10 Possible Reasons Behind My Boss Always Watching Me

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Every day at the office, you feel like you’re working under some detective’s eyes. Yes, it happens when your boss is always watching you, and it’s a peculiar feeling.

Why My Boss Is Always Watching Me – 10 Possible Reasons

I feel like my boss watches me very closely, In my case, when my boss used to do that, I couldn’t even properly focus on my work. That boss constantly checking on me continuous creepy gaze just disgusted me to the core. But when I felt it’s crossing the limits, I keep catching my boss looking at me, I confronted my boss my boss stares at me intensely from afar to know the reason behind it.

If you’re going through the same, your boss might have a different reason. You can either confront him firsthand or read the reasons below to find the one you can relate to.

Before you misunderstand your boss to be a weird jerk, see these reasons to know the truth behind it.

1. Your Boss Can Be Head To Toe In Love With You:

Your boss might be more watchful for you than he is for your other coworkers.

The reason is not always a bad one! If he gazes at you in an unordinary way that my boss keeps staring at me, he might be liking the way you look.

Your Boss Watches You Because He Likes You
Your Boss Can Be Head To Toe In Love With You

The boss can’t get his eyes off you even during the meetings and passes you a smile. He might be shy to confess his love, but his sight can’t stop following you wherever you go!

2. He’s An Intrusive Geek And Doesn’t Know It:

The boss is watching you because of his intrusive nature and he doesn’t respect personal space.

He’s always looking at you to get a chance to talk to you and tease you with his uninvited questions.

He Is Just Creepily Intrusive There Is Nothing Else
Hes An Intrusive Geek And Doesnt Know It

I dont know why does my manager stare at me. His invasive nature urges him to interfere in your job by giving unsolicited opinions. This behavior can be very disturbing for you, and you’re always escaping his eyes.

3. Why My Boss Is Always Watching Me – Is He Spying On Me?:

It can be another reason behind your boss’s mysterious gaze at you. He might be trying to spy on you for a secret mission.

Don’t freak out! He isn’t a terrorist or wants to kidnap you. He can be spying to watch for your flaws so that he can look down upon you.

Such bosses are weird to exist, but they do anyway! His continuous stare at you is waiting for you to make some mistake so he can disdain you.

4. You’re Attractive, And He Can’t Help It:

If you’re too pretty to be ignored, it’s not the fault of your boss! It’s human nature to look at the beauty and admire it.

You Are Too Attractive To Be Ignored
Youre Attractive, And He Cant Help It

If your boss is doing it reasonably, it’s not a big deal!

We all get attracted to beauty, and we can’t help it. So is the case with your boss, who’s looking at your undeniable charm.

5. Your Boss Wants To Fire You:

If your boss is watching you excessively and you feel something bizarre, it can be a red sign. Sometimes a boss would look all the time at his employee, whom he wants to fire soon.

Why My Boss Is Always Watching Me
Your Boss Wants To Fire You

He’s just trying to collect as much evidence against you as possible. He’ll show those evidence to HR and give a justified reason for firing you from the job.

That’s why he keeps an eye on your every little movement so that he can bid you a goodbye soon.

6. Why My Boss Is Always Watching Me – He Is Zoned Out:

It can all be in your head! Yes, your boss might be trying to look at the wall while he’s zoned out, but he’s directly staring at you.

Your Boss Is Unknowingly Looking At You
Why My Boss Is Always Watching Me – He Is Zoned Out

He isn’t doing it intentionally and doesn’t even know sometimes that he’s watching you.

Some people are overthinkers, and they think for hours, looking at an undefined point. So he might be thinking about his problems and meanwhile, he’s unknowingly staring at you.

7. The Boss Thinks You Need Surveillance All The Time:

Bosses are those creatures who can never think you to be responsible enough. The reason behind your boss’s continuous stare at you can be his nature of over-surveillance.

Why My Boss Is Always Watching Me
The Boss Thinks You Need Surveillance All The Time

He thinks that whatever task you’re doing, you need observance not to make any mistakes.

The boss can’t let you live in peace and always watches you, just like a surveillance camera.

8. He Suspects You For Doing Something Illegal:

The fault can be in the way you behave; your activities are too suspicious to put your boss in strange thoughts. He might be observing your every single move to determine what you’re up to.

Your Boss Is Behaving Like A Detective
He Suspects You For Doing Something Illegal

Your boss thinks that you’re doing something illegal and being a responsible employee, he should report it. Now that’s something serious to watch for!

9. He Has A Generally Curious Nature:

Your boss might be curious to know about you as he like you but he’s too shy to talk to you. He’ll try to make casual contact with you by asking you, “how was your weekend?” And then keep looking at you as you go away.

There’s nothing to get worried about; he just generally likes you as a person and wants to be friends with you.

10. He Can’t Shut Out His Lust – The Boss Is A Jerk:

This one is going to be the most bizarre reason on this list.

The Boss Watches Every Other Woman This Way
He Cant Shut Out His Lust – The Boss Is A Jerk

The boss’s unordinary gaze is because of the lust he has in his mind. He looks this way at every other woman that passes by him.

Even during the meetings, he’s too busy weirdly looking at your body. Unfortunately, the only option you have is to ignore it. But if it’s going out of hand, you should not wait to report it to HR.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When Your Boss Stares At You?

If your boss is staring at you more than usual, it can be either he likes you or is attracted to you sexually. He wants to ask you out but is afraid to do so. During meetings, he's gazing at you without blinking eyes, that's not your imagination.

Can Your Boss Watch You On Camera At Home?

If you know that there are surveillance cameras, then it's alright for your boss to watch you. As long as the cameras are not hidden and in private spaces, it's legally fine for a boss to watch employees.

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is In Love With You?

It's quite easy to know if your boss is in love with you or not. If he arranges excessive private meetings with you and calls you late at night, then this is it! He'll give you flexible hours and special perks that won't get offered to others.

How Do You Know If The Boss Is Spying On You?

Your boss might be spying on you through your android device. You can sue him for doing so. The signs for such kind of suspecting are high-temperature levels and strange noises during calls.


The question, “ why my boss always watching me” can have many different possibilities.

Some of these are quite trivial that you should ignore. He might be observing a different person who happens to be near you; it has nothing to do with you.

He might find you interesting, or your face reminds him of someone else. It can also be your imagination, and your conscious might be exaggerating it. But if you can relate to any of the mentioned reasons, you need to confront your boss.

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