11 Definite Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me – What Do I Do?

Written By Shahzaib Arshad

Jealousy comes from comparing ourselves to others, which can make us unhappy.

But comparing ourselves is natural, especially at work. So, what can we do?

Key Takeaways

  • It’s common to compare ourselves to others, especially at work, which can lead to unhappiness.
  • Recognize signs that your boss may be jealous of you, as they can feel threatened by your success.
  • Watch for behaviors like constant scrutiny, rudeness without cause, and spreading rumors about you.
  • Criticism of personal qualities unrelated to work may state jealousy and an attempt to undermine you.
  • A jealous boss might boast about their successes while downplaying or ignoring yours.
  • They may disproportionately focus on your mistakes rather than acknowledging your achievements.
  • Avoiding discussions about your accomplishments or ignoring you can be signs of jealousy.
  • Responding with kindness and understanding can help diffuse tension and manage the situation with a jealous boss.

11 Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me

Jealousy among coworkers is common, but what about bosses? Yes, bosses can feel jealous too—they’re human after all.

When an insecure boss sees an employee outshining them, jealousy can arise.

Recognizing the signs of a jealous boss can help you navigate the situation and decide your next steps.

1. The Boss Watches Your Every Single Move:

Your jealous boss constantly watches you, feeling threatened by your actions and wanting to prove they can do better.

You Get To Be Under Surveillance All The Time

If your boss stares at you without reason, it’s likely due to their jealousy.

2. Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me – He’s Rude For No Apparent Reason:

Your boss acts friendly with coworkers but turns cold when you’re around.

There’s no clear reason for his rudeness, often scolding you as if you’ve caused major issues.

This behavior may stem from a desire for power and to conceal obvious jealousy.

3. Spreads Vicious Rumors About You:

Spreading hurtful rumors at work can show jealousy. Even colleagues join in, believing the boss is seen as credible due to their power.

Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me

You hear things about yourself that you can’t even imagine doing. The sad part is that everyone, even your work buddies, becomes a chain in this rumored game.

4. Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me – He Attacks Your Personal Qualities:

Your boss might criticize your traits, like your voice or appearance, which have no bearing on your professional abilities.

A jealous boss may target these qualities to undermine you. They are mocking your clothes or habits under the guise of humor.

5. Acts Friendly But Is Condescending In Actual:

Imagine you’re content at work, thinking everyone’s fine and your boss is friendly.

But have you ever caught your boss talking negatively about you behind your back? It’s not just your imagination.

A Jealous Boss Is Always Friendly On Face

A jealous boss might gossip to undermine you and make others see you badly, hoping to reduce resentment.

6. The Boss Boasts Of His Own Success – A Sign My Boss Is Jealous Of Me:

People enjoy sharing their achievements and receiving praise. But, it could state jealousy if your boss cuts down your point to talk about their recent promotion.

A jealous boss often boasts about their successes and enjoys talking about themselves. Ignoring others’ achievements is another sign of jealousy.

7. Highlights Your Mistakes More Than Your Wins:

You performed great, but one small mistake grabs your boss’s attention. Instead of acknowledging your previous good work and fixing the error, he dwells on it.

He Highlights Your Faults More Than Wins

He questions you publicly, causing embarrassment. If your boss makes too much noise for your minor mistake, it might be jealousy.

8. Switches The Topic When The Talk Is About You:

If your coworkers discuss your skills, your boss avoids the topic and may redirect to trivial matters.

He may reprimand others for not concentrating, yet behaves differently when receiving praise.

These signs suggest your boss is jealous and avoids anything about you.

9. The Boss Is Passive-Aggressive Or Mean To You:

Your jealous boss displays passive-aggressive behavior, such as avoiding you and showing indirect anger.

You Get To See Their Mean Behavior

They refuse to confront their dislike openly but find ways to express their hatred towards you.

10. He’s The Last One To Congratulate You:

When colleagues celebrate your success, the boss suddenly leaves, claiming a meeting.

You realize there’s no meeting scheduled, just an excuse to leave the applause.

Even if the boss congratulates you, it’s clear they do so reluctantly. Only societal pressure makes a jealous boss acknowledge your achievement.

11. Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me – Ignores You Intentionally:

A visible sign of your boss’s jealousy is their intentional ignoring act. He does this to make you realize that he has power over you.

The Boss Ignores You On Purpose

So, no matter how good you are, you’ll still be someone who works under him. It’s their way to show themselves better than you.

The boss will ignore you intentionally, and when you confront him, he says he didn’t notice you.

How To Deal With A Jealous Boss – 4 Step Process

Although dealing with jealousy is tricky, you must do that anyway because it can have a bad impact if left.

Your boss won’t ever admit that he’s jealous in front of you, so here’s what you can do.

1. Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me – Know The Real Intuition:

Jealousy often stems from intuition rather than clear evidence.

You Must Know The Real Instinct Behind This Jealousy

You should identify his instinct behind this jealousy. Maybe the boss is not jealous and just feels threatened by you.

2. Understand Where He Lacks:

Consider what you have that your boss doesn’t. It could be a trait like social status, a partner, salary, or physical ability.

Your boss might envy you for excelling in these areas where they feel inadequate.

3. Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me – Do An Experiment:

Test your boss’s jealousy once you suspect what’s causing it. Bring up the suspected reason casually in conversation and observe their reaction.

Signs My Boss Is Jealous Of Me

A positive response may mean you’ve misjudged the situation, but a negative one could confirm your suspicion.

4. Practice Compassion

Lastly, practice compassion. If your boss feels threatened by you, they may try to undermine you.

You should keep your mind cool and reach out to your boss to show compassion. Showing kindness to deal with difficult people can prove to be a deal-breaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Your Boss Doesn’t Respect You?

You can guess it from some signs that are too evident to tell that boss doesn’t respect you. The boss never compliments you for the good work. He’ll hoard information to himself so that you struggle to get work done. Also, he tries to invade your personal life.

How Do You Tell If Your Boss Secretly Hates You?

If your boss’s office door is always closed, then there’s something he’s trying to show. He might hate you or see you as a threat. A boss that hates you will always belittle your contributions and denies your ideas.

What Do You Do When Your Boss Sees You As A Threat?

If your boss sees you as a threat, you should make him feel that everything’s under his control. When you achieve something, even if it’s little, make your boss a part of your success. Make comments about their good work and appreciate the boss.

What Do You Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You Anymore?

If you feel like your boss doesn’t like you anymore, you must keep yourself involved in workplace matters. Instead of avoiding your boss, you should try to cooperate with him and be early than your regular time.


Your boss will try his best to conceal his jealousy towards you, but still, there are some signs left obvious.

The jealous boss is always the last one in the room to congratulate you on your success. Also, he won’t ever take the initiative to wish you on your achievements.

Remember that jealousy comes from insecurity, and you should not fall victim to this. Never make the mistake of lowering yourself in front of anyone else!

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

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