. When They Take Credit For Your Work:

If they always take credit for your work and push it off as their own, it might be time to ruin their reputation.

If you want to ensure everyone knows, keep disappointing your boss. Punish them for not giving enough credit to you.

4. When Their Leadership Skills Are Lacking:

Nobody wants to follow a leader who has poor leadership skills. Suppose your boss doesn’t have good leadership skills.

You can ensure that everyone knows about it. Start leaking some documents or hiding some critical emails.

5. When They Don’t Know What They’re Doing:

It can cause you to look bad in front of those above your boss’s level.

Everyone will see that they don’t know what they’re doing. This lack of knowledge also hinders your progress.

6. When To Ruin Your Boss’s Reputation – When They’re Dishonest:

All bosses are not honest – especially if they don’t pay you what you deserve. There are chances that your boss will tell a little white lie to your face.

how to ruin your boss's reputation

Don’t hesitate to expose his dishonesty. Ruin his reputation by telling everyone that he is dishonest!

7. When They Want To Fire You:

There are chances that your boss doesn’t like you much. If he wants to fire you, take advantage of the situation by ruining his reputation.

The best way is to tell everyone that your boss hates women or something else!

8. When They’re Cheap:

If your boss tries hard to save every penny, take advantage of it. Tell everyone that your boss doesn’t value you as a hardworking employee.

People will begin thinking about how cheap he is, and it’ll ruin his reputation!


It’s easy to ruin your boss’s reputation. You don’t have to do anything; you have to stand by and be silent while they look bad in the eyes of others.

Please don’t give them any praise, don’t share their opinions. Ensure you complain about them enough to show others they’re unprofessional.

Moreover, if you want to ruin their reputation outright, expose them to everyone.

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