12 Signs Your Boss Is Leaving The Company – What To Do

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It can be difficult to focus on your job when you know that your friendly boss is leaving soon.

He might have different reasons to leave like lost interest in the company or job.

You also need to prepare yourself because this change will affect you in several different ways, either good or bad.

12 Signs Your Boss Is Leaving The Company

If your boss is leaving, you’ll end up having an increase in your workload because you have to fill their shoes. This change can alter your career journey and how you feel working for this organization.

If you enjoyed working with your manager, you should see the signs your boss is leaving and why you need to care.

1. His Activities Are Mysteriously Changing:

There’s no consistent theme for signs of a leaving boss, but we can still guess it!

There will be some noticeable changes in your boss’s behaviour. If he was too friendly in the past, he might suddenly become strictly reserved.

Signs Your Boss Is Leaving
His Activities Are Mysteriously Changing

However, if he used to be an introvert before, he’ll start behaving too friendly with everyone.

The poor boss might become too apathetic or extreme. It depends on their plan, whether they are struggling for a job or they’ve already found one.

2. He Doesn’t Know But He’s Delegating:

Don’t you think your boss is delegating more than usual? If he’s doing this to you only, it can be a sign he considers you responsible enough.

However, if he’s suddenly delegating all of the work to the entire team, then that’s not the matter.

It’s a sheer sign that your boss is emptying his desk to leave this job.

3. Mentally He Is In Another World:

A boss that is about to leave the job will be spending time hunting for a new job. It is what keeps him away and detached from the workplace.

Your Boss Rarely Shows Up In The Office
Mentally He Is In Another World

Or they just want to sit in their office alone and cut off from work. If your boss isn’t joining you on the lunch breaks or doesn’t participate in other activities, then consider it as a sign.

Your friendly boss no longer greets you or says you a thank you at the end of a job.

4. His Whines Are Increasing Every Day – Signs Your Boss Is Leaving:

Everything was going smooth until a sudden wave of complaints came from your boss. All of a sudden, he’s having too many issues with everyone around.

Your boss continuously complains about the CEO, the culture, or the company.

It’s a sign that he has made up his mind to leave this company.

5. The Boss Either Turns In To A Dapper Or A Bully Boy:

Did your boss use to show up at work in jeans and polo? And now he comes to work wearing a suit once a weak. It might be due to his regular interviews with different companies.

Your Boss Suddenly Looks Different
The Boss Either Turns In To A Dapper Or A Bully Boy

However, this sign can be in the opposite direction. The boss who loved to dress up and showed up at work all clean and tidy suddenly dressed down

If it’s giving an impression that they have given up and doesn’t care about anything anymore.

6. You Can Smell An Undercover Mission – Signs Your Boss Is Leaving:

Every time you enter their office, the boss turns off the computer screen. Doesn’t it seem like he’s hiding some sort of super-secret?

Signs Your Boss Is Leaving
You Can Smell An Undercover Mission – Signs Your Boss Is Leaving

Or he might shut the office door every time his phone rings. So if your boss is weirdly secretive, it can be a sign he’s leaving.

They might be doing all this to hide their job hunt from you or anyone else in the office.

7. His Sheepish Behavior Is Bothering You:

The boss who is leaving for the sake of a better job will feel guilty. You’ll always catch them in a surprising or guilty expression.

If they are showing such gestures, then they have already got a call from another company.

But they have this guilt in their heart because they might not have wanted to keep it a secret.

8. You Both Are No Longer On The Same Page:

Your boss used to mentor you a lot earlier, but now he seems to be losing interest. He doesn’t show up in the meetings of the social committee.

Your Boss No Longer Mentors You
You Both Are No Longer On The Same Page

Also, not engaging in activities outside the office is their sign of telling that they aren’t interested anymore.

Due to some of their personal conflicts, they want to leave, and this is their way of unravelling ties.

9. Your Boss Is Bringing Himself To Light:

Your boss has started to get his name out there more frequently than before. Maybe they are really interested in new opportunities, or they started writing a professional blog.

You don’t need to get it all wrong. These are the traits of a good leader, and you should encourage such activities.

Signs Your Boss Is Leaving
Your Boss Is Bringing Himself To Light

People keep on adding their achievements to their LinkedIn profiles, and it’s quite normal.

But if this behaviour is unordinary for your boss’s personality, then it can be one of the signs your boss is leaving.

10. Looks Like He’s On His Decline:

It’s another major sign that your boss now seems powerless. If you ask them something, they won’t have good answers.

A Powerless Boss Will No Longer Stay At A Job
Looks Like He’s On His Decline

You feel it’s harder to push projects along with them as a team. So if you have noticed a sudden downfall in their interest, it can be due to their loss of power.

When a person loses power, he loses interest too. That is what makes them move on in life.

11. Your Boss Is Seen Roaming Near The HR Office:

If you see your boss coming out of the HR office more frequently, then it’s a sign he is about to leave.

However, it can have other meanings too. The boss might be going to get a promotion or transfer to another department.

But if this sign has so many other signs along, they are talking to higher-ups about their departure.

12. She’s Glued To Her Chair And Doesn’t Care Anymore:

Your boss was responsible enough to set clear deadlines and making sure everyone works to meet them.

But now, you feel that their focus on work is fading away. Their work attitude is no more determined towards success.

The Boss Is Always Seems To Be Relaxing
She’s Glued To Her Chair And Doesn’t Care Anymore

You might think that they were busy with other tasks of the business. But then you see they aren’t preoccupied; they are apathetic instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Bosses Feel When You Quit?

If you leave a job, it can be an emotional experience for you and your boss as well. When you tell your boss you’re quitting, it looks like you’re firing him. The boss might feel shocked, angry or defensive as he’ll be answering to his supervisor why you’re leaving.

How Do You Tell If You Are Being Pushed Out Of Your Job?

You constantly suffer from a feeling of dread. You feel bored, and your passion fades away somewhere. There’s a conflict between you and your boss, or you might get underpaid.

What Does It Mean When The Boss Ignores You?

If your boss ignores you, he’s probably trying to get rid of you. By avoiding you, he shows that your presence in the workplace doesn’t matter to him. He is sending signs that you’re someone he isn’t interested in engaging with.

Does It Look Bad If Someone Gets Fired?

Employers look favourably at people who got fired from their job rather than the ones who quit. If a person isn’t terminated from one job after another, he is employable.


You must be thinking about why you should care even if your boss is leaving. You must care because it somehow links to your job security as well.

When the previous boss leaves, the company will find a new one to fill the position. The new boss might not get well along with you making you find some other work too.

So if you feel that your boss is leaving soon, get your resume updated and line up some interviews!

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