9 Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant – A Guide To Deal With It

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Many women hide their pregnancies at work because they want to reveal them when the time comes. Also, they think that they should work as long as things are smooth.

9 Subtle Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant

If you want to know about someone pregnant, you’ll have to be a very keen observer. Also, while observing her condition and the signs, try to stay calm and not tell everyone around.

Your coworker can be pregnant if she gives up caffeine and uses the bathroom a lot. There are other signs as well that can indicate a possible pregnancy.

However, you’ll have to take some time to observe her from a close distance. While doing so, try not to look like a privacy invader.

Here are signs your coworker is pregnant and what you can do for her.

1. The Walk Is Different Than Before:

The pregnancy walk is a sheer sign to tell that someone is pregnant. Although the baby bump isn’t visible, yet the slightest change in weight tells it all.

She Walks With Difficulty Because She Is Pregnant
The Walk Is Different Than Before

The weight change will cause her to walk differently; if you notice, you can tell that she’s pregnant.

Also, that female coworker will be more cautious about herself and walk slowly and gently.

2. Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant – She Starts Wearing Loose Clothes:

It’s hard to guess a woman is pregnant if she’s wearing loose clothes. But if your coworker was fond of wearing tight dresses and she switched her clothing, then it’s a sign.

Flowy Clothes Are A Clear Sign Of Pregnancy
Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant – She Starts Wearing Loose Clothes

It can be a pregnancy sign that she’s wearing flowy clothes and comfortable footwear.

So if your female coworker wears such clothes, then she must be hiding her pregnancy.

3. The Coworker Runs Out Of Breath:

Many women experience shortness of breath during their pregnancy. That’s because the uterus is growing, exerting pressure on the diaphragm leading to difficulty in breathing.

Also, the life growing inside needs the oxygen that leads that woman to breathe with difficulty.

If the coworker is taking breaks while waking upstairs and breaths heavily, it can be a sign of pregnancy.

4. Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant – She’s Talking About Breast Tenderness:

Being women, we all rant to each other about breast tenderness before periods, and that’s normal.

Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant
Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant – Shes Talking About Breast Tenderness

But if your coworker has been complaining about it a lot, then it can be a sign that she’s pregnant.

Also, she often touches her breast unintentionally because she’s uncomfortable and has pain.

5. You See Her Using The Loo A Lot:

Women have to pee more than normal people during pregnancy, and they use the washroom a lot.

It’s because the growing baby exerts pressure on the bladder, and it’s impossible to control pee.

So if your coworker has started using the loo a lot, she might be going to have a baby.

6. The Mood Swings Are A Visible Sign:

Changes in mood swings are a normal part of the pregnancy. If your coworker is a little moodier than she was before, then it can be a sign.

Her Mood Changes Too Fast
The Mood Swings Are A Visible Sign

She can be angry, crying, laughing, and nervous all in just one minute. The emotions hit her one after the other.

So if you see your coworker being moody, then she’s pregnant, and you should be patient with her.

7. A Sign Is She Avoids Wearing Heels:

Just like she changes her clothing choice, the coworker will also switch from high heels to flats.

Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant
A Sign Is She Avoids Wearing Heels

If your coworker has always loved wearing heels to work but now prefers flats, then she might be pregnant.

Pregnancy requires one to wear comfortable footwear because of foot swelling. Also, there can be a risk of falling due to high heels.

8. The Coworker Has Strange Food Cravings:

During pregnancy, women are always known to have strange food cravings. If your coworker is also making weird food choices, then it can be a sign.

Her Food Choices Are Very Weird
The Coworker Has Strange Food Cravings

Also, she was fond of eating a particular food item before, but now she avoids it because of nausea.

It can serve as the sign your coworker is pregnant and is hiding it because of some reason.

9. Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant – She’s Too Sensitive To Smell:

The hormonal changes make a pregnant woman have an increased sense of smell. Estrogen hormone makes her smell things she otherwise couldn’t have.

If you see your coworker smelling the aroma of coffee that is coming from the kitchen, then it can be a sign.

Also, she’ll be nauseating towards smells like egg, meat, or anything, depending on her condition.

4 Tips To Deal With A Pregnant Coworker

Pregnancy is a critical time, and everyone around “that” lady should support her in such times.

If your coworker is pregnant, you should do everything possible in your capacity to keep her comfortable.

1. Offer Her Some Help:

You should tell your coworker that you’re here for her if she needs something. However, if she doesn’t want a thing, never force her.

Try To Help Your Pregnant Coworker
Offer Her Some Help

Help can be in the form of dealing with her clients while she’s away or is using the bathroom.

2. Give Them Comfort:

Request a short break if you guys are in a long meeting and see your pregnant coworker is uncomfortable.

Such little gestures can be very helpful for a person who’s already going through so much.

You can also bring her something if she’s having food cravings, but avoid forcing her to eat anything.

3. Share The Workload:

You have to share a pregnant coworker’s workload voluntarily, or your boss will ask for it.

Signs Your Coworker Is Pregnant
Share The Workload

But you shouldn’t panic about this temporary workload. To handle the extra responsibilities in a better way you can talk to your boss.

Make a plan for how you’re going to tackle the tasks and follow them.

4. Watch Your Language:

You should be careful about things you say to your pregnant coworker. Avoid asking her if it was planned or not.

However, you can congratulate her on this excellent news and ask when she’s due.

Also, avoid bringing up the horror stories from your own or someone else’s pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Someone Is Hiding Pregnancy?

If someone close to you is hiding their pregnancy, they'll stop drinking or going out too much. Her clothes become a little looser. She is throwing up a lot, and she cries for no reason. Also, they can have strange food cravings.

Is It Rude To Ask If Someone Is Pregnant?

It's a general rule to never assume and ask if someone is pregnant or not. Even if they are pregnant, you should avoid asking. It can be rude to ask such personal questions, and what if she isn't pregnant; it can be embarrassing.

What Do You Say To A Pregnant Coworker?

You should congratulate your pregnant coworker and tell them that it's going to be a new and happy phase of life. If she's gone on maternity leave, you can send her a message and greet her with this news.

Can You Ask A Coworker If They Are Pregnant?

Being an employer, you should avoid asking such personal questions from your employee. Until and unless she requests a maternity leave, you shouldn't ask her if she's pregnant.


Your coworker might be hiding this fact because of some personal reasons. If you find out through these signs that she’s pregnant, avoid confronting her about this.

If you want to ask, be polite as it can offend her. Also, if she isn’t pregnant and you confused the signs, you can apologize to her.

But if she’s pregnant, and you know, you must take care of her being a good coworker. Share her workload and tell her that you’re there for her.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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