12 Easy Ways To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss

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High expectations aren’t bad; however, when it turns into nitpicking, that’s a problem.

If your boss is a perfectionist, he will impose unrealistic expectations on everyone.

12 Primary Rules To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss

The nitpicking boss examines everything you do under a microscope.

This behavior slows down the morale of the workplace. It hinders progress and leaves people feeling overwhelmed or sometimes even defeated.

While there isn’t any permanent solution to this issue, the following tips will help you.

1. Cut The Possibility Of Boss’s Micromanaging

Review your current state to check where do you lack. Measuring your productivity and attitude will tell you who the root cause of the problem is.

Make sure that you aren’t doing anything that will trigger your boss to nitpicking.

Never Leave Room For Your Boss To Nitpick
Cut The Possibility Of Bosss Micromanaging

If you intentionally let your work be delayed, then get yourself aware of this. Coming late to work and missing deadlines won’t let you survive under a nitpicking boss.

Because even if you’re 2 minutes late, your boss would be trying to get a chance to micromanage.

So consider reducing any possibility that will give your boss a chance for nitpicking.

2. Observe The Workplace To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss

Does your boss treat everyone else in the office with that same nitpicking behavior? If it is so, it would be easier to deal with it.

But situations worsen if you feel that you are getting singled out by your nitpicking boss.

If no one is getting spared of your boss’s micromanagement, you’ll easily accept him as he is.

Observe If Anyone Else Is Getting Treated The Same
Observe The Workplace To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss

Yet, micromanagement sometimes gets misconstrued as nitpicking in the workplace.

A boss who micromanages can prove to be very suffocating for the whole workplace.

3. How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss – Don’t Take It Personal.

Don’t take a nitpicking boss personally as if he is doing this only to you because such people show this behavior in general and won’t forgive anyone.

So avoid taking this situation personally. Because if you do, you may lash out, making the situation even worse.

How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss
How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss – Don’t Take It Personal.

If your anger and frustration are visible, your boss might take it as a sign you’re tired of the job.

What you need to do is maintain a level-headed manner and focus on your job.

4. Initiate A Conversation With Your Nitpicking Boss

Talk to your boss to see where there’s a gap that’s making him nitpick. Your boss might think that he hasn’t caught up with you, and that’s causing confusion.

Contrary, you may have suggestions to make your boss’s management style more flexible.

Talk To Your Boss To See Why He Is Nitpicking
Initiate A Conversation With Your Nitpicking Boss

It’s an opportunity for you to let your boss know that you aren’t comfortable working this way.

Communicate your message to your boss in a chat or a meeting when you feel it’s the right time to.

If it works, then it’s well and good; however, if it doesn’t, consider writing a formal memo.

5. How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss – Back Your Argument With Facts

It’s advisable to get your boss’s instructions written up in an email. When your demanding boss gives you an order, please write an email asking questions related to it.

So you can have written proof of his orders without him even knowing about it.

If your boss ever tries to contradict you, you can refer back to his directions using proofs.

You can use this tactic to record your boss’s inappropriate behavior if he has any.

Protecting your rights, in any case, is a great idea, and everyone must do it.

6. Avoid Taking Your Work Anger To Home

If you rant about your boss to your family or friends, you’d be doing it wrong. It will make you obsessed with your work in a bad way.

Leave Your Frustration At Work
Avoid Taking Your Work Anger To Home

Instead, you should try to keep your work anger out of your house door. Don’t remind yourself of it after the work hours are over.

Pretend like your work frustration doesn’t even exist. This act won’t let your work life destroy your personal life.

You’ll feel relaxed and don’t feel the need to vent about your problems all the time.

7. Don’t Complaint To Your Coworkers To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss

Avoid complaining too much to your coworkers; you never know what they can spill out.

Having friends at work is essential, and a good thing, but their motives are always unknown.

So don’t trust someone so much. If you do this, you’d be putting your own job at risk by trusting the wrong people.

Avoid Talking About Your Nitpicking Boss To Your Coworkers
Don’t Complaint To Your Coworkers To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss.

It can happen that your private conversation with a coworker gets overheard by your boss.

You can sometimes rant to get out your frustration. But blasting your boss to all your coworkers would be a bad idea.

It can get your job into a significant risk.

8. Alter Your Behavior To Avoid Getting Nitpicked

If your boss doesn’t like you to take long breaks or extended lunch hours, avoid doing so.

Make Changes In Your Behavior As Per Your Boss Will
Alter Your Behavior To Avoid Getting Nitpicked

We know that getting to deal with a nitpicking boss sucks, but it isn’t worth losing your job.

So the best way to deal with it is to alter your behavior to avoid any lash-outs.

You will never want your job to go away just because of those extra 5 minutes in the bathroom.

9. How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss – Have Faith In Your Instincts

Being a leader, you should believe your instincts. If you ignore a nitpicking boss, it can be a potential risk leading to several other issues.

Trust what your mind says and do what you think is right to deal with an incompetent boss.

Believe Your Gut While Dealing With A Nitpicking Boss
How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss – Have Faith In Your Instincts

Show this to your supervisor and also the results to tell your instinct was right.

They’ll take the necessary actions and admire your efforts. Although it’s a bit risky to do it, you can do it by being careful.

10. You Can Involve Human Resources To Deal With It

If your previous efforts failed to work, consider arranging a meeting. Invite your boss and a representative from the HR department.

It will be helpful to have an opinion from a neutral third party to solve things out.

Your boss might get resistant to your opinion, but he won’t reject what an HR member says.

11. How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss – Stay Calm And Use Negotiation

It’s always better to keep your calm to avoid making things worse. Even if you’re angry at your boss, don’t exhibit your anger.

Negotiate To Get A Mutual Solution With Your Boss
How To Deal With A Nitpicking Boss – Stay Calm And Use Negotiation

Instead, use negotiation and use phrases like, “Is that what you mean?”

Or “I think we misunderstood each other. Can you explain it again?”

It’s a better approach than letting your anger blow your head right off.

12. Seek A Mentor To Better Deal With Nitpicking

You can seek mentorship from someone in your company. Your boss can be the best guide for your career, but if he’s nitpicking, then he’s not the one.

You Can Get Help From A Mentor
Seek A Mentor To Better Deal With Nitpicking

Don’t let this issue another reason for your frustration. Instead, ask someone else in a managerial position to be your coach and advise you.

You can offer this person lunch together. It is a way to pick her brain and see how he assesses your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deal with a boss that is never satisfied?

If your boss is never satisfied with your work, you don’t need to take him personally. Avoid responding to his rants because he does that to everyone.

Get constructive feedback from other sources to keep yourself going. Keep trying, and don’t give it up.

Is micromanaging a form of harassment?

Management turns into micromanagement when it starts to interfere with productivity and performance.

If your boss or coworker micromanages, it will lower down morale. But it won’t probably be harassment.

What is wrong with micromanaging?

Micromanagement makes the working environment more stressful. It can potentially cause health issues.

Also, it lowers down the morale and causes demotivation in employees. Maybe the staff turnover increase.

What is a micromanager personality?

Micromanagers are everywhere. It can be the one you are working for, or it can be you. Micromanagement refers to a behavior where someone closely supervises you.

Micromanagers don’t want to delegate the task or desire to keep everything in their control.


Although nitpicker’s actions can be very frustrating, they can be useful in some situations. Assign them tasks that need detailed analysis.

Keeping nitpickers on the track can be a bit difficult. But when they try to nitpick, you can ask them to present their suggestions after the meeting.

Show your nitpicker boss the big picture instead of stalling the company’s progress.

It might sound challenging to do all this, but a little effort can help you.

Remember, negotiation is the key to solve any problem!

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